Trouble Brewing in Teabaggerland!

From Hot Dish Politics at the Star Tribune:

In Missouri, it’s Rep. Michele Bachmann vs. Joe the Plumber and the Tea Party.

Original move poster

More than two dozen Missouri Tea Party groups are fuming this week after Bachmann announced she was coming to St. Louis to campaign for Rep. Roy Blunt.

Blunt, a Republican, is running for Senate in Missouri, but some Tea Party groups there have thrown their support behind state Sen. Chuck Purgason in the GOP primary.


But Samuel Wurzelbacher, known as “Joe the Plumber,” is backing Purgason and has bankrolled an ad that will run in nearly every Missouri TV market, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

And Missouri Tea Party groups say Bachmann “has been grossly misled” if she thinks Blunt is the “Tea Party candidate.”


This isn’t the first time Bachmann, who leads the Tea Party Caucus in Congress (holding its second meeting today), has been in hot water with tea partiers.

In New Jersey last month, Republican congressional candidate Alan Bateman said Bachmann “sold out the Tea Party movement” after she did a robo-call on behalf of Republican incumbent Rep. Chris Smith.

(Video of Joe the Plumber’s fairytale (no, really!) endorsement at the Star Tribune link)


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28 responses to “Trouble Brewing in Teabaggerland!

  1. writechic

    Dang! Joe the Plumber helped pay for that ad?

    Really funny poster. Perfect expressions on their faces. 😆

    • like schmucko joe has any money to spend on campaign ads! 😆 i wonder who funneled the money through him (or maybe piped the money through him).

      do you think it looks like batshit bachmann is going to eat schmucko joe? maybe i should have given her fangs. then again, she’s scary enough already.

      • Give Bachmann fangs? Time for a vampire cover. Which one? Twilight? True Blood? Dark Shadows? Oh, I know!

        • neon vincent, did you see this thread today? i apologize. 😉

          i don’t think i’ve done a vampire cover yet, though i did do a count chocula remake a while age. if i’ve done one i forgot about, jerry will probably know. after all, he’s the official raisin historian. i will keep the suggestion in mind. i have no idea what cover i’ll be making or what story i’ll be focusing on yet. i’m sleepy tonight.

          • “Chlorine Vincent”? LOL!

            Actually, Radon Vincent or Krypton Vincent would be even better!

            • i was too lazy to look at a periodic table, so i just typed the first element that popped into my mind that had 2 syllables. radon or krypton would have been cooler, but you can at least take comfort that i thought of renaming you, and nobody had to question to whom i was referring. 😀

        • jeb

          I don’t know if she’s a vampire but she sure sucks.

      • writechic

        I say yes to fangs, but she looks like such a goofy-ass. I’m afraid it’d make fit to be cast in a Mel Brooks film, and that’s just WAY too good for her.

        • that’s my favorite batshit bachmann pic to use. it really allows her inner crazy-ass to shine through. she always reminds me of her fairy godmother, katherine harris, in that pic. ooh!! now, that might make a good pic!

      • Yes, fangs! (Don’t Batshits have fangs?)
        I’m not surprised JtP has the munny to blow on campaign ads; have you ever paid for plumbing?
        You only do it once.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it turned out that Joe boy has a trust fund or family money. He was never licensed to be a plumber you know. It seems much of what he said was fabricated… surprised aren’t you? That these people would fabricate stories? Simply shocking.

        More than likely though some right-wing wacko gave him money.

        • i don’t think he has any money. he’s just a useful idiot for the teabaggers and the rethugs. maybe dick armey is the one funding him, his travels, and his campaign ads.

      • Another classic Nonnie poster.
        Loved it!

  2. Oh good! It’s working. The hope was the Tea Party & the GOP would clash & divided they would fall.

    • it would be hilarious if joe the schmuck plumber is the one who precipitates the teabagger groups imploding, since he was sort of the impetus.

  3. Archive report: No vampire activity noted although technicaly most gopers highly rated “slack vampires” according to the Dallas Subgenious Foundation rating system. The whole (or hole) bagger mvmt. will be gone with the summer heat and soon forgotten. Why can’t they zero in on real issues like imposing slavery at traffic stops?! Good to see Sam W geting work these days. Should be working on his autobiography and movie deal “Down the Drain”. And remember, when pressed to go to the periodic tables, you can’t go wrong with Balonium {Bl}.

    • thank you, mr. archivist/historian. i think the teabaggers will soon lose interest, especially now that they’re at each others’ throats.

      balonium is on the periodic table? i thought it was just an isotope of rethuglium.

  4. Nonnie, you really captured the essence of Bachshit crazy here, Joe the P. looks he’s just been told Michelle is carrying his love child and actually so does she. Plumber and dumber. These baggers may not be all that sharp but they have enough of the old small town meanness and cunning to know a carpetbagger when they see one and I think Michelle’s luggage is about to get peed in…

  5. jeb

    When is Joe’s 15 minutes up? Should have been long ago.

    • i don’t mind that joe the schmucky not-plumber is still around. he keeps the people on the left motivated, and he forces those on the right who used to appear reasonable to defend his idiocy. sorta like princess sarah.

  6. bachmann is the best fodder EVER – but i would so much rather have her go away

    • i hope she loses her seat, but even when she does, she’s never going away. she loves the spotlight, and if she has to run naked up and down pennsylvania avenue in order to get attention, she’ll do it.

  7. Someone has since done an expose` on ultra-libertarians billionaires the Koch brothers funding the ‘global warming is a hoax’ movement and the tea party. Joe the plumber has been named as one of the Kochs’ hacks.
    Sorry I can’t remember where I put the link but you can start here for more Koch brothers info. Warning: they have been VERY busy since the 80’s so there’s a lot to learn.

    • hello gilbo1,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      the koch brothers are a scary pair, and it’s even scarier knowing that there are so many politicians and supreme court justices bought and paid for by them. thanks for the links.