Pawlenty of Nuthin’

From The New York Times:

WAVERLY, Iowa — The scene had all the makings of an American Gothic painting from Iowa’s own Grant Wood. A red and white barn served as the backdrop. A cornfield was in the distance. And a politician spoke of making the country great again.

For this loyal Republican crowd, the setting was a familiar one. The opening line was not.

“I’m very thankful for my red-hot smoking wife, the first lady of Minnesota,” said Gov. Tim Pawlenty, pointing to his wife, Mary, who was standing a few feet away.

Oh, those crazy Rethugs and their undying respect for women!
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With that, the Pawlenty road show began this weekend in Iowa, the place where presidential aspirations are born. It was Mr. Pawlenty’s fifth visit in less than a year, one of many signs that he is working the state as intently as any prospective Republican presidential hopeful.


Yes, it is early. The Iowa caucuses, the traditional starting point in the race for the White House, are 553 days away. Yet the moment that contests for House, Senate and governor are decided this year, a crop of Republicans will swiftly emerge for the party’s next act.


It was four years ago when [President] Obama, [then] a freshman senator from Illinois, made his first trip to Iowa. Two years later, he won the Democratic caucuses here. Without that victory, he would probably not have won the presidency.


Since the 2008 presidential race ended, the state’s guestbook, according to a tabulation by Radio Iowa, includes former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania (five times); Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker (three times); former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas (three times); Representative Ron Paul of Texas (three times); and former Gov. George E. Pataki of New York (one time).

And former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska — two of the best-known prospects — have each logged one visit to the state.


Mr. Pawlenty, 49, is presenting himself as an authentic Main Street conservative, who twice won statewide election as a Republican in a progressive state. He says Republicans need to shed the stereotype that their party is rooted solely in the country club and the board room. He mentions none of his potential rivals by name, of course, but it is not lost on Republicans that he is seeking to become an alternative to Mr. Romney.

Mr. Pawlenty’s visibility has grown in Republican circles since he was a finalist to be Senator John McCain’s running mate in 2008. Asked whether he benefited from not being chosen, Mr. Pawlenty paused for a moment and said, “It seems like Sarah Palin has done very well, having been selected.”

In addition to his Iowa trips, Mr. Pawlenty has visited New Hampshire, the site of the first presidential primary, and has traveled across the country to help Republicans.


While Ms. Palin and Mr. Romney have made similar contributions, they have done so from afar. As Mr. Pawlenty finished speaking on the farm outside of Waverly, he pulled a $500 check from his pocket and presented it directly to Bill Dix, a candidate for the Iowa Senate.


His conversations and speeches were peppered with homespun one-liners, including the quip about his wife, which he has been telling Minnesota crowds for years.

Just in case you were wondering about the “smoking hot wife” line, this is from New York Magazine:

Generally boring presidential hopeful and Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty once saw the occasionally funny Will Ferrell movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and he loved it so much that in March of 2007, seven months after the movie was released, he told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that it was his favorite “recent movie.” But there is one scene in particular that holds a special place in Pawlenty’s heart: When Ricky Bobby, the NASCAR driver played by Ferrell, thanks God for his “red-hot smoking wife” during grace. Pawlenty really loves that line. Even years later, he would apply it to his own wife during campaign appearances around the country — over, and over, and over again.


Some candidates like to quote the Founding Fathers. These days, many Republicans are fond of quoting Ronald Reagan. Tim Pawlenty will campaign for president across the country for the next two years repeating a line from the forgettable 2006 movie Talladega Nights, and that is weird.

So there you have it, kids. There’s a guy who’s running for president who thinks that Will Ferrell movies are funny. 🙄


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21 responses to “Pawlenty of Nuthin’

  1. You know, when I was growing up, I was taught certain manners about how to address women, including ways to speak about women.

    Somehow, I came to associate that with those much-lauded “family values.”

    I would never refer to my wife as “red-hot.” And both manners and knowledge of grammar prevent me from referring to her as “red-hot smoking.”

    Were I to do so, I am quite certain that Amy would hit me. Hard.

    And I’d deserve it.

    But in a world in which Limbaugh is able to convince dittohead women that being called “babe” is respectful, who knows?

    • i remember when my son was around 12 or so, and i was driving him and one of his friends somewhere. his friend saw a girl walking, and he made some demeaning remark about her bring hot or something like that. my son told him to have some respect. he said he couldn’t know if she was hot or not, because he didn’t even know her and never spoke to her. i was so proud of him. he never reduces women to objects or speaks of them in that way. it’s one thing to compliment your wife or girlfriend. it’s quite another to objectify her in front of a crowd in order to make yourself appear cool. t-paw wouldn’t be cool if he slept in a freezer every night.

  2. writechic

    Great poster! Love the facial expressions!

    Pawlenty: another redneck wannabe, slumming for the idiot block. Man, that has grown dull.

  3. “He says Republicans need to shed the stereotype that their party is rooted solely in the country club and the board room.”

    Coming from a lawyer (who’s wife is also a lawyer), who more than likely has family money, I find that ironic.

    Why is it we elect lawyers to run our country? It would seem better choice to elect people who don’t lie for a living…

    As an aside, his wife looks like a nice person. Too bad she’s evangelical Christian. Probably couldn’t have a conversation with her to save your life.

    • look at the story i just found over at democratic underground. and i’ll bet that t-paw thinks the stereotype of the rethugs having no empathy isn’t true!

      p.s. mad, i was over at your blog earlier tonight, but i can’t comment, because for some reason, google screws up. (yes, i know it’s really me screwing something up in google, but i’d rather blame them! 😉 ) that was a righteous rant.

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  5. The poster is a hoot, as was the original movie, which ended with the cast on the stage with Smash Mouth singing All Star.

    On the other hand, the 2010 election cycle is only halfway over–tomorrow is the Michigan primary–and the GOP candidates are already starting to tour Iowa? EEK!

    • i’m trying to remember if i ever saw the movie or not. i sometimes think i haven’t seen a movie before, and halfway through, something happens, and i realize i have seen it before.

      i think the race for 2012 began the day after election day in 2008. it’s really to the point of ridiculous. nobody in office votes or acts to promote what they really believe in. instead, they do everything in order not to screw up their chances in an election that might be years away. real profiles in courage, huh? 🙄

  6. Joanaroo

    But the Rethuglican Party is out of the Country Club and Boardroom! Only now they are, well, cruising the men’s rooms, in the brothels and in the bedroom with someone else’s wife or husband. Can’t get any more Family Values-oriented than that!

  7. those fools look a little scarey running toward me like that. love mintty’s matel tag. have you done a “ship of fools”, poster?

    • don’t be scared fotc. 😉 i was trying to think of what i should give mittsy in terms of accessories, and i remembered how i always said he looks like he was made by mattel. too bad there wasn’t a car i could have put a dog atop of.

      i was going to use ship of fools a while ago, but i haven’t found a cover or poster than really appealed to me. maybe one day.

  8. If Timmy wants to cultivate the regular guy thing, go to Sturgis and turn the old lady out to a bunch of drunk bikers. When things do pick up in Iowa, there will be more Moe-wanna-bees than Elvi in Vegas. And I say as a life long stock car fan that his favorite movie could actually qualify as the worst film ever made. I tried three times to watch it and could only last 10 minutes before revulsion set in. A pity, I usually enjoy brainless films.

    • you so funny, jerry melton. i love that the plural of elvis is elvi! 😆

      you’ve got the right idea. enter the missus in the miss buffalo chips contest and parade her in front of all the horny bikers. of course, if he wants to be a real man, he should crash some airplanes and be a pow for a few years. that’ll put some hair on his scrawny little chest.

  9. jeb

    What is it with these Rethuglican women that allow their meathead husbands to treat them like this? I cannot imagine Michelle Obama or Hillary allowing that kind of thing for their husband’s political career. Sounds like another Cindy-Lou Stepford wife.

    Will Ferrell was funny on SNL but his movies really are the worst formulaic juvenille fodder available. Great choice Timmy!

    • the valium probably helps. 😉

      i was never a will ferrell fan. i can tolerate him, but that’s about it. his movies are in the same category as those of david spade, rob schneider, or tom arnold. i’d rather have a root canal than watch any of them. it shows you the level of maturity t-paw has that he would pick that movie as his favorite.

  10. jeb

    Valium, vicodin, ludes, you name it; they’re probably on it to dull the pain of being arm candy for idiots.

    I agree with you on WF’s movies Nonnie but he is actually good at some comedy. I recall you saying you didn’t watch SNL but you must give him props for his Bush impersination:

    • and all paid for by government health insurance!

      wf does a good chimpy impression, and i’ve watched him on eastbound & down. i just think he’s overrated, and i don’t like the types of movies he tends to make. the same for the other two, and you can throw adam sandler into that mix. there have been some decent adam sandler movies, but i think those were decent in spite of him, not because of him. i just don’t get the appeal.

  11. looks like he might be trying to follow in Sarah’s footsteps, too:

    • t-paw can try over and over and over and over again to look manly, but it’s never going to happen. i expect that, at the debates, he’ll drag the missus onto the stage by her hair, and that still won’t help. he’ll always look like the wuss he is.