Something on a Crisp Shitz Cracker


The Rev. Al Sharpton wants Rush Limbaugh to apologize for calling the late George Steinbrenner a “cracker” who “made a lot of African-American millionaires.” Don’t count on it.

Limbaugh, in an email to Yahoo! News (reprinted in full below), says: “The only thing I can remember the media and the left ever saying about Steinbrenner is that he was an evil, temperamental dictator who made illegal campaign contributions to Richard Nixon and consorted with hoodlums.”

And now, he argues, the media and left-wing commentators are going after him for talking about Steinbrenner.

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He says in his email to Yahoo! News: “Here’s how bad things are for the left: The best they have is to pretend they are offended by my clever compliments about a fellow successful capitalist — who has been portrayed negatively by the left until now — and are insanely obsessed with the sale of my NY condo — sold at a profit when home sales are supposed to be a sign of a recovering economy.”

Limbaugh says his “stock in trade” is “illustrating the absurd by being absurd.”

To make a point about double standards in media coverage, Limbaugh’s email brought up a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party.


The case involves two NBPP members wearing paramilitary garb outside a polling place on Election Day 2008. One had a billy club. The Department of Justice placed an injunction on one of the men, King Samir Shabazz, but scaled back the civil suit against the organization as a whole. Some want the department to go further.

J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department lawyer appointed by the Bush administration, alleges that the department isn’t motivated to protect white voter rights. It should be noted that the Philadelphia precinct in question is largely black and heavily Democratic. Also, the department didn’t pursue criminal charges while the Bush administration was still in power, either.


OK, so back to Limbaugh’s gripe. He writes that NBPP President NBPP Malik Zulu Shabazz “has been in the media attacking white crackers,” and that King Samir Shabazz suggested at a rally “that blacks would only be free when all the crackers were dead and further said that killing cracker babies was called for. No one in what is called the mainstream media has condemned or even reported any of this, though it has been all over Fox News and talk radio” and many blogs.

He continues: “So … George Steinbrenner dies and I, being absurd to illustrate absurdity, make my comments, pointing out that this cracker created many African American MILLIONAIRES (and fired a bunch of white managers) to establish HIS CRED!!!”

Limbaugh responded to my first email by asking if I ever listen to his show or simply find clips on Media Matters, like the Steinbrenner comments. I’ve listened to his show many times. However, Limbaugh believes that many journalists simply jump on sound bites from his daily broadcast.


Media Matters’ vice president of research and communications, Ari Rabin-Havt, responded: “As always, Media Matters posted audio of Limbaugh’s comments and let our readers and the media make a judgment. Rush just hates that his abhorrent remarks are now available to those not in his listening audience. First Donovan McNabb and now George Steinbrenner: Rush Limbaugh can’t talk about sports without making racially divisive remarks.”

(Audio and the complete email from the disgusting pig are at the YAHOO NEWS link)


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25 responses to “Something on a Crisp Shitz Cracker

  1. how embarrassing! 😳 i thought i posted this more than an hour ago. i came back, and it wasn’t on the front page! 😕 i guess i forgot to hit the publish button.

  2. The reason MM doesn’t “report” this is because these guys are a joke. A similar bunch were going around east Texas back during the Jena unrest and showing up with guns and bullhorns espousing their hate message and trying to stir up trouble. What they got was a show of force from State Troopers armed with M16s and read the riot act to the effect “you do something stupid and we’ll drop you like a bad habit”. Maybe fatboy should pay more attention to spazBeck who is getting a lot of mileage out of mocking the murders at SF City Hall, when he’s not channeling god or pursuing his latest rant, Jew baiting. What an asswipe.

    • i think someone should throw glenn blechhh and limpdick in a big tub of mud and let them duke it out to claim the leadership of the rethuglican party. no referee, because rethugs don’t believe in regulation.

  3. Limbaugh’s stupidest crap?

    I don’t know … there are so many candidates, it’s tough to choose just one.

  4. jeb

    If BP’s cap works and stops the flow of oil in the gulf, then perhaps as an act of contrition they can cap Rushbo’s mouth. Of course it will require a much larger cap.

  5. Why does Sharpton even waste his time??
    We all know Limbaugh is a blahering, dithering idiot….. saying anything about him only puts him in the spotlight.

    Let him wallow in his hate radio.

    Not worth my time.

    • Jeez- the least I could do is spell “blathering” right!
      Oh well, you knew what I meant.

      • no worries, fran. speeling duzn’t count heer. as for why sharpton wastes his time–because it keeps rev al in the spotlight when he has these public feuds. i would rather hear from ben jealous or any one of a number of congressional reps to refute what rushbo says. however, it appears that rev al and jesse jackson have a lot of friends in the media. i can’t stand either one of them, and i think having them as spokesmen makes the case weaker, not stronger.

  6. Al Sharpton needs to STFU. While this is a noble point someone else should be making it. Sharpton’s own racist bullshit from Tawana Brawley’s non-rape how many years ago is still clinging to him. He and Limbaugh are turds of a feather. Limbaugh just can’t seem to stop flipping issues over until he finds an anti-black spin on them. Yet he continues to persist in the delusion that he’s anything but a dirty racist pig with millions in the bank and corporate whoremasters handing him a script to read every week.

    • That’s actually a good point.

      I’m not really sure that a Sharpton vs. Limbaugh fight isn’t just a setup so that each of them can get more attention. I’m not sure how much either of them benefits anyone but himself at this point. Sharpton might have meant something once, but he’s a scandal whore these days (and ever since Brawley, at least), and Limbaugh has nothing been more than an attention whore since he got on-air.

      • yup! i will say, though, that i think rev al has a core sincerity to him. however, he doesn’t have a lot of credibility with the people whose minds he wishes to change. the same for jesse jackson. his hymietown remark did him in, as far as i’m concerned.

    • zactly! that’s what i was saying in my answer to fran. rev al and jesse jackson bring too much of their own baggage to the table. there are lots of other people who can fight the good fight and have a lot more credibility.

  7. sharpton has a ton of baggage – but let him go after the fat oxy/viagra addict – let everyone go after him – there is not enough trash to throw at limbaugh as far as i am concerned and even if Qaddafi wanted to attack him i would be for it

    i think of all the shit that lives in this country – limbaugh is the most evil and vile of them all – and he is rewarded nicely for making this country a worse place

    the planet will be a much better place when this fat fuck leaves.

    • i think having sharpton throwing the garbage dilutes the message. a lot of people don’t like rev al, and they either won’t listen to him, or listening to him will make them more sympathetic to rushbo, even if they would have agreed with the trash-thrower if he was someone other than rev al.