OMG!! They Have More Cowbell!

From NBC New York:

Daisy Khan said every good tweet deserves a retort. And when Sarah Palin called the proposed mosque near Ground Zero “an unnecessary provocation,” Khan started typing.

“She tweeted us, that meant we had to respond with a countertweet,” said Khan, one of the founders of the Cordoba Institute, the group planning to build an Islamic Cultural Center on Park Place, two blocks from the World Trade Center site.

Khan wrote back: “Let thou not tweet about bleeding hearts let’s meet refudiate thine mosque charge; Muslim YMCA long live USA a ground for all faiths.“

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Of course, Palin is not alone in criticizing the proposed mosque; New York gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio has said the planned location is hurtful to 9/11 families. And at least one polls found a majority of New Yorkers opposed to the project.

Lower Manhattan’s Community Board 1 has already approved the plans, but organizers say they’d still need to raise about 100 million dollars before construction could begin.


[A] Muslim place of worship near Ground Zero would be proof that al-Qaeda hasn’t succeeded in turning America’s fight against terrorism into a war against Islam. Of course, if you believe we should be at war with Islam, then you’re not going to make a distinction between your average Muslim and your average terrorist. By the numbers of course, it’s al-Qaeda that is at war with Islam.
The latest attempt to prevent the center from being built involves calls to landmark the building so it can’t be changed. Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio argued yesterday that this ostensibly needs to happen because the building is “a place of deep historical significance” due to its proximity to Ground Zero. But by implying that the center will be financed by extremists without any actual evidence, he’s already let the cat out of the bag — he’s opposing the center because of the religious persuasion of the builders, even though he insists that’s not the case. […]

To his credit, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has refused to play along. A recent poll shows that New Yorkers as a whole are opposed, although tellingly, the vast majority of people in Manhattan, where the center will be built, support its construction.

Meanwhile, it’s not just a local issue anymore, as Rep. Peter King echoed Lazio’s call for an investigation:

“It’s a house of worship, but we are at war with al-Qaida,” King told the AP. “I think the 9/11 families have a right to know where the funding comes from; I think there are significant questions.”

Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf who has harshly criticized U.S. policy in the past (something that in and of itself is not illegal, nor does it imply ties to terrorism) and whose Cordoba Initiative organization is building the center, is mostly known as the proponent of an Americanized version of Islam. To the extent that there’s really any controversy over the center at all, it’s only because the proposal is to build the center near Ground Zero. If that weren’t the case, no one at this level would be calling for an investigation. Which implies just how frivolous and baseless these accusations are.

In any case, if you’re wondering what turned Lazio on to the search for a Muslim Willie Horton, it might be because his war chest is reportedly not looking too full, and he is potentially facing a Tea Party primary challenger, Carl Paladino, who is apparently willing to pour his own personal fortune into the contest. The deadline for him to get on the ballot is Thursday.


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25 responses to “OMG!! They Have More Cowbell!

  1. Dusty

    Jesus-Fucking-Christ, these assholes will make mountains out of molehills daily. Trumped up bullshit is their speciality. They have no plans, just bullshit and bravado.

    ps…we really need a Breitbart Clown poster Nonnie…seriously sista! 😉

    • they just can’t wait to pounce on the first non-white person who comes along.

      don’t worry, dusty. i already have a movie picked out for andrew not-very-breitbart.

      • This is Amerca. Land of the free and home of the brave, goddammit.
        So therefour, anyone who’s a livin’ here should look, think & act Amercan, which means White, Christian and Conservative.
        Nobody ever even heard of no mosques before the terorists hit the USA.
        Now they are all poplar with the libruls n’ ragheads n’ such. Putting one of them devil palaces near God’s Twin Towers is a goddam crime and we should all get guns while we can, goddamn it.
        May the Lord Bless and Keep You All!!!

  2. You know, for the past decade people have been demanding to know where the moderate Muslims are.

    They’re trying to build a freaking cultural center in Manhattan, it turns out. And they’re being treated as if they’re Usama’s buddies.

    This story really ticks me off. When that fruit loop killed Dr. Tiller, the whole pro-life movement got up in arms about anyone comparing him to us, just because he sides with us and such.

    But all Muslims? Yep, we can lump them together. Never mind that most of the people fighting, and being killed by, al-Qaeda in the world are, in fact, Muslims.

    I’ve heard Hannity talking about this, and I really wanted him to admit that he had no idea why he was against it, but he was just following the winds of opinion on the right. It would have been more intelligent than the prattle he was spewing.

    • there are so many mosques throughout the u.s., the very first built in the early 20th century. if islam is such a violent religion, why haven’t we been experiencing terrorism every day throughout the country for the entire past century? the argument of the idiots is so ridiculous. if there are terrorists who want to meet in nyc, they don’t need a mosque. there are plenty of places where they can meet and where they can remain under the radar.

  3. Like the playground bully, Sarah stepped up & is throwing sand in people’s faces.
    My religion is better than yours!

    With over a billion followers of Islam worldwide, clearly the majority are peace loving people.

    Besides, all these righteous people should check their (bloody) christian history. Not a pretty story.

    • just like the playground bully, she throws sand in other people’s faces, and then she hides. if someone dares to throw sand back at her, she whines and goes running to faux news or her twitter account to tell on them. she’s always screaming about states’ rights, but she thinks she has every right to tell new yawkers what they should do.

    • Oh, but I’m always told that all of that bloody history is from people who weren’t “real Christians.” But real Islam is violent.

      Then I ask about General Boykin and George W. Bush and I lose friends …

      • timothy mcveigh, in the eyes of those people, was not a “real Christian,” but they won’t accept the argument that the people who flew the planes into the towers were not “real muslims.”

  4. What would it be like to go a whole day without a winger being outraged by something. Their hyper paranoia is consuming them while they choke on overdoses of selfrighteousness. With all due respect to the victims of that horrible day, they need to understand: this place is the private property of the Port Authority of NY and not Golgatha. A memorial is going to be allowed somewhat but the bottom line is this is high dollar commercial property and will be developed again. At the current rate of construction they ought to have some buildings finished in about 200 to 300 years.

    • it’s not their fault, jerry. if the brown and black and gay and non-christian people would just stop demanding the same rights that white heterosexual christians get, this would all stop.

      • Exactly. As Pat Buchanan wrote in “Right From the Beginning”:

        “In the late 1940’s and 1950’s … race was never a preoccupation with us, we rarely thought about it. … There were no politics to polarize us then, to magnify every slight. The ‘Negroes’ of Washington had their public schools, restaurants, bars, movie houses, playgrounds and churches; and we had ours.”

        See? Everything would be okay if those pesky folks would just accept that they’re second-class citizens and be happy about it.

        • it never occurs to uncle pat that he might not have been thinking about it, but the ‘negroes’ probably did every time they were denied access to places where whites were allowed to go and denied rights that whites had.

          • Key word: “us”

            I think that the “negroes” would clearly have been “them” in this context. Certainly, not “us” in Buchanan’s worldview.

        • If I didn’t know he was talking about DC, it would be a pefect description of the old Amos & Andy TV show.

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