The Wrong Women for Women’s Rights

From Stephanie Schriock (President, EMILY‘s List) at THE HUFFINGTON POST:

To say I was unmoved by Sarah Palin’s much-heralded new “Mama Grizzlies” video is an understatement. I think it’s time to get the story of the 2010 elections straight — and to call out Palin’s efforts for what they are: an attempt, in the name of “feminism,” to turn back the clock on women’s rights and to set American families back.

But I will say something you probably never thought you’d hear: I agree with Sarah Palin on one thing. I agree with her that women — moms, yes, but grandmothers, too, and daughters — will decide this election.

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In 1994, when 16 million women stayed home from the polls, Democrats lost critical seats — and gave rise to the anti-woman, anti-family policies of Gingrich, DeLay, and Boehner’s Contract With America. No question about it — women’s votes matter.

Where Palin and I see the world differently, though, is the faith and respect for women’s judgment that I have. Apparently, she hopes that a sentimental video full of images of herself will be enough to make women rise up and support the team of backwards-looking, radical Republican women running this cycle — from Michele Bachmann, who called the president an extortionist, to Carly Fiorina, who laid off almost 30,000 workers and says job creation will not be her responsibility as a Senator, to Sharron Angle, who wants adolescent victims of rape and incest to “make lemonade out of lemons.”

I think women voters will choose progress, not Palin, this cycle. And I think that women will turn out — because women know what problems look like, and who problem solvers are. They want the Alex Sinks of the world, taking on BP — not Michele Bachmann defending BP. They want Mary Jo Kilroy, working hard to complete financial regulatory reform that protects families — not Carly Fiorina who set families adrift when she outsourced jobs. They want Barbara Boxer, protecting women’s rights, not Angle, Susana Martinez, Bachmann and all, who pledge to roll back our rights.


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18 responses to “The Wrong Women for Women’s Rights

  1. sorry so late, kids. i wasn’t home almost all of yesterday, and i was busy all day today. this was a last-minute movie poster and post, so try to overlook whatever mistakes you find. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. writechic

    The politicians in Utah were smart enough to grant women the right to vote in 1870 so the chicks could show up in numbers to vote FOR polygamy. (Congress revoked that shit in 1887 and disenfranchised women because of their support of polygamy.) Nutty, eh? The Daughters of Dumb made me think of the pro-polygamy Utah ladies.

    And Stephanie Schriock is right, the vote of women matters.

    That mama grizzlies commercial is absolutely idiotic.

    • the utah pro-polygamy ladies might have been dumb, but if not for them, we wouldn’t have big love now. i love that show!

      • writechic

        ๐Ÿ˜† True dat. ๐Ÿ˜†

        I took a tour of Brigham Young’s house on a trip to Utah. Mormon chicks, back in the day, made a silk dress for Susan B. Anthony. It was on display. Pretty fancy. Pretty funny to imagine her Quaker sensibilities brushing up against Big Love. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • damn! that would make one helluvan episode! bill could fall in love with susan b anthony, and she’ll rebuff him. that will only make him more enchanted with her. meanwhile, susan meets with bill’s 3 wives, and she makes them all realize what fools they’ve been for kowtowing to their self-centered husband.

      • I prefer True Blood. Sexy vampires in Louisiana trailer parks. Hey, that might be an idea for a poster!

        • i just recently saw a bit of an episode of true blood. it looked like a pretty good show, but i don’t think i’m ready to commit to yet another tv show. i watch too much tv already.

          • KarenZipdrive

            True Blood is almost perfect. They don’t reside in trailer parks though, the town of Bon Temps is too small for a trailer park.

            As for the bitches in the poster, it’s hard to be a good lesbian when you see these three horrible broads in one image.

  3. kaylaspop

    Thanks for including Susana Martinez in the mix. New Mexico needs to show her the door, not only from the Gov. race but from the D.A. office as well.

    • you’re welcome, kayla’s pop, but you should thank stephanie schriock, not me. i had to google to see who susana martinez was. i had never heard of her. maybe she’ll star in a future movie poster.

  4. Late again, eh? Glad you said that since being the last guy usually makes me the last to know. But we all appreciate your untiring efforts to make the raisin the most funnest place on the intertube. That grammer would make my G-12 English teacher die, I hope. Did you know a Mormon can claim any female “who has not lain with a man” just by telling her she has been chosen? This is popular in the sects with 10 to 12 year olds claimed by stinky old men. An amusing tale was told to me by a former GI stationed at an army depot in Provo during the last years of the war. He and his buddies were quite offput by the tightass holier-than-thou locals in town and agonized with the total boredom. When VJ day finally comes and they are getting ready to leave, a going away present is in order. In the middle of town is a 25 foot tall statue of Brigham Young so the lads come up with this prank involving a little rope, a whole tube of baloney, and two coconuts. The locals were not amused.

    • thanks jerry! i’ve been so busy lately that i don’t get a chance to watch or read the news or sit down and figure out a poster to make. i might have to take a day off now and then. maybe i’ll look through the old american street stuff to see if there’s anything worth reposting.

      i hope those soldiers took photos and that they’re posted somewhere. i want to search the crowd to see if anyone is suppressing a smile.

  5. A strategic reserve of H/R with a wity ironic update of how it went down (that’s why I read all the archives). Maybe some Special Edition material. Just think of all the different covers you could have used in the Clinton/Lewensky debacle, for instance. Maybe some favorite movie catagories. That and song eras get people all commented up good. Do you ever get the feeling looking through all these reports of baggers and their ilk that it’s a lot like reading evaluation reports from a mental assylum? I sure do.

    • there were times when i would have 3 or 4 posters in the hopper. however, i’m lucky if i have a couple ready to go at the same time these days.

      that’s an intriguing thought, jerry–some flashes from the past. the only problem with going back too far is that there is sometimes a dearth of pictures. when i needed pix of nixon and lbj for some past posters, color pix were very difficult to find. i’m still going to keep that in mind on days when nothing in the news sparks my interest. thanks, jerry! ๐Ÿ™‚

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