From The New York Times (August 17th):

WASHINGTON — Erik Prince, whose company, Blackwater Worldwide, is for sale and whose former top managers are facing criminal charges, has left the United States and moved to Abu Dhabi, according to court documents.

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Mr. Prince, a former member of the Navy Seals and an heir to a Michigan auto parts fortune, left the country after a series of civil lawsuits, criminal charges and Congressional investigations singled out Blackwater or its former executives and other personnel. His company, now called Xe Services, has collected hundreds of millions of dollars from the United States government since 2001.

Current and former colleagues said Mr. Prince hoped to focus on security work from governments in Africa and the Middle East. They also said he was bitter about the legal scrutiny and negative publicity his company had received.

“He needs a break from America,” said one colleague, speaking only on the condition of anonymity about Mr. Prince’s long-rumored move.

I bet he needs a break. Having all that blood on your hands must be exhausting. Hopefully, Little Erik will be able to get his life back. Hey! Maybe he can hang out with Tony Hayward, and they can get their lives back together!

Mr. Prince does not face any criminal charges, but five former top company executives have been indicted on federal weapons, conspiracy and obstruction charges. Two guards who worked for a Blackwater-affiliated company face murder charges from a 2009 shooting in Afghanistan, and the Justice Department is trying to revive its prosecution of five former Blackwater guards accused of killing 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007.


In documents filed last week in a civil lawsuit brought by former Blackwater employees accusing Mr. Prince of defrauding the government, Mr. Prince sought to avoid giving a deposition by stating that he had moved to Abu Dhabi in time for his children to enter school there Aug. 15. In the documents filed in federal court in Virginia, Mr. Prince’s lawyers describe Abu Dhabi as Mr. Prince’s place of residence.


Mr. Prince made a name for himself during the height of the war in Iraq, when Blackwater became the most recognizable brand name in the booming field of private security contracting. The company, which Mr. Prince founded in 1997, expanded rapidly, winning a series of contracts with the State Department, the C.I.A. and the Defense Department.


Blackwater’s biggest public crisis came in September 2007, when its guards on a convoy in Nisour Square in Baghdad opened fire with machine guns, grenade launchers and other weapons, killing 17 Iraqi civilians. Five guards were indicted in the United States on manslaughter charges, but the charges were dismissed late last year by a federal judge. The Justice Department is appealing that ruling.

From The New York Times (August 20th):

WASHINGTON — The private security company formerly called Blackwater Worldwide, long plagued by accusations of impropriety, has reached an agreement with the State Department for the company to pay $42 million in fines for hundreds of violations of United States export control regulations.

The violations included illegal weapons exports to Afghanistan, making unauthorized proposals to train troops in south Sudan and providing sniper training for Taiwanese police officers, according to company and government officials familiar with the deal.

The settlement, which has not yet been publicly announced, follows lengthy talks between Blackwater, now called Xe Services, and the State Department that dealt with the violations as an administrative matter, allowing the firm to avoid criminal charges.


The settlement with the State Department does not resolve other legal troubles still facing Blackwater and its former executives and other personnel. Those include the indictments of five former executives, including Blackwater’s former president, on weapons and obstruction charges; a federal investigation into evidence that Blackwater officials sought to bribe Iraqi government officials; and the arrest of two former Blackwater guards on federal murder charges stemming from the killing of two Afghans last year.

But by paying fines rather than facing criminal charges on the export violations, Blackwater will be able to continue to obtain government contracts.


Despite the fines and investigations that have plagued Blackwater, the firm has continued to win contracts from the State Department and the C.I.A.

In June, the State Department awarded Blackwater a $120 million contract to provide security at its regional offices in Afghanistan, while the C.I.A. renewed the firm’s $100 million security contract for its station in Kabul. At the time, the C.I.A. director, Leon E. Panetta, defended the decision, saying that the company had offered the lowest bid and had “cleaned up its act.”


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27 responses to “Abu-Dhabi-Doo

  1. writechic

    Run, Erik, run, ya slimy fuck. Glad to be rid of it. I hope it applies for citizenship. But I’m sorry to hear taxpayer money is still shoveled into the company’s pockets.

    • he and his band of thugs try to make everyone think they’re so tough, but when the going got tought, little erik scooted out of town. coward!

      • writechic

        His type confuse extreme bullying and murder with heroics, the type that would use the person he’s supposed to protect as a shield.

        I’d feel safer protected by enemies.

        • they’re real bigshots when they’re armed to the teeth. in a fair fight, though, their little weenies shrivel, and they run. real profiles in courage. 🙄

  2. Joanaroo

    The little dirty bastard! I hope a lovesick, nearsighted camel gives him a good hump or two!

  3. jeb

    Sure he didn’t flee the country. It was all very innocent just like Blackwater/Xe/Scumbags!

  4. “He needs a break from America,”

    Yeah, that’s what Michael Jackson said, too.

  5. Wonder if Erik still goes around bragging that he will kill every Muslim he can lay his hands on? And still the government hires his einzatsgruppen to do their killing. He’d make one hell of an SS man. And all that fervor reminds me of General Richeleu, the nazi jackass that came up with the idea for all military personel to take the oath to the fuerher.

    • i think we should start spreading a rumor that little erik is jewish. i can photoshop some pix of him getting bar mitzvahed. 😆

      the best comment about little erik was made by watercarrier4diogenes over at the big orange:

      He’ll some day be known as …
      The Mercenary Roman Polanski

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  7. I have loathed Blackwater from the beginning.
    Mercenary military. Guns for hire. No rules apparently.

    In a perfect world, Eric gets a job that makes him held hostage by Somali pirates.

    Sorry Eric- no ransom $$$ for you!

  8. GreenApples

    United Arab Emirates (UAE) is becoming a favorite place for our war criminals, eh?.
    Another Cheney fix?

  9. Good. Wait til he looks at someone wrong and the Abu Dabbian cops arrest him, kangaroo court him and sentence him to 99 years of hard labor in that glitter covered shithole of a country.
    If George Bush had a GI Joe fantasy, he’d fashion himself after this jerkoff crook.
    I wouldn’t ordinarily volunteer to shoot anyone, but if I could get away with it I would truly enjoy shooting him in the ass with a 12 gauge.

    • i wonder if foreigners are allowed to carry weapons in abu dhabi. my guess is that they can’t, so little erik can’t make believe his weewee is any bigger than it really is.

  10. mr patriot and the right that loves their fresh prince – escaping to the middle east – the place he wants to destory

    pot meet kettle

  11. Ummm did KZD just call Erik’s fiefdom a glitter covered shithole of a country ? The poster and the FPofAD are insanely funny as is the potential for this shitheels to run afoul of the Infidel Police in said hellhole. If you read Cahill’s Blackwater which I labored in vain to complete this summer, the Prince clan is a truly creepy bunch with Jesus on their lighted visors and Henry Ford in their hearts. This guy can’t get a bowel obstruction and go septic soon enough. (I borrowed that curse from my RN wife who wished same upon a shady mechanic a while back…)

    • zippy has quite a way with words, especially when she doesn’t like someone. i always try to stay on her good side. 😉

      i hope that little erik won’t be able to help himself and tries to start proselytizing. he won’t have time to even develop a bowel obstruction.