If he gets his butt kicked, will he feel it through the diaper?

From Talking Points Memo:

There are no shortage of conservatives in Louisiana who’d like to retire David Vitter. But late this afternoon, one prominent Republican decided to make a go of it, entering the race at the last possible moment to take on the scandal-plagued senator in the GOP primary this August.

Meet Chet Traylor, a former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice well-connected in Louisiana Republican political and business circles circles, who surprised everyone this afternoon by qualifying at the witching hour to challenge Vitter.

Vitter has plenty of money in the bank and, with just weeks to go, time on his side. But Traylor could catch up quickly.

Poor Little Diaper Davy! That’s enough to make someone poopie in his pants!
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Traylor was elected to the court on the strength of support from the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, which suggests that Vitter might have lost the support of the business community (at least over the course of the next several weeks until the primary).

And, in the meantime, Traylor will make Vitter spend money he had planned to save, and nudge him off his anti-Obama message, or at least distract him from it.


Traylor was the very conservative justice who once wrote in an opinion upholding a Louisiana sodomy law that “any claim that private sexual conduct between consenting adults is constitutionally insulated from state proscription is unsupportable,” so you can bet that he’ll blast the already conservative Vitter from the right, and draw blood over Vitter’s high-profile scandals.

Another fun wrinkle: Traylor’s a country lawyer, from rural north eastern Louisiana. By contrast, the Harvard-educated Vitter hails from New Orleans. Not an ideal contrast for Vitter in a Republican primary in a conservative state. Dems in Louisiana and DC are jazzed.

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17 responses to “If he gets his butt kicked, will he feel it through the diaper?

  1. Hysterical “butt paste,” nonnie–thank you!

  2. One news report said 14 repubs filed papers to get in on the primary. As usual it’s an open casting call for the next Moe Howard. The Florida intrigues of funny money include a big Vitter contributer who runs a large diaper service! Had a pretty good laugh with the new product line, butt I’m sure it’s illegal in Texas.

    • i think that instead of debates and interviews, they should all be put in a house together, and every week, someone else is voted out, based on different tasks they have to do.

  3. KarenZipdrive

    Okay Nonnie, you know I am a devotee of your work, but that had to be the BEST headline ever.

    • seriously? i guess it’s apt that i pulled that title out of my ass at the last minute. your comment got me thinking, and i was perusing some of the titles i’ve used in the past. maybe i’ll collect my faves one of these days and have people weigh in on their faves. i didn’t get through them all, but i think the one i like the most so far is the one about mcliebercain and his undying devotion to capt underpants. it was titled:

      A Connecticut Flunky in John McCainโ€™s Shorts

      if anyone is interested, all the titles can be found here.

  4. foxycontin

    a diaper change we can believe in

    huggies and luvs, david vitter

  5. I’m reminded of both movie Joker’s comments about what Gotham City needed.

    1989 Joker: This town needs an enema.

    2008 Joker: This town deserves a better class of criminal and I’m going to give it to them.

    Both apply to Louisiana’s GOP primary.

    • speaking of the joker, i just read yesterday that the next batman movie won’t have the joker in it. they’re not sure what villain will be featured, but the director, christopher nolan, doesn’t think the character should be reinvented after heath ledger’s portrayal.

    • Can’t argue with that!….An off topic request for our official raisin scientist: can you recommend any link that can explain how rigid steel drilling pipe can bend around like a crazy straw, as shown on all these TV animations of the blowout relief well. It all seems a bit queer to me. Thanx.

  6. And who ever thought that Butt Paste could be so effective in a 24 hour cycle! Latest reoprts claim the babyshit has built up greatly and now has an orly taint.

    • if he was a total moron, i wouldn’t be surprised that he would go all orly when facing opposition in a primary. however, although i think he’s a despicable person, he can’t be too stupid, because he graduated from harvard law. you and i both know that he knows that the hawaii birth certificate if valid, and the birther bs is exactly that–bs. that makes him even more despicable, because he was too cowardly to tell the idiots in the audience that the birther crap is crap.

  7. jeb

    Looks and smells like lil Davey’s diaper is full and sagging with the contents dribbling down his legs. Hope the LA voters throw his nasty diaper and all those contesting him on the rethug side out in one big bag.