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Republicans in California are remaining largely silent on last week’s ruling overturning Proposition 8. But a band of conservative House members didn’t waste a minute in their day back in Washington, highlighting their opposition to gay marriage.

Reps. Lamar Smith of Texas, Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Steve King of Iowa and John Fleming of Louisiana told reporters on Tuesday that the California federal judge who overturned Prop. 8 acted against the will of voters in striking down the state’s ban on gay marriage.

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“Legalizing an alternative form of marriage dilutes a long-standing and widely accepted standard of marriage as a union between a man and woman. We should adhere to such standards rather than undertake a massive social experiment with perhaps unknown consequences,” said Smith, who is introducing a resolution condemning the ruling.

Bachmann said the ruling tramples on the will of the people who voted to enact the ban.


The Family Research Council lauded Smith for his resolution in a press release Tuesday, thanking him for “introducing this resolution that counters Judge [Vaughn] Walker’s notion that a child doesn’t deserve a mother and a father.”

The measure, which restricts marriage between a man and a woman, passed 52 percent to 48 percent in November 2008. A Field Poll released three weeks before the ruling showed Californians in favor of same-sex marriage 51 percent to 42 percent.

So 51% doesn’t represent the will of the people?

In California, GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina and gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman issued statements tepidly criticizing the ruling, but they aren’t seizing on the social issue to rile up their base in a year dominated by economic woes. The issue also hasn’t caught the attention of Republican leadership, which is focused on going after Democrats on spending and taxes. House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio supports the resolution, though he didn’t know about it before Tuesday.

He was probably playing golf and applying leather conditioner to his skin.

Republican Conference Chair Mike Pence of Indiana, who earlier this year rejected the idea that Republicans should reach a truce on social issues to focus on economic ones, said Tuesday he hadn’t seen the resolution.

He had his eyes closed.

[M]embers said they weren’t trying to rile up their conservative bases ahead of November. King rolled his eyes and smiled at Smith when a reporter asked if the ruling would help Republicans politically in the fall.


Fleming said he and his fellow conservatives were expressing their genuine displeasure with the ruling. “I know that these people on the platform for me, we would be up here today if this were unpopular to have this resolution,” he said.

Whuhhhh? Will you make up your minds! Batshit Bachmann said it was the will of the people, and now Lamar is saying they’d be xpushing their intolerancex taking this action even if it was unpopular.

Walker’s ruling was hailed as a step forward for civil rights, though conservative groups said they looked forward to an appeal.


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14 responses to “The Wedding Panners

  1. MNLatteLiberal

    I’m a little surprised that Louie Gohmert didn’t make the top 10 list. I mean, with gay marriage being a direct and imminent threat conspiracy to steal our vital bodily fluids.

    ~ Latte

  2. MNLatteLiberal

    I’m a little surprised that Louie Gohmert didn’t make the top 10 list. I mean, with gay marriage being a direct and imminent threat conspiracy to steal our vital bodily fluids.

    ~ Latte
    (html is not being very very good to me tonight)

    • latte! where’ve you been? i’ve put up some bachmann posters, and i thought you’d stop by.

      i’m sure louie the gohmert will be along soon to make a fool of himself.

      • MNLatteLiberal

        i missed your place! as you know, we just had our primaries Tue, so we’ve been busy door knocking, phone banking and in general trying to stay afloat :). i’ve been following from afar, and typically way too late to comment.

        • as long as you had a good excuse, latte. 😉 i’ve missed you. you always have a good batshit bachmann story to tell us. welcome back! 😀

          • MNLatteLiberal

            I have a note from a teacher, nonnie :).
            Also, I am hoping to give you a youtube link in the next couple of day showing how I’ve spent my summer 😉
            ~ L

  3. Yea well, nice try Mormons of Utah to impose your discrimination in California.
    Oh! Look at the time– it’s the 21st Century & we are running behind on equal rights!

    The real name for that measure is PROP HATE.

    • i love how these guys yak and yak about states’ rights, but they see nothing wrong with crossing state lines to try to push their hate and intolerance on everyone else.

  4. They have no clue about rights of any minority being protected by Constitutional rights. Just getting majority referendum votes, especially in red states would lead to things like Prop.1: Return all Negroes to their proper owners…or Prop.2: All weed smokers shall be put to death…or even more timely Prop.3 All Arabic and Islamic peoples shall be required to register and report to relocation centers in leiu of being “transported”. And living in an extremely red state, I assure you these would easily pass because they are total assholes.

  5. hey kids, look!! 😯 there’s a tweet button! 😮 make good use of it! 😀