John Boehnehead

From Dan Balz at POST POLITICS at The Washington Post:

“I’ve made it pretty clear,” House Minority Leader John A. Boehner said, “that if we are a majority and I’m lucky enough to be speaker, I’m going to run the House differently than it’s being run today and differently than it was run under Republicans in the past.”

Boehner (R-Ohio) was sitting in his Capitol office, an ever-present pack of cigarettes near his fingertips. It was a few hours before he would end up on the receiving end of an attack from President Obama for having described the financial regulatory bill as “killing an ant with a nuclear weapon.” That remark, to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, would bring him heaps of criticism all week.

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Boehner’s week was hardly helped by a comment from his former colleague Joe Scarborough, who volunteered on his MSNBC program, “Morning Joe,” that the minority leader had a reputation of not being a particularly hard worker. A Politico story pointing to tensions between Boehner and some of the younger GOP House leaders rounded out a trifecta of unwelcome publicity.


If the GOP were to gain the upper hand, and Boehner were elected as speaker, the question is what he and his party would do with that power. Boehner listed three priorities. First, he said, was a renewed commitment to fiscal discipline — a test his party badly flunked the last time it was in the majority. Second, he said, was to engage in “an adult conversation with the American people” about the need to rein in entitlement spending. And third, he wants to increase bipartisan cooperation in the House.

He offered few concrete thoughts about the GOP agenda but promised that the party will make that clearer before November. “I’m not Barack Obama and I’m not Nancy Pelosi,” he said. “I say what I mean and I mean what I say, and we’re not going to put anything in a document that we don’t have every intention of accomplishing.”

Well, that’ll save some paper.

He was explicit about health care. “We believe that the health-care bill needs to be repealed and replaced,” he said. Beyond saying Republicans would scrub the budget for wasteful spending, a pledge regularly made and ignored by politicians of both parties, he offered no examples of what programs Republicans would actually cut.

Nor did he seem eager to tip his hand on the terms of entitlement reform. In his interview with the Tribune-Review, Boehner volunteered that the Social Security retirement age might need to be raised to 70 for younger workers but he would go no further.

Asked whether partial privatization of Social Security, which Republicans pushed unsuccessfully in 2005, would be part of a GOP agenda, he twice replied, “I have no idea.”

Later, he called back to clarify, saying that what he meant to say was that, until Republicans complete their process of soliciting ideas from the American people, there will be no answer to that question.

And he’s the Rethuglican leader in the House?

Boehner’s third priority seemed to animate him most. “The institution up here is broken,” he said. “I’ve seen speakers sacrifice the institution for their own partisan political gain time and time again.”

But there’s nothing partisan in the minority party voting in lockstep against almost every bill.

Skeptics will doubt Boehner’s sincerity or capability, given the polarized environment in Washington and the role he has played the past 18 months in helping erect a wall of opposition — obstruction, say the Democrats — to Obama’s agenda.

They will recall Boehner’s fiery and impassioned speech on the House floor at the close of the health-care debate — punctuated by “Hell, no! . . . Hell, no!” — as indicative of a leader who has given in to the angriest of those in the party’s base.


Sixteen years ago, as Republicans were on the cusp of winning control of the House for the first time in 40 years, Newt Gingrich talked about his role as future speaker in flamboyant terms. “I think I am a transformational figure,” he said at the time, offering a preview of the clashing, confrontational style he wielded in his battles with the Clinton White House.

Boehner was a Gingrich lieutenant in those days, though he grew weary of the Georgia congressman’s tactics. […] [W]hen asked in what ways he would be a different kind of speaker than Gingrich, he said, “I haven’t thought a great deal about it.”


Boehner believes Republicans have not yet earned back the trust of the American people. “We dug ourselves a big hole in ’04, ’05, ’06, and we paid for it,” he said.


But he dismissed a question about whether the party is being pushed too far to the right by “tea party” activists or candidates who enjoy their support, such as Senate nominees Rand Paul in Kentucky and Sharron Angle in Nevada. “The voters in those states have the opportunity to decide who the nominee’s going to be,” he said.


Boehner also said Obama bears considerable responsibility for the poisoned politics in Washington. “I remember all the conversations with the president about post-partisan politics. He’s done nothing to solve that.


Four months before the midterms, Boehner does not sound in a conciliatory mood, raising the question of whether he could lead a party that has thrived through its united and angry opposition to the president and still bring harmony on Capitol Hill.


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31 responses to “John Boehnehead

  1. Dusty

    Second, he said, was to engage in β€œan adult conversation with the American people” Give me an effin break…these fuckers have ‘dumbed down’ the national conversation for decades.

    Spectacular poster Nonnie!!! One of your best kiddo. πŸ˜‰

    • thanks dusty! πŸ™‚

      they keep making the argument that they’re the party that should be leading. however, when asked what they’d do, they say that they don’t know, they’ll have to ask the [paid-for] teabaggers who show up at their staged townhall meetings. they want to lead, but they have no idea what direction they’re going? πŸ™„

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  3. Sue

    It’s a scary scary thought, the tanman as speaker! He sounds like he’s drunk 90% of the time, he can NEVER give a clear answer to anything asked and especially what the the GOP agenda is. They Have NO agenda people, they are asking advice from teabagger Americans for Gods sake!

    • it is a scary thought. however, i’m not so sure boohoo boehner will even be minority leader in the house next time around. widdle ewic cantor is chomping at the bit to replace boohoo, and it appears that he’s not well-liked at all. you’d better believe that widdle ewic and some others are stabbing boohoo in the back every chance they get.

      • jeb

        I agree Nonnie. I’m amazed he’s held on as long as he has because even the Rethugs have to see he’s a horrible leader. On the other hand, Cantor probably wants him there to take the blame so that he can ride in on his white horse (since that’s what their party loves) and rescue the princess party and the House from the evil clutches of Nancy Pelosi.

        • boohoo will become the house’s michael phathead steele. anytime something goes wrong, they’ll blame him. if they think things are getting better for them, that’s when they take him down.

  4. jeb

    No mention of repealing the crushing tax on tanning salons?

  5. What amuses me more than the poster is what “Boehne” means in German–bean. That means the Lord of the Tan is now Beanhead!

    • and slang for a head is bean, so he’s boohoo beanbean boehner.

      • sardonyx

        And he’s dressed up like a whole bean (Holbein) portrait.

        Which means he’s beaned cubed (thrice beaned).

        • sar!! πŸ˜€

          i thought you were on vacation! what a nice surprise!

          don’t forget that, every time he speaks, he gives a lot of people gas.

          • So all of us should take Beano before we listen to him?

          • sardonyx

            I’m currently on vacation from vacation, but that ends on Friday. πŸ˜€

            Figures he’d be a major contributing factor to global warming, on top of the everyday suffering he brings to so many.

            • how nice to be on vacation from vacation, only to go back on vacation in a couple of days. πŸ™‚

              every time someone is suffering, boohoo boehner gets a little more orange. it’s like people clapping to save tinkerbell. the suffering of others seem to give a lot of rethugs joy.

  6. It is a good poster Nonnie, but he needs to be more orange!

    I loved this remark:

    Well, that’ll save some paper.

    How many blank plans have the GOP put out?
    The budget with no numbers
    The alternative health care plan with no plan.

    Bonehead want his grips on the power, but has he considered it would put a serious crimp on his golf time???

    As for the financial regulatory bill- does he even remember it was HIS party that launched the financial meltdown? When Obama started the job, the country was $12 trillion in debt.
    So let’s give the blame where the blame is due!

  7. That poster truly captures the essence of modern conservatism where we all “know our place”. In the old days commoners like us would have to stand still while our betters would cane us anytime they felt like it. The good old days! In the worst case senario if gopers win, the first thing to watch for will be articles of impeachment filed by Darrel Issa. He doesn’t need a reason, he just feels like it. And good for Joe S for speaking his mind on bonerman. Sort of like folks reminding the Grinch about leaving his wife and kids destitute after winning that first election. The truth hurts.

    • there’s a more subtle reference to the essence of modern conservatism. there’s no voodoo economics, but there’s a nancy pelosi voodoo doll! πŸ˜‰

      you can bet that there will be investigation after investigation if darrell issa is in the majority. he’s still pissed off that he couldn’t buy the governorship, so he’ll try another way to make it into the history books.

  8. Again the accessories, so nice– the Pelosi Voodoo doll, Yes/no symbol, Golf club scepter, & the ant spray!

    Very nice…

  9. Joanaroo

    Why the Hell does Boner think the American people, with the exception of the terminally stupid GOPers/Teabaggers are going to trust him and his Congress of Losers? What a load of sewage! There is no charm, charisma or compassion in the whole goddamn bunch! Bastards want to repeal and destroy everything to help the public who really run the whole damn country! Yeah, they dug holes for themselves? They piss off enough desperate people, they better have made those holes 6 feet deep! Hey, Boner! Go get drunk and fry your Balls a la’Orange on a 101 degree DC sidewalk!

    • obama and the dems really need to make a big deal over this stuff. they need to constantly tell people that the rethugs want to take away their social security, will side with big business every time, and will offer more sympathy to bp than they will to the unemployed. most people don’t know who boohoo boehner is. they don’t know who joe barton is. they’re too busy trying to live to watch c-span all day, so it’s time to let them know what they’ll be getting if they vote rethug in november.

  10. Braveny

    Your post reminded me of this one from Nov of last year…

    • hey braveny, long time, no see! πŸ™‚

      the thing about the oompa-loompas is that they could sing and dance and make delicious candy. boohoo just drinks and smokes and says hell no to everything.