They’re dumb, stupid, idiotic, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…

From IOWA POLITICS.COM (Press release):

Lake Elmo, Minnesota – Congressman Steve King will be the featured speaker at Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s annual picnic tonight in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. Bachmann is seeking her third term in the U.S. Congress and hosts this event for volunteers and supporters.


King’s endorsement has been highly sought by conservative candidates for Congress across the nation. He has recently campaigned for candidates in New Hampshire, Florida, Arizona, and Virginia.

Original DVD cover

King and Bachmann have been dynamic allies on Capitol Hill leading the fight to repeal Obamacare and to prevent further takeovers by the federal government. King and Bachmann have teamed up to author the “Declaration of Health Care Independence,” organize tens of thousands in opposition to Obamacare, and now are the two lead Members of Congress pressing for a “discharge petition” to repeal Obamacare.

“Michele Bachmann is intellectually brilliant, quick, strongly grounded in her faith and the Constitution, bold in her defense of Liberty, and extraordinarily blessed with great instincts,” said King. “At no time in my life has America needed her more.”

King is also seeking re-election to the U.S. Congress in Iowa’s 5th Congressional District. First elected in 2002, King has earned national stature and prominence as a leading voice for Constitutional Conservatives in America. He serves on the U.S. House Judiciary, Small Business, and Agriculture Committees.

Insert your own jokes, kids.


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34 responses to “They’re dumb, stupid, idiotic, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…

  1. Joanaroo

    Agriculture? Well, then nobody knows the bullshit better than Steve King! So I suppose Batshit is his “little heifer” and he’s going to milk her for all she’s worth. These people are just common idiots and anybody for this shit has to be fucking nuts. These assholes get in office and you may as well say this country is over and dead. They will take anything of worth that helps “the little guy” and more people will die from lack of health care, starvation, on-the-job injuries from a total lack of regulation and safety. There will be nobody watching out for the real people who run the country. They will be fucked!

    • his little heifer or his little pile of warm manure? then again, manure probably smells better than batshit bachmann.

      • oh nonnie, you know i love the bat bling. my identity has been stolen and the post office won’t send black hawks. they got my irs refund, too and cashed it or sold it to a bad actor who runs an acctcy CORP> INC>, down town. the state is willing to cooperate at the LIC. and regulation level but, like the postal inspectors, they want the local PD to open a case. the local PD is laying off many people.
        anyway, what i was going to say is, don’t trust anyone with my identity. 😉

        • 😯 for reals? someone really did steal your irs refund and all the rest?

          • a whole lot. i found out because they used a stolen visa bill to make a ballance transfer, they got fred’s bill, too. also,too they got my tags and registration and a payroll check and a utility check, which can be used…..

            • holy crap! someone stole one of my credit cards a few years ago, and it was a royal pain in the ass. luckily, i realized it pretty quickly, and i even pointed the credit card company in the right direction (i used to investigate credit card fraud). the thief wasn’t all bad. s/he made a contribution to the united way for the victims of 9/11. very generous of her/him, wasn’t it?

    • look on the bright side, with ever fewer jobs, there will be fewer on the job injuries. Q-0

  2. MNLatteLiberal

    “…Michele Bachmann’s annual picnic tonight in Lake Elmo, Minnesota…”
    Good gawd, this is right next door to where I live! I bet they are at 3M’s Tartan Park, right where DFL SD56 and us just had our annual picnic less than a week ago. Normally Bachmann avoids Washington County like the plague. I wonder if Ms Batshit is feeling brave, having raised $4.1 million in corporate donations to battle Tarryl Clark. Tarryl’s been running great ads on TV for the last month or so using Bachmann’s own BP-loving clips/words.

    Meanwhile, CityPages has a couple of fun GOP news tidbits. The first one comes courtesy of the MN log cabin GOP dwellers. People in log cabins ought not cast their stones at all:

    and we have a vintage idiot running for Governor under the GOP umbrella. Here’s a couple of Emmer thoughts on millionaire waiters:
    I particularly like the comment from Askov (4th one):
    “From then on, Emmer would never again dine out without tasting the subtle, yet unmistakable, flavor of urine in all his favorite dishes.”

    nonnie, thanks for bringing this Bachmannia item to my attention. DumpBachmann site didn’t have it as of this PM.
    ~ Latte

    • latte, you mean you didn’t feel a sudden chill come wafting through the neighborhood? i’m laughing, because i’m remembering the frasier episodes when lilith was in town, and eddie the dog would inexplicably start barking and hiding, and daphne would get psychic aches and pains. i imagine that’s how it would be if batshit bachmann or steve chicken-a-la king were anywhere near.

      and gooper condoms? 😆 like anyone wants to get their dinky stinky with them!

      • MNLatteLiberal

        How much does it age me to know EXACTLY the Fraiser (and Cheers too) reference you mean? And remember Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein? How the horses would protest every time her name is mentioned?

        And I did feel icky all day yesterday. As Michael Jordan put it in that SNL commercial (couldn’t find the clip) “not so fresh”. Still, ever since Bachmann sold her Stillwater house, she’s shied away from northern Washington county, her old MN Senate seat territories of Stillwater, Lake Elmo, Scandia, Marine on St. Croix, etc.. She’s stuck to south of I-94 where her Woodbudy office is and where her “new” “under water” house is with back real estate taxes (finally paid up now).

        ~ Latte

        • we’re very young, latte. we saw all those episodes on the reruns.

          😆 frau blucher and the horses!

          where did batshit bachmann suddenly get all that money to buy a mansion? in this economy, is her hubby’s practice suddenly picking up? that doesn’t make much sense. we know she didn’t get a huge raise at work, so where did the money come from? are her constituents fine with her moving on up while they’re worrying whether or not they’ll be able to stay in their homes and feed their kids, not whether they can move to a bigger house in a better neighborhood?

          • maybe she used Palin’s contractor.

          • MNLatteLiberal

            That’s an easy one, nonnie.
            Bachmann family has been taking government handouts for years. First, her in-law’s family farm which Michele and Marcus now own has received upwards of half a million bucks in federal subsidies over the last few years. Then, the twenty seven teenage girls they’ve famously fostered allegedly come with a $30 per diam each. That’s another hefty sum.
            Add to that the last 8 years or so that Michele has been on a public payroll and you are starting to get the idea.

            So, in short, Michele has been suckling hard on the government teat all while bitching and decrying the indecency of an obscenely low cleavage.

            Bachmann is a hypocritical whore.
            A successful hypocritical whore.
            Now with an upside down mortgage though. And that’s how the decline of Norm Coleman started.

            And that’s
            HOPE. Even for this Mr. Negativity.
            ~ L

  3. Dusty

    “Michele Bachmann is intellectually brilliant, quick, strongly grounded in her faith and the Constitution, bold in her defense of Liberty, and extraordinarily blessed with great instincts,” said King. “At no time in my life has America needed her more.” Who is this nimrod kidding? The only skank dumber and makes for gaffs is Palin. These broads can’t even read a press release without screwing up.

    • steve chicken-a-la king is actually just as, if not more, batshitty as bachmann, and he’s even dumber. it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

  4. It looks like he’s reaching into the Bachmann, almost as if he’s looking…looking for a soul.

    Nope, nothin’.

    Oh, and hi nonnie. Sorry I’ve been absent. *waves*

  5. “Insert your own jokes, kids.”

    You mean like this guy apparently wants to?

  6. It’s all just….. so wrong!

    Bachmann probably rips into her staff all year long then has this (mandatory) annual picnic.
    Smile for the cameras, dammit– I’m paying you!

    • there’s a very fast turnover in her office. the staffers don’t last very long. it’s not difficult to figure out why. how long could any human listen to that shriek?

  7. That golden horses ass trophy sure seems to be in the right place. Actually, he had me at “quick”. We need more quick!

    • i took the trophy and made a statue out of it. do you like it, jerry? that corner of the room needed a little sumpin’ sumpin’, and i thought that would be fitting.

  8. jeb

    It’s like he’s writing a bad horror nov… what do you mean that pun’s already been done?

  9. these two were separated at birth – rather hatching. steve king is an alien – he is not of this species.