If it’s not in the 2nd Amendment, she hasn’t heard about it


In a recent interview with a local TV station, Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle claimed that it is unconstitutional for the United States to remain in the United Nations:

ANGLE: The United Nations resides on our soil and costs us money. We are – I don’t see any place in the Constitution — in those eight priorities — about the United Nations. So when we start talking about cutting programs, 5-percent per year, I think the United Nations fits into that category, yes.

Angle might want to actually read the Constitution before she starts talking about what’s in it.

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Article II of the Constitution provides that the president “shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.” That is why the United States may belong to treaty organizations such as the UN. President Truman entered into the treaty which creates the UN, and the Senate ratified that treaty.

Although Angle’s assault on the constitutionality of the UN appears to be her own unique delusion, she is hardly alone among Republicans in asserting crankish theories of the Constitution.


Update Yesterday, Angle ran an ad stating, “I’d like to save Social Security by locking the lock box, putting the money back into the Trust Fund so government can no longer raid our retirement.” Today, she reverted to her position that Social Security needs to be privatized, citing as evidence the revamping of Chile’s pension system by former dictator Augusto Pinochet.

(Video at THINK PROGRESS link)


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15 responses to “If it’s not in the 2nd Amendment, she hasn’t heard about it

  1. Picture perfect poster! Especially since adolescence is generally the time we all pop off about shit like we know something when we don’t!

    But we forgive the teenagers because they haven’t lived long enough to know better. This hag should know better! 😯

  2. I can’t recall in all my years such a loaded slate of candidates that qualify as total imbeciles. The worship of the New Order of monied interest is all that matters and the (used to be) working class can all go to hell. They don’t realize the salad days of capitalism are gone when an American President could start multiple open ended wars and tell people to go shopping. They’re not going to go “shopping” anymore since half the country could lose their job without warning. They obsess that people who don’t deserve it are getting something and the NewGop is going to put a stop to it with the 2nd amendment solutions. They have been hoarding guns and ammo a long time and are acting like now is their chance to make things right with civil disorder and chaos to fulfil their idea of the “end times”. They might want to stop thumpin’ so much and crack the book open to see if they can find those five little words: “if you have not love…”.

    • i wonder if this is a cyclical thing. i don’t remember so many stupid (in the lack of intelligence sense) candidates in my lifetime. it’s like the country keeps taking steps backward instead of forward. i thought that by now, we’d have learned to elect people who are smart and capable and sane.

  3. Personally, I think she’s more flop than flip, but she sure does flip flop.
    I hope the people of Nevada understand her point of reference, Pinochet was a brutal dictator who killed thousands, imprisoned more & engaged in torture.

    Is she having a crazy contest w Palin???

    • i think the only one who could beat this moran in a crazy contest is louie the gohmert.

      • jeb

        Now Nonnie, let’s not misunderstimate Batshit Bachmann. I’m sure she’s taking notes.

        • that’s the difference. batshit bachmann takes notes and decides from there what she can say or do to get herself some airtime. her craziness is calculated and deliberate. the obtuse angle, on the other hand, is off-the-cuff crazy. shit just pours from her brain and comes out of her mouth. then the clean-up people have to go in to see if they can mitigate the damage.

  4. It looks like you shrunk her boobs to fit the batshit logo onto them.

    • the obtuse angle wishes she was built like hilary duff. i actually gave her a breast reduction before i shrunk the batshit logo to place upon them. i shrunk her legs, too.

  5. we laugh
    angle is an idiot, moron and asshole wrapped into one big GOP roll of turdy toilet paper

    but some of them are going to win – which means this country is filled with idiots, morons and assholes who vote for these nightmares

    • there are always going to be pockets of stoopit, and there will always be idiot moronic assholes wrapped in rethug turdy toilet paper in public office. for those who elect them, you deserve what they get. for those who hate what they stand for, get off your asses and vote for decent people!