This Steele is Anything But Stainless


Michael Steele’s term as Republican National Committee Chairman has been riddled with controversial verbal missteps that have roused the scorn of his Republican colleagues. His most recent gaffe in mischaracterizing the Afghanistan war prompted an outcry among prominent Republicans who called for his ouster. Remarking on the appearance of “Shadow RNC” Chairman Ed Gillespie over Steele as the RNC mouthpiece, Face the Nation’s Bob Schieffer asked GOP strategist Ed Rollins today whether the GOP should “do something” about Steele. Rollins doubled-down on his dismissal of Steele’s efficacy, calling him a “disaster” who has “failed miserably” in his mission:

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SCHIEFFER: But Ed Rollins, I want to ask you about this. I mean quite frankly, no offense to Ed Gillespie who I have been dealing with and know to be a good guy for years and years and years but he wouldn’t be here unless if the chairman of the Republican Party currently Michael Steele was willing to go on television. But he’s so immersed in controversy that he’s kind of in a bunker these days. Are Republicans going to have to do something about Michael Steele?

ROLLINS: Well, there’s no time. Obviously he’s been a disaster. You have three men on this show — not me, but the other three — who have all been party chairmen and very distinguished party chairmen. Michael Steele has failed miserably in the things you’re supposed to do — raise money and basically go out and articulate the message.

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From Stephen C. Webster at THE RAW STORY:

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele is under fire from his own party once again.

But this time, he may not be getting another chance at redemption in the eyes of senior GOP leaders.

Appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday, Republican strategist Ed Rollins was asked to comment on the so-called “shadow RNC” that has sprung up to bypass Steele as the Republican party’s core management. Rollins has in recent months emerged as a strong Republican critic of chairman Steele, after calling for his resignation in April.


[Bob Schieffer asked] “Are Republicans going to have to do something about Michael Steele?”

“Well, there’s no time,” Rollins replied, noting the upcoming election season. […] It’s not going to matter though — in the 11 weeks from now, what he says and does in the next 11 weeks is not going to matter.”

The reason Rollins says it will not matter is because of the so-called “shadow RNC” formed by former Bush political adviser Karl Rove and former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie, which has effectively undermined Steele’s position, rendering him nothing more than a figurehead.

Rove disclosed during a July broadcast by Fox News, his part-time employer, that his American Crossroads groups would effectively benefit via financing loopholes opened by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

That decision, reached in January of 2010, held that corporations could donate unlimited amounts of money to political organizations, which could in-turn purchase unlimited amounts of political advertising.


Rove and Gillespie said the American Crossroads groups aim to raise and spend over $50 million to influence the 2010 elections. IRS forms obtained by the media showed the “shadow RNC” groups had raised $4.7 million by the end of July, with just four individual billionaires cited as donating over 97 percent of the total.

Tim Dickenson, writing for Rolling Stone, called the plot nothing less than a “coup of the Republican party”.


Whether Steele stays or not, according to Rollins and other GOP insiders, seems of little significance at this point — so long as he keeps out of the spotlight.

Read more about those billionaires over at Salon.


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23 responses to “This Steele is Anything But Stainless

  1. thank heaven for steele
    1 – comic relief – the man is a buffoon and an idiot
    2 – can you imagine how much better off the nutjobs at the GOP would be if they had a real RNC chairman

  2. writechic

    You have been tweeted, my dear. 🙂

    97% of donations from 4 people.

    97% of donations from 4 people!

    97% of donations from 4 people!!!!!

    Tyranny of the rich. Awesome, cuz really the wealthy don’t get much input in government. 😦

    (Very fitting look for Karl.)

  3. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of these assholes?”

    The Shadow knows! Muahahahahaha!

    Actually, I don’t think we want to know what The Shadow knows.

    • actually, that was a bit of an overstatement. i’m not sure about gillespie or phathead, but i’m damned sure karl rove doesn’t have a heart for anything to lurk in.

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  5. “…and basically go out and articulate the message”. How many different ways can you say NO. Or maybe get down with the newest laundry list of rights to be (a) denied or (b) repealed. These are truely trying times for the gopers what with gods hand continually slipping off their divine guidance. Why just today a BILLIONAIRE complained that a change of the tax code would be comparable to Hitler invading Poland in 1939. Well I guess he’ll have to cut back.

    • and yet the idiot teabaggers will be out there, crying in their beer about how the poor billionaire is crying in his champagne. it doesn’t matter to them that mr. billionaire wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire.

  6. Wow. . . Who would have believed the Repuglicans would undermine a black man’s power and turn him into a figurehead. . .

  7. I suppose, however, if he were white he’d have disappeared long ago. They’re afraid to get rid of him because they have so little diversity they know that would look even worse for them. And of course that too is racism.

  8. Joanaroo

    They lose no time since the SCOTUS told them this is the best government money can buy. So is my vote against these motherfuckers going to count in November from now on, or have all the voting machine companies been bought by the Greedy Obnoxious Party? Money is the root of all evil and watch these money-worshipping bastards do everything they can to stop entitlement programs that are literally keeping people alive. Yeah, Government for, by and of the rich. My Country Tis Of Thee is Fucked Up!

  9. Joanaroo

    By the way, I read on the blog Saskatchewan Skeptic that in Canada now, especially since Stephen Harper has been PM there, the damn Religious Right from here has been working to create an offshoot of their mind control up there. Lovely! I thought if the damn Rethugs and Tea Party got in power here through all the dumbasses that will vote for them here, Canada would be the place to go. No such f’n luck if Canada is fated to turn into the Land of The Stupid and Home of The Braindead like here. They already have the shouters and haters on standard radio there. Let’s hope the CBC keeps that crap off of their airwaves! I love that Canada is the closest you can get to Europe without crossing the Pond and at least was VERY secular. I hope they don’t lose their Canadian identity. We don’t need another USA. One is enough!

  10. Joanaroo

    Oops! It’s Saskatchewan Skeptics at

    • i think the religious groups in canada watch the fundies here to see just how far they can push the envelope without getting their hands slapped. i hope canadians slap them hard and early.