pHAThead, Part 2

Yesterday, we explored Michael Phathead Steele’s penchance for headwear. I thought we’d take another look, beginning when he was just a baby…

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As Phathead grew, so did his love of hats, and they became more and more extravagant…

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Even in school, he collected hats, though not always voluntarily…

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When he grew up to become chairman of the Republican National Committee, he didn’t leave his love of hats behind…

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Unfortunately for him, he didn’t think very carefully before he went to Jan Brewer’s Arizona…

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That’s how he got his brand new Joe Arpaio-issued hat…

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11 responses to “pHAThead, Part 2

  1. sorry to be so late, kids.

  2. That last picture–pretty in pink!

    I also come bearing gifts.
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  3. And here I’d thought Chuckles took the dunce cap with him, you know, to wear around the house or maybr put on display at his liberry. And I suspect you had too much fun doing these.

    • rethugs wear their dunce caps like helmets to protect their pointy little heads. i would have had fun making these, but i was too rushed. i didn’t start on them until after 7, and i usually post at 8. aw, heck, i still had fun! what can i say, i just love dressing up the rethugs! 🙂

  4. Joanaroo

    LOL! I guess the RNC has to keep Steele on so that the Rethugs can say they at least are partially nice to a person of color. Just one though.

    • that’s why they elected him to the chairmanship, and that’s the reason why they’re stuck with him now, even though he’s proven himself to be completely dishonest and incompetent. then again, dishonesty and incompetence are considered assets in rethuglican circles.

  5. jeb

    I was not in the know on Rethuglican headgear until now. Thanks Nonnie but it leaves me wondering about Andy Capp?