Listen to Your Mother!


A Las Vegas city councilwoman, a comedian, a lawyer, a restaurant owner, a Realtor and an executive, along with a handful of other Nevada women, gathered today at a downtown café to send U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle a message: Don’t tell us how to live our lives.

The women, all working mothers, came together to pledge their support for Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and to speak out against his Republican challenger, who has said that one parent should stay home with children because that is the “acceptable” and “right” thing to do.

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Comedian Rita Rudner called Angle’s remarks “disturbing” and argued that a woman fulfilled by her job is a better mother.

City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian said she was personally offended by Angle’s comments. Tarkanian, a Democrat, is the mother of Republican Danny Tarkanian, who ran unsuccessfully in the GOP primary to try to unseat Reid.


“I was not a better mother when I stayed home full time,” Tarkanian said.


Gina Robison-Billups, president of the National Association for Moms in Business, rattled off a series of numbers showing women’s influence on the economy, and on their families. Two million wives support their unemployed husbands who are looking for work, she said. Four out of 10 women are the primary breadwinners for their households. Women-owned businesses have created 23 million jobs in the United States — 16 percent of all jobs nationally.

“Her comments are reckless,” Robison-Billups said. “It’s shocking how someone running for U.S. Senate can be so ignorant of how the economy works.”


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19 responses to “Listen to Your Mother!

  1. I think you’re picking on poor Sharron. Two in a row? 🙂

  2. Harry Reid couldn’t have created a better opponent.

    • next best thing to creating a lousy opponent is to finagle things so that a stronger opponent is made to look like a total lunatic. i have to believe there was more than just luck involved.

  3. If you accidently (or was it!) misspell her name, you get Sharron ANGEL. She could dress up in white robes and get some of those fake angle wings. I did not mean to misspell that, it must have been a force beyond my control! Most folks don’t even realize that scripture never describes angels as having wings. That would be the Cheribin, those gold leaf figures that are normally seen adorning the walls of a whorehouse.

    • i’m always making mistakes and switching letters when i type. however, i never mistakenly type angel for angle. even my typo-prone fingers can’t consider the obtuse angle and angel under any circumstances.

  4. without a doubt – the most unqualified and insane person to ever run for office…

    then again there is bachmann
    and palin
    and gingrich
    and steve king
    and john kyl

  5. I don’t know what planet Angle lives on, but in the 21st Century planet earth, many Moms are not just embracing fulfilling careers, but HAVE to work to make ends meet. With so many employers taking advantage of the recession/depression, they are expecting more for less from employees, piling on heavy workloads w less employees- because they full well know, people are lucky to have a job.
    If we tried living on just my wage @ full time, we’d be living @ poverty level.

    Memo to Angle: If we did not both work, we would not have a home to stay in!

    • even if a woman was working just because she likes having a career, who the hell is sharron the obtuse angle or anyone else to tell her she should be home, barefoot and pregnant? women have as many choices as men, and that’s how it should be. i thought the obtuse angle doesn’t like it when government intrudes on people’s lives.

      • No, no, no …

        When they say that they don’t want the government intruding into people’s lives, they mean that they don’t want to be told that they have to treat other people equally, let people with different skin colors eat at the same restaurants, or pay taxes.

        Those decadent women who go out and work need, of course, to have the good people in the government smack them down.

        Of course, I wonder how Gov. Palin feels about this … doesn’t she have lots of props … errr, … kids … that she’s abandoning while she goes and makes her speeches all over the place?

  6. Joanaroo

    That’s why Bristol and Levi got busy. Moma Princess likely gave Bristol the old Rethug abstinence speech instead of being a real mom and telling the truth. If Princess spent time when home, talking to her daughter instead of yapping for the Tea Party on the road, maybe Bristol wouldn’t have gotten knocked up.

    • i think it just monkey see, monkey do. instead of obama’s birth certificate, i’d like to see princess and toddy’s marriage certificate and track’s birth certificate. princess had a bun in the oven before she was married.