Colorado: The Bucktennial State?


DENVER — Even after they became fodder on the campaign trail, Ken Buck refused to ditch his cowboy boots as he traveled across Colorado last week.

Buck clearly enjoys the tough guy image his footwear signifies, but the boots may also be a symbol of his wild ride in trying to harness the power of the tea party in the Republican Senate primary.

Buck owes his rise in the race largely to the tea party movement, yet this week the Weld County district attorney is having to explain his comment that he wants the “dumbasses at the tea party to stop asking questions about birth certificates while I’m on the camera.”

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It remains to be seen whether Buck’s latest caught-on-tape gaffe has opened the door for former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton to swing the momentum of the Senate primary back her way two weeks before the Aug. 10 contest. But the latest flap underscores the difficulties Buck has faced in trying to ride the tea party to the Senate nomination.

In many ways, the marriage between Buck and the tea party has been one of convenience.

Last fall, Buck’s campaign appeared dead, and reports surfaced that he was planning to drop out of the contest. Norton joined the race in mid-September, and Buck’s fundraising hit a wall. He raised less than $50,000 from October to December after raising nearly $500,000 in his first six months of campaigning.

But as Norton, who also was a state Public Health and Environment Department director and state Representative, came to be seen as the establishment candidate, tea party activists began casting about for an alternative.

Some activists in the state admit that they are supporting Buck in large part because he’s not Norton.


Buck caught fire with tea party activists even though he hadn’t been identified as a leader of Colorado’s ultraconservative movement like former GOP Reps. Tom Tancredo and Marilyn Musgrave.

“I never knew of Ken Buck being an originator of the movement a couple of years ago; I think they adopted him,” longtime Colorado pollster Floyd Ciruli said. “But he is sufficiently conservative, and he is the non-establishment, outsider candidate. He got [the tea party] endorsement and ran with it.”


Although she still rejects the label, the image of Norton as the establishment choice was solidified after it was revealed that the National Republican Senatorial Committee was reserving website domain names for her campaign and that NRSC Chairman John Cornyn (Texas) would travel to Colorado for a joint fundraiser with her.

Not all Colorado Republicans think Norton’s previous elected experience or her support in national GOP circles is a negative.

As he waited for former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) to address a gathering of Norton supporters in Colorado Springs on Friday, Frank Shannon said it’s not such a bad thing that Norton already has connections with other GOP leaders.


Although Norton’s fundraising has been consistently stronger than Buck’s, she decided to skip the state GOP’s assembly in May and secured her place on the primary ballot by gathering petitions. That move was widely seen as a way to avoid the embarrassment of coming in second to Buck among the more hard-core party activists who make up the delegate population.

By mid-June, Buck was up by 16 points over Norton, according to a Denver Post poll.

But the biggest drawback of Buck’s tea party support is that some members of the group periodically say things that are controversial, which can force Buck into a tricky position.


On Thursday, Norton released a new commercial slamming Buck for a comment he made about the cowboy boots he wears so proudly.

“Why should you vote for me? Because I do not wear high heels,” Buck says in a video clip used in the ad. “I have cowboy boots. They have real bullshit on them. That’s Weld County bullshit.”


Norton has said she believes Buck is connected to a trio of 527 groups led by the conservative group Americans for Job Security, which has dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads targeting her and promoting Buck.

Norton supporters are hoping voters view Buck’s high-heeled shoes comments as sexist and that they will give voters pause during the final two weeks of the campaign.


In June, Norton earned some traction by questioning Buck’s ethics over a gun case he refused to prosecute in 2000 when he was a federal prosecutor in the U.S. attorney’s office. And over the past week, the boots versus high-heeled shoes flap has garnered national headlines. At the Santorum event, one Norton supporter said Buck’s comments and salty language won’t go over well with the religious right in the party.


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36 responses to “Colorado: The Bucktennial State?

  1. What’s funnier than this guy saying the same thing most people with a brain have been saying since Oily Taint crawled out of the muck and started filing frivolous lawsuits ? Love the teabaggers kicking each other’s yellow teeth in and getting caught on camera especially when it’s probably the only thing the guy’s got right in years…

  2. Joanaroo

    Buck: Ba-ba-boom! Ba-ba-boom! Ba-ba-boom-boom-boom! I keep saying I’m the best vote for you! Someone you can trust who is tough! No dress, no hormones, make-up or high heeled-shoes. Just Viagara in my testosterone, I’m ready and I’m rough! These boots are covered in bullshit! Just like Santorum just spoke thru! You vote for me and you’ll have bullshit for years too! Ba-ba-boom-ba-ba-boom-boom-boom! So you tea party dumbasses keep yapping when you should be paying. For me to win and beat Norton, you dumbasses! I just gotta win or stuff the ballot box, yeah! I know it ain’t the cowboy way, I confess. These boots are covered in bullshit. That’s from me to you! Vote for me and you’ll have bullshit for years too! Boom-boom-boom!

  3. Joanaroo

    God bless the USA and the great Nancy Sinatra for inspiration! =)

    • apparently the overwhelming stink of bullshit has distracted the crowd enough so that they don’t realize that he’s pandering to them to get votes, but he has no respect for them and won’t work to benefit them.

  4. We might get lucky in the Senate. The Tea Partiers keep serving up weak candidates against the Democrat’s weaker incumbents. Of course, that didn’t happen in Arkansas. There, both establishment candidates won the primary, and the GOP establishment candidate is going to trash the incumbent. Ah, well, it’s Blanche Lincoln. Hopefully, she won’t be a great loss.

  5. writechic

    Love Buck’s brief case, Nonnie! I hope he’s asked more questions about Obama’s Kenyan, Muslim birth in the dark heart of scary Africa.

  6. How refreshing! REAL bullshit from a politician.
    Go Buck!

  7. So he doesn’t like the birfer streak but will be glad to cull the dumbass vote. The latest count of birth certificate cases is 0-71 in the courts. He could bring those boots down here to Texas and do some water walking. The locals get off on that sort of thing. He’s going to have to go at it real hard to outdo that latest dumbass from Tennessee. Thought I was watching an SCTV skit till I realized John Candy has been dead ten years.

    • i assume you mean basil marceaux!? i saw the video the other day, and i didn’t think i would ever stop laughing! for anyone who missed it:

      but you really have to visit his website for the real belly laughs! pee before you go there. seriously!

      • jeb

        WOW! JUST WOW! Is his name really I want to work for him and get him elected! First thing is to teach him to stop rocking back and forth and have someone hold the cue cards higher so he’s not always looking down. Course, it will help if he learns to actually read but, baby steps.

      • jeb

        Nonnie, I went to his website but I don’t need to pee. However, my head really hurts now because I tried to read it. WTF is this guy on? He claims 13 3/4 years education. That’s 13 3/4 years of his life he’ll never get back.

        • i have to pee just thinking about the video and the website. oh, wait, maybe that’s because i had a large iced tea at dunkin donuts a couple of hours ago. 😉

      • Just checked that’s much worse than I thought. All hail! The King of the Pobuckers!! Sure a good thing Jethro Bodine had extra time to help out on all that book learnin’ stuff and spelink. Now I shall lay awake at night and worry about slavery being imposed at traffic stops!

        • 😆 that’s what completely perplexed me–slavery at traffic stops? i can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell he’s talking about. all i know is that i can’t wait until joe the shmuck plumber endorses him!

  8. JaxDem

    Geez nonnie – what the Buck is up w/Colorado? It’s too late to refudiate them, what the world needs now is for them to be refumigated.

    I see you have a tea bag in the Buckster’s hand, but I suggest that in honor of Angle he should have one that would dangle….

    • i don’t know what’s going on in colorado, but the residents of floriduhhh are very grateful to them for making us look less crazy.

      i don’t think bucky has anything sufficiently big to cause it to dangle. 😉

  9. The only thing missing from that video ad campaign is the caption:

  10. Joanaroo

    Geezus. Republican prosition. Congess. Inclued. Immumed. My friends a beer stores. Doesn’t say much for any education he got in….? Uh, it should be Strasburg or Stroudsburg, PA. Somebody please teach this man to use Spell checker. And he has education as one of his talking points? I don’t have to pee. I would like to go quietly scream now.

  11. Joanaroo

    Hi! I have been reading Aunt B.’s blog at and the blog she shares with some of the great Nashville Scene writers at about the Tennessee politicians. It was not surprising to see on Pith In The Wind that Basil Marceaux has been previously arrested and charged with vandalism, theft and possession of drug paraphernalia on various occasions and was found not guilty by reason of insanity. But hey, give him credit for being a GOPer who knows he’s nuts and who already has a police record and available knowledge of his vices and charges!

  12. Joanaroo

    Oops! For the vandalism and possession of drug paraphernalia he did plead guilty. For theft, speeding, traffic violations and not registering his vehicle was where the innocent by reason of insanity came in. He does have papers recommending involuntary committal in a mental facilitity in his record.

  13. Joanaroo

    LOL! I thought maybe he was lucid enough to be trying to make a statement about racial profiling. Nah! He’s too far gone to be lucid at all!