The Party of Stinkin’

From Joan Walsh at Salon:

Credit where it’s due: Just days after insisting there are no racists in the Tea Party movement, Tea Party Federation leader David Webb told CBS’s “Face the Nation” today that Mark Williams and his Tea Party Express had been expelled from the group. Last seen trying to start a sponsors’ boycott of MSNBC’s “Hardball” because of Chris Matthews’s tough reporting on the Tea Party, Webb was apparently appalled by Williams’s blatantly racist Letter to President Lincoln from “Colored People” signed by “Precious Ben Jealous,” asking Lincoln to repeal emancipation because “coloreds” had it better under slavery, not having to look for a job and such. Webb called the letter “offensive.”

Original DVD cover
(Yes, that is Mark Williams’s real computer.)

You know what’s sad, though? On CNN, also this morning, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell couldn’t even muster the judgment that Webb showed. “I am not interested in getting into that debate,” McConnell told Candy Crowley.


Also on Sunday, Sarah Palin on Twitter asked “peaceful Muslims” to “refudiate” plans for a Ground Zero mosque. In her next Tweet, she changed that to “refute.” No mention of Williams. Also on Twitter, I made an offer to Palin: I will refudiate (or refute or denounce or call them icky) the New Black Panther Party, if she will do the same to Williams. No word yet.


A lot of people, including author Tim Wise, have asked the interesting question: What if the Tea Party was black? At minimum, it’s pretty clear that its gun-toting and violent rhetoric against the president would probably not be going over terribly well, especially with law enforcement (think the Old Black Panthers carrying guns into the State Capitol in Sacramento).


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28 responses to “The Party of Stinkin’

  1. i only had about an hour and a half to find a story, find a movie, and slap together a poster. please ignore any mistakes you find, kids. 😉

  2. whatever you did is a winner!

    the teabaggers are ALL a bunch of racists. you dont paint obama as a cannibal and say nothing if you arent

    except the msm wants them around to generate ratings……

    • thanks dcAp! 😀 if not for wonderful raisinettes like you, i wouldn’t have bothered to crank out a poster tonight.

      i wouldn’t say that all teabaggers are racists. however, the fact that they are not being called out by their cohorts means that all of them are tolerating racists, so they’re all guilty.

  3. “Refudiated” HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Thank you, Princess, for doing the limbo under our expectations of your intelligence and command of the English language (or lack thereof).

  4. GreenApples

    A bus thrown under a bus, how funny! Ya really gotta be bad to have that happen in the the Tea world.

  5. Ha! Thrown out of the tea party– how low does it go???

  6. I would like to refutify that Princess has not hired Early Cayler as her new publicist. He will though demand a royalty be paid to the North Georgia Mudsquid Foundation. It is surprising with Willaims, with his diety trash talk, that a fundamentalist hasn’t put the “mark of pain” on him. Saw a stupid archive clip of spazBeck saying: “Hold on America, her comes the Calvary!” Well, that certainly explains all those crosses.

    • jerry, you and neon vincent need to talk to each other. i don’t get all these cartoon and gaming references, and i spend half the night googling so i can decipher what you’re talking about. 😉

      • Nonnie, just ask. I’ll gladly explain my obscure references.

        • i know you will, neon vincent. it’s fun googling to find out what you and jerry are talking about. i learn more stuff that way. the downside, of course, is that i wind up spending hours on twitter as google leads me from one tantalizing fact to another that i have to further google.

          • Not to worry. I confused Melissa too with a Squidbilly reference about her 700 puond nekkid girl posting saying that she was the real life version of Crystal, Earlys girlfriend. I hesitated watching this series on Adult Swim till I realized they go with every knee jerk half ass yankee hatin stereotype one can come up with for ignert southerners. Need to have a recommended list of all the “hep” cartoons. If the begining doesn’t have half the screen listing restrictions and disclaimers, well, hell, it ain’t no good. Last Sundays Simpsons where they all go to the holy land was some of the best Hebrew humor I’ve ever seen packed into 22 minutes. Everybody was coming down with Jerusalem Syndrome. And the epiphany when Homer wandered lost in the desert and had that vision where he was approached by a tomato, a carrot, and a cucumber……….Great stuff!

            • i’m surprised, because melissa is way more ‘hep’ than i am. i’ll probably become even less hep than i am now with the offspring living elsewhere. too bad i’m becoming such a square. i used to be so groovy. 😉

  7. jeb

    Any movement will get it’s fringe elements willing to leverage the movement for their own radical agenda. The teabaggers were doomed from the outset though because they didn’t put a stop to this racist crap the minute it began. And Princess certainly never stepped up to “refudiate” those racists who showed up at her campaign rallies during the election. If anything she egged them on. They think they can use these folks and to some extent, they silently agree with them, but they don’t understand the vile and insidious nature of these beliefs and how it destroys everything it touches including them and their precious Rethug party.

    • i agree. this started before the tea party actually formed. it began during the capt underpants campaign. princess kept stoking the fire. eventually, capt u manned up a bit and tried to tamp down the racism. however, princess ignored that and kept riling up the unwashed masses. she made racism and intolerance acceptable, and faux news put their seal of approval on it.

  8. This is a much bigger brouhaha that I realized.
    Pots are calling kettles black- Williams made some jaw dropping racist remarks, got kicked out & now he’s claiming since they have no official leaders, they have no right to kick him out!
    He signed his venom filled letter “Tom” meaning Uncle Tom, but now the tea party says it was generically offensive, won’t say “racist & offensive”…. because they don’t really know what was in his heart??? Hard to discern when someone is spewing pro slavery remarks?

    Is Williams nasty to the core & a racist, or just an idiot….either way he is off topic & they are tired of his freak show. Williams is Beckish in his propensity to take some harebrained concept & run rampant with it.
    Queen Sarah should step up & declare her leadership, sanctioned by god is THE way to go, (along with hefty speaking fees)…. and make sure the tea party is on track, by providing a PO Box address of where to send money to.
    All that winking & blinking & strutting will help settle them down.

    Fun to watch the infighting & self implosion.
    I bet Williams refuses to be kicked out…. maybe the bus will now be called the Tea party Annex,
    or Uncle Tom’s club… declaring it’s freedom to be racist, because it is a free country.

    The crazy-o-meter is in the red zone.

    • i don’t know if mark williams is a racist or just an idiot. i think he’s a rushbo wannabe, and the tea party express was his foot in the door of the big boy’s club. he probably thought he was being hilarious with his uncle tom letter. i’m guessing he figured he should do something outrageous so that he can get the attention that glenn blechhh and rushbo get when they do something offensive. williams, being an idiot, didn’t figure on the whole thing backfiring. of course, that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the end of him. he’ll take the fringies of the TPE, and they’ll declare war on the other factions of the tea party.

      in the meantime, the rest of the tea party will continue to insist that the party is not racist. why does that remind me of that joke where a man says i’m not gay, but my boyfriend is?

  9. Joanaroo

    In politics, men and women integrate, to infiltrate, communicate, but usually become an ingrate and make speech to conflagrate. And they like to concentrate on using speech to intimidate. But me, I will repudiate, I have never used the word refudiate.

  10. Joanaroo

    Oops! My bad! But in my defense I must reiterate, I saw the word refudiate in the comments here and thought I’d add my jocularity to the debate. Please excuse my tendency to deviate-from the norm to communicate closer to the subject. As racism was mentioned in this post though, I hope you don’t mind if I free-associate and say I think Breitbart is a total ingrate, the GOP is full of alligator-bait and I hope Shirley Sherrod has a golden opportunity to litigate and sue those bastards for everything down to their water-gate and the tighty-whities that cover it. We know what master baiters the GOP and Tea Party are and enough is enough.

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