Music of the Right

To the tune of Music of the Night (from The Phantom of the Opera), music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Charles Hart, additional lyrics by Richard Stilgoe, as performed by Teatro:

Shar-ron An-gle, lowers expectations,
She keeps yakking, asking for donations,
Nutty and so fruity, she looks like Howdy Doody…

Original image

Slowly, surely, watch as the plot thickens,
Should have picked the lady with the chickens,

Angle is half-boiled, thinks the unemployed are spoiled,
Thinks adoption by gay people is a blight,
Just listen to that airhead from the right.

Now Nevada is dealing with this nasty broad,
Hope they don’t leave all sanity behind,
It’s so clear that she’s dumb as she can be,
Or perhaps she’s just had too much tea.

She talks, crazy, to all her supporters,
Then she, runs when, she sees the reporters,

Let the Rethugs spin, but the stink is from within,
With their policies of bigotry and spite,
Embodied by this dipshit from the right.

Rethugs know their chances aren’t bright,
Stuck now with the dingbat from the right.


If you’re too lazy to click over to Youtube, kids, here’s the shorter version that I used. Go ahead and sing along:

If you want to hear the longer version sung by an absolutely fabulous singer I never heard of until yesterday, listen to Anthony Warlow. I just love this guy’s voice:


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19 responses to “Music of the Right

  1. writechic

    Okay. Now I’m wanting five handsome, musically gifted dudes to sing to me. Right now.


    Great parody! I love that song. That book, that musical, that movie…oh, and remember Sarah’s theme song:

    • you see? this is the very reason i really need to learn how to make videos. i would paste your face over that broad in the video, just to make you happy, melissa.

      • writechic

        This is quite a collection on the Obtuse Angle, btw. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • i left out quite a few. i was a very bad little blogger. i usually have all the pix ready to go the night before i post. lately, though, i have them mostly done. last night, i started the song, but all i got done was the first verse and a half. i finally finished it today, and then it was rush deciding how to dress it up. i just grabbed a few of the old posters and then decided i needed a howdy doody one, so everything was kinda rushed. it was still fun though.

  2. Bravo! All you needed to make it perfect was to cover Obtuse Angle’s face with the Phantom’s half mask.

    Oh, and first tweet!

    • i thought about putting a half mask on the obtuse angle and on howdy doody, too, but like i told melissa, i was a bad little blogger and didn’t do my work on time.

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  4. Maybe Sharron-doody could get the Armey of Dick to play Buffalo Bob. Saw my former congressman give Stewart a cowboy hat WITHOUT a Fort Worth crease. The mans a fraud! But now we see Reid doing a little puppet action too. Maybe they could work up a duet on the elimination of freedom of religion, pretty ironic coming from a Smithite.

    • i saw the interview on the daily show, but i haven’t watched the entire thing online yet. dick armey is such an unappealing person. i think he thinks that he’s hilarious, but i didn’t see a shred of humor or charm in the bastard.

  5. Tan

    Nonnie: I just discovered your blog, it is hilarious! Wish I had half your talent. Just wondering how much effort and time it takes to so your artwork? Can we see your work anywhere else?

    • hello tan,

      welcome to the raisin! ๐Ÿ˜€ thank you so much for your very kind comment.

      most of the posters don’t really take too much time. what’s really time consuming is finding a story to go with and then finding a movie that will work with the theme and then finding pictures of the principles with the correct expression, facing just the right way, or in the correct stance. you’d be surprised how uncooperative many of them can be. however, i’ve gotten pretty good at making their eyes go in different directions, and i borrow liberally from images on the internets to build bodies when i have to.

      right now, i only post here, though i post copies over at daily kos. i posted for a short time over at american street, but i don’t anymore.

      hope you’ll stop by and comment often, tan. you’ll find yourself in very good company. the raisinettes are the best and funniest people you’d ever want to meet. if you get a chance, click on the names in the comments that link elsewhere and check out their own blogs. they’re awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Joanaroo

    LOL! Actually, I’d like to see a paper bag over Obtuse Angle’s head, but that’s more Gong Show than The Phantom. She does have an Unknown Personality-zilch! Love the pix and song parody!

    • i think she’d do better if she put a bag over her head and a gag in her mouth. if she went with just the gag, it wouldn’t work, because she looks so stupid.

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  8. i love classic operatic arias and Phantom Of The Opera is one of the best musical :;;

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