Happy Birthday USA!

Happy Independence Day to all the Raisinettes!

We can go back to politics tomorrow, but tonight, let’s just celebrate.



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15 responses to “Happy Birthday USA!

  1. writechic

    Happy 4th from the Gulf Coast! No oil! 🙂

  2. jeb

    Happy 4th indeed. I like to celebrate with the national anthem!

  3. I wished all the readers of my LiveJournal a Happy 4th.


    • this is an ironic independence day for me. my son is moving tomorrow, and this will be the first time i’m going to live on my own since i was 19 years old (that was about 5 or 6 years ago 😉 ). i keep going back and forth between crying (i don’t know why) and thinking about how i’m going to rearrange the furniture.

  4. When it comes to celebrating freedom, the First Amendment is my saving grace. Under theocracy I would be eligible for a death sentence about 15 or 20 times a day.

  5. happy holiday! it is florida weather here in NYC today

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  7. Hi Nonnie ~ Arriving late for this post…. but belated Happy 4th.

    Our baby bird moved out in 2009… it was a mixed bag- for all those years you oversaw their care & needs, and then *poof* they move out.
    I found I had hardwired myself to care for him, so it felt disoriented when he was not there.

    But that kid could wolf down massive amounts of food, and once moved out, our food bill dropped dramatically. So did some level of chaos.

    Since his room was now empty, it was a prime opportunity to paint it. We also invested in a nice Queen sized bed as a guest room, and for us to use when someone was sick & we needed to have space.

    Its been great to have a place for friends, family or even the kid occasionally, to sleep here comfortably.

    Don’t know how far your kiddo is moving, but we lure ours back here with the offer of doing his laundry free. The arrangement is HE is doing his laundry, but machines, soap are complimentary.
    We usually throw in dinner @ home while the laundry is in progress. As a result, we see him about 1x a week.

    • i hope you had a good 4th, fran.

      the kid only moved about an hour and a half away, and he’ll probably be down here once a week. of course, he won’t come down to see me. he’ll be here to see all his friends. of course, he’ll partake in a little home-cooking, but i won’t be doing laundry. he has his own washer/dryer in his new apartment. he still has a bunch of stuff he has to move, so i can’t do anything with the room right now. i’ll probably get a bed to put in there, but right now, it will probably just be the place where i put all the crap i don’t know what to do with.