Tea’ed Off


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell backed the wrong horse in the Senate primary back home in Kentucky and now he’s paying the price with state Republicans. A new PPP (D) poll out today shows McConnell’s approval rating has fallen to a record low 34% in his home state.

Even worse for McConnell is that only 38% of voters surveyed said that they want McConnell to remain the head of his party’s caucus in the Senate. Almost half — 49% — said they don’t think McConnell should keep his job as Republican leader.

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The slide in approval for McConnell was almost entirely the result of voters he upset when he backed state Attorney General Trey Grayson over the eventual nominee (and tea party favorite) Rand Paul in the Republican Senate primary.


PPP reports on the internals of the McConnell support numbers:

    His 23% approval rating with moderates is unchanged from two months ago and his 15% standing with liberals is actually slightly improved from 12% in the May poll. But with conservatives, who comprise the largest voting bloc in Kentucky, he’s fallen from 47% all the way down to 27%.

Though Rand Paul himself has made efforts to make nice with McConnell — whom he attacked repeatedly during the primary — it appears Paul’s supporters have not.


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20 responses to “Tea’ed Off

  1. Cowabunga! Michaelangelo says that casting Yertle as Raphael is totally bogus, dude!

    Can you tell I had a son who watched this series when he was a kid?

  2. one mama grizzly

    Love your graphic! (The little grizzlies also like it.)


  3. Never fear Nonnie~ you can always make a birthday date get together for another day… it really is the thought that counts.
    Should we all say Buh bye to Mitch now???

    • i’m not worried. he’ll be here tomorrow night. just a little melancholy. i spoke to him tonight, and he’s a little lonely in his new place while all his friends are down here.

      i’d rather say good riddance than buh buy to yertle mcc, but either will be fine if it means he’ll be gone.

  4. That likeness is uncanny! As the old song lyric goes: “I’ll play the part and I won’t need no rehearsin’..”

  5. Had to check out the bear commercial in light of the latest Princess ramblings about what a momma grizzly does on hind feet and the cub thing. My mental image of the Dame of Dofuss is her standing there emptying the clip of a Bushmaster into said bear while Todd and his drinking buddies gass the cubs in the den. The smart money says if you pay a grand to go to a prayer breakfast with The Chosen One and they list bear claws on the menu don’t be surprised if……

    • funny how that particular mama grizzly has so much free time. with 5 children, 1 who is around 8 and the other just a baby, she sure spends a lot of time traveling around. of course, some women have to travel on business, but most of those mama grizzlies are thankful for any time they can spend with their cubs. this mama princess grizzly seems to look for any excuse to go away from where her kids are.

      • Now imagine Princess Sarah in Michael Steele’s job. Some conservatives are actually floating that idea.

        • MNLatteLiberal

          I LOVE the idea, and I’m no conservative.
          ~ L

        • i’m with latte, i hope she gets the job. she’s lazy, and all she cares about is getting attention for herself. look at her pac. they took in something like $900k, and she spent $7500 on candidates. she likes to make her friends rich, so she’ll bring along her alaskan buddies who are totally inept. let her be the voice of the rethug party. more people hate her than like her.

  6. MNLatteLiberal

    as much as I hate Mitch McConnell, his flaccid demeanor, and ninja turtles, your poster somehow makes it all work for me. With that teabag mohawk, you managed to make Mitch seem…fierce! He looks more Klingon than that shape-shifter guy on Star Trek Voyager (or was it Deep Space 9?) who lacked any bone structure whatsoever and slept in a bucket. Mitch’s mannerisms always reminded me of that slime bucket and made me want to wash hands with soap whenever I’d see him speak.

    I dunno; there’s something downright compelling about the way you made him look. I can’t take my eyes off the poster. It’s hypnotic, like a bad car crash on a side of a road.

    ~ Latte

  7. he aint running this year – too bad

    • i know! wouldn’t it be awesome if ol’ yertle lost his seat? i bet he would no longer be invited to all the important d.c. parties, and his beard will be pissed that she ever married him. by the way, did you know his real name is addison? mitchell is his middle name.