Silly Season


In a three-way Tennessee Republican gubernatorial primary to be held this Thursday, two right-wing candidates have been splitting what Monty Python would call the “silly vote,” leaving Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam as the de facto “sensible candidate,” and thus making him the frontrunner.

A recent Mason-Dixon poll gave Haslam the lead with 36%, followed by Rep. Zach Wamp at 25% and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey with 20%. To be sure, Haslam has tacked right somewhat. For example, he used to be a member of New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s (I) Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition. But in early 2009 he left the group and joined the National Rifle Association.

But with that said, there’s nothing that Haslam has done or said that compares to the other two.

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In late July, Wamp warned that a bad election result in 2010 and 2012, and failure to repeal the new health care reform law, could result in secession: “I hope that the American people will go to the ballot box in 2010 and 2012 so that states are not forced to consider separation from this government.”

Since then, Wamp has stated clearly that he is not suggesting that Tennessee should secede (again).


Ramsey, meanwhile, has played to the hysteria in Tennessee about the construction of a Muslim community center in the city of Murfreesboro. (Apparently even Tennessee is within the “mosque exclusion zone” emanating from Ground Zero in New York.) Most notably, he suggested that Islam should perhaps not be protected by the First Amendment’s guarantee of the freedom of religion at all.


This came after Wamp had already pitched in on the subject, telling a crowd of Republicans in Murfreesboro: “I will stand as governor against any spread of Sharia law in this state or in this nation. It is a threat. It is a threat to our freedom.”

In response to Ramsey’s comments, the reply from Haslam’s spokesperson was, dare we say, sensible: “The mayor’s faith is very important to him, and he respects the right of others to practice their faith, so long as they are respectful of the communities in which they live and the laws of the land.”



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27 responses to “Silly Season

  1. that’s a couple of hum dingers. bet a fish would throw them back.

  2. The Kool-Aid is a nice touch….but don’t they serve that from barrels? Maybe the still for it is just out of view?

  3. Wamp is playing the freedom/fear card….

    Constitution Schmonstitution!

    And as governor he would have the ability to amend the Constitution of the United States….


  4. What, no Basil? That pobucker vote is a big deal and he certainly doesn’t have enough sense to get out of the way. But since he hasn’t stated a position on eliminating freedom of religion, he’s out. The thumper paranoia is of the chart. Now they all have to sleep with one eye open just to be safe. And if it’s not holding the US to Saudi standards, you get the Grinch preaching that the Chicoms do so well because there is no capital gains tax. Or freedom (still a police state). He didn’t bother to talk of the 12 hour day or 7 day work week. Why should he? It doesn’t make him any money. Wamp should contact Austin if he wins. They could get one of those T for Texas, T for Tennessee things going. For myslf, I’m voting straight slightly slly ticket this year.

    • i would have added basil, but, unfortunately, he was pulled over in a traffic stop for slavery. the cop is still trying to figure out what to write on the ticket. šŸ˜‰

  5. mary b

    They are ALL insane! As far as being repub goes, Haslam is the best they have to offer. He isn’t quite as bad as Wamp (super wingnut) or Ramsey (back-stabbing wingnut).
    And all we Democrats have to choose from is a guy whose Dad was Gov. many years ago.
    I’m still voting for the Dem.

    • hey mary b! it’s been a while. nice to see you. šŸ™‚ i don’t know much about tennessee politics. i read yesterday that the dem’s father used to be governor, but haslam’s father was also in politics, and he’s banking mostly on his name, too. what a shame that we always seem to have to pick the lesser of 2 evils instead of people who are really qualified.

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  7. If this were New York City, I could at least blame this insanity on all the psychotherapists being on vacation during August. I don’t think that excuse will fly in Tennessee.

    Speaking of insanity and the Tennessee Governor’s race, what about Basil Marceaux?

    • see above, neon vincent. i already explained the absence of basil (that sounds like a movie, doesn’t it? šŸ˜† ). don’t make me call you by another element!

      p.s. get his name correct. it’s basil marceaux dot com.

  8. This is a test šŸ˜¦ I’m confused.

    • GreenApples

      Too many different blog rules!!!:0)

      • I think I got it!!! Yhea!

        • wazamatta poopsie? what are you trying to do?

          • I’ve been working on a number of blogs…trying to clean up some I started long ago and left. (I’ve been using them mostly as storage areas and not for public view.) Started on Blogger and have also used wordpress. Wanted to see which software I liked and learn-so they have mostly been toys. I think I’m ready to start getting my act together, but they have changed the software and I have so many blog , usernames and passwords I’m in a daze. I was trying to figure out why my avatar on your blog pointed where it does. If I had your email I would have written….you seem to be a pro. Check out and you can follow links to other ones and see I gave a link to you! Be sure and see Turning Texas Blue and Focus on the Funny. Sorry for being so OT!!!!!

            • i am anything but a pro. things seem to happen here, and i’m not even aware of them until i accidentally find them. wordpress keeps adding things, and i really need to do a better job of keeping up. unfortunately, i am completely clueless, even when they post about a new feature and explain it thoroughly.

              that’s so sweet of you to link over here. i went to the focus on the funny link, and i spit my iced tea all over the place. that picture is hilarious, as was the explanation!

  9. so wamp lost, frankly they all suck……..