Changing the Rule$

From The Miami Herald:

TALLAHASSEE –A federal appeals court in Atlanta turned Florida’s public campaign financing law on its head Friday, halting a critical provision that was expected to inject taxpayer cash into Attorney General Bill McCollum’s struggling campaign.

The ruling by a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will put an immediate stop to the matching money McCollum thought he was entitled to when his Republican rival Rick Scott, a multimillionaire who is financing his own campaign, exceeds the state’s $24.9 million spending cap. Scott has rejected the spending limits under the so-called “millionaire’s provision.”
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The court’s ruling comes at a time when McCollum is trailing Scott by 11 percentage points in the latest polls and the GOP gubernatorial primary is only weeks away. The latest finance reports show that McCollum has only $800,000 on hand for the Aug. 24 primary.

The court rejected McCollum’s argument that the subsidy helps fight corruption and the powerful influence of special interests, saying he and the state hadn’t proven their case because the spending cap is “not the least restrictive means of encouraging,” that goal.

Funny how the Rethugs only care about the influence of special interests when they work against themselves.

The court agreed with Scott’s argument that the public subsidy provisions “chills free speech” by imposing a burden on his “right to spend his own funds in support of his own candidacy.”

McCollum’s campaign manager Matt Williams blasted Scott for challenging the law and “trying to change the rules in the middle of an election.”

He said the decision to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court will be up to the Florida Department of State.

Among the legal options for McCollum, however, is to file his own lawsuit attempting to eliminate the $500 cap on individual contributions that hamstrings McCollum but not Scott.


Scott, a former healthcare executive with a net worth of $218 million, has poured at least $23 million of his own money into his campaign, and $8 million of his wife’s money into a political committee he founded called “Let’s Get to Work.”

Meanwhile, McCollum cannot receive large direct contributions under law, so he has relied on political committees he helped found — the Sunshine State Freedom Fund and Florida First Initiative. Along with three other committees founded by his allies, the groups have raised about $3 million since June and directed much of that money toward bashing Scott.

The money is a who’s-who of special interests in the state Capitol: Blue Cross Blue Shield, U.S. Sugar, Auto Nation, the Florida Retail Federation, tobacco companies, doctor groups and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Unlike a campaign, which is limited to $500 contributions, the committees can raise and spend unlimited sums so long as they don’t expressly advocate the election or defeat of a candidate on the ballot.

Kids, don’t forget where Rick Scott got all those millions.

Oh, please, please, please, please let these 2 despicable asswipes destroy each other, and let Alex Sink win!


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16 responses to “Changing the Rule$

  1. writechic

    They should have run for Florida Commissioner of Fugly. Ya know?

    • i despise mccollum. i have ever since the impeachment. he’ll do and say whatever it takes for him to get ahead. he doesn’t give a damn about floriduhhh or the country. it’s all about him and his ambition. that said, rick scott is a real piece of crap. for now, it’s fine with me that they’ll be spending their time and money attacking each other. i hope they besmirch each other so much that alex sink can walk in and win in a landslide.

    • LOL! I thought the same thing. What an ugly sumbitch that guy is. He looks like the love child of Mitch McConnell and Janet Reno.

  2. This is a really weird election year. And it’s not because I’m paying closer attention; I was even more focused in 2008 and I’ve been following politics closely since 1972, when I was 12. Here’s something happening in my own backyard.
    What on earth is going on in Michigan’s District 8?

    Imagine Alvin Greene if someone had started to notice what was going on a couple weeks before the election.

    • it really is a strange election year. i think it’s the year of the dirty tricks. i still don’t think the whole alvin greene story is known. i’d bet anything that the $10,000 came from rethug coffers. i doubt that it’s just a coincidence that thsi guy in michigan works for blue cross/blue shield. i can’t believe the dems weren’t paying closer attention.

  3. To bad for McCollum not getting public money for his losing effort to get elected. Maybe he should ask for some state money back from his “homo expert” he hired. I would just inform him that he’s not part of Gods Plan.

  4. my father – who said he didnt think he could hate anyone more the Jeb Bush, said Bill McCollum actually surpasses Bush the Younger in loathsomeness

    he also thinks Rubio is actually born of Jackal….

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