Double Screecher

From Alaska Dispatch:

When former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin first endorsed Joe Miller on June 2 in his race for the U.S. Senate seat against incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the tone of that endorsement could be described as civil. […]  In her Facebook note, which is how Palin does these things, she also made sure that she dispelled rumors of personal animus between herself and Murkowski.


That was Sarah then. And to go back further, the Sarah a year ago went so far as to donate $5,000 to Murkowski through her PAC, the maximum she could have given.

But today is another day, as they say, and a new Facebook face emerges with a totally different tone. This one doesn’t bother to talk about how she wishes Lisa well, or even about the value of competition. This one goes for the jugular. This one repeats every criticism leveled against Murkowski by Miller and the far right, makes note of the fact that Murkowski was “given her Senate seat by her father,” and accuses Murkowski of talking “one way in the Last Frontier and then vote the opposite way in the Beltway.” And that’s just for starters.

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In her note, she delights in repeating that the Huffington Post called Murkowski “center-right Democrat.” (Side note: strange that she would call attention to that piece, as it was written by local lawyer Don Mitchell in a column about how upset Sarah was that Lisa got the Senate seat.  That piece also says that Palin came across as “immature” and “uninformed,” and the least impressive of any candidate interviewed by Frank for the seat. Read it all here. )

The Facebook note nails Murkowski for co-sponsoring a cap-and-trade bill, for voting with Democrats over 300 times, and for refusing to repeal Obamacare, repeating the controversial snippet of a KTUU interview where Murkowski said that repeal “is not the answer. […]  In fact, Murkowski just voted to repeal Obamacare.


It criticizes Murkowski’s 2006 vote on an immigration bill, which, ironically was a bill co-sponsored by Sen. John McCain. Sen. Ted Stevens also voted for it.


A month after making up the word “refudiate” and likening herself to William Shakespeare, former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin is in the news again — this time for misusing the word “cackle” in a tweet.

The Alaska ex-Governor made the verbal slip when she tweeted the phrase “cackle of rads” on Wednesday, the 90th anniversary of women’s suffrage, the New York Daily News reported.

The 46-year-old used the expression in an apparent response to EMILY’s List, a political action committee that aims to elect progressive female candidates. The group held a meeting and declared Ms. Palin does not represent all women.

Later Ms. Palin tweeted: “Who hijacked term — ‘feminist’? A cackle of rads who want 2 crucify other women w/whom they disagree on a singular issue; it’s ironic (& passé )”.


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22 responses to “Double Screecher

  1. writechic

    “Singular issue” doesn’t really make sense either which is pitiful since we know she WAS trying. She actually took the time to put an accented e on passe.

    (I love these near cross-eyed photos of Sarah circulating lately. Hysterical! Nice touch with the bear claw. 😆 )

    • i’ve been known to adjust an eyeball here and there, but i didn’t have to in this case. she was already as cockeyed as her beliefs. i really wanted a teapot or teacup ring on the bear claw, but i knew nobody would be able to make out what they were, so i had to settle for an american flag ring.

      nothing she says makes any sense. i don’t think she understands what irony or passé mean. they were probably on her word-a-day calendar, so she figured she’d throw ’em in there.

  2. jeb

    I worry over this nation that such an self-promoting idiot has this kind of shelf life. Seriously, the only problem with Tina Fey’s impression of her does not do justice to the babbling stupidity that is Palin.

    • i blame it on american idol. the propagandists have learned from that show how to take someone who doesn’t have a lot of talent and make him/her a money/publicity machine. the so-called news shows have morphed into people magazine.

    • writechic

      I get the schadenfreude of watching Sarah. I remember when McCain picked her how the media was using her high school curriculum vitae (played basketball) to pad her accomplishments. Unreal. Surreal.

      I don’t get taking her seriously.

      • i can’t understand anyone ever taking her seriously enough to vote for her. maybe a small town like wasilla has popularity contests for mayor, but how the hell did she ever get elected governor? she had no accomplishments and she’s not smart.

      • She didn’t just play basketball. She was team captain. She earned her nickname of Sarah Barracuda for her toughness. Finally, her team won the Alaska state championship while she was playing with a stress fracture. All of that was material included in her Wikipedia page the week before her nomination for VP by someone apparently working for her to make her look good. It just made her look scary to me. I guess “scary” to a progressive is “good” to a conservative.

  3. i love how she is starting to get that dr laura skin! whenever you thought she couldnt get any stupider, she does. and the more stupid she gets – the more the media (listen to norah odonnell sometime, i think norah would leave her husband for sarah) loves her

    and her adoring fans – i tell you this is mommie dearest

  4. She got elected governor as the “reform candidate” who broke up the good old boy cabal in goper circles. Her seemingly unending love affair with media does have a historical comparison: Benito Mussolini was always a hot story in the papers climaxing with his playing the middleman/broker of the Munich sellout in 1938. After that he went into steep decline because bad Adolf got the headlines. But he did leave a great quote on the eve of entering WWII with his ill fated invasion of Greece. The Italian foreign minister, his brother-in-law Count Ciano asked if Berlin should be notified of the impending action to which Benny replies “I’ll pay him in a coin he’ll understand, he can read it in the paper”.

  5. JaxDem

    Heh…this appeared last week in mah newspaper:

    Slow ticket sales:

    The upcoming Sarah Palin event here in Jacksonville is being moved to a smaller venue because of slow ticket sales. Thursday’s “Evening of Hope with Sarah Palin” has been moved from the 2,936 seat Moran theater to the 609 seat Terry Theater. Officials said the event was moved because not enough tickets have been sold and organizers would rather have a packed theater. The event is a fundraiser for Heroic Media, a faith-based nonprofit group aimed at reducing abortions. Tickets range from $50 to $100.

    And as I’m not above picking low hanging fruit:

    How’s that “Hopey” thing workin’ for ya Sarah?
    You know she’s in trouble when she can’t fill the Moran theater with morans!

    • you know what, jaxdem? i read that article, and i meant to include part of it in the post, but i forgot. i think it’s hilarious that princess can’t even fill a theater. according to the article i read, she can’t even sell out the smaller venue. the excuse was that it’s summertime, and it’s hot. i think that would be a good reason for people wanting to sit in an air-conditioned theater. it reminded me of how glenn blechhh could only sell 13 or 17 tickets in nyc in the dead of winter. people wouldn’t even buy a cheap ticket to come in from the cold! 😆

  6. Frankly, if she ever ascends to a position of high power, I give the species about fifty years or so of meaningful survival… Another great poster, thanks.

    • cynic, if there are enough people dumb enough to vote her into a high political position, then i don’t even give us 50 years. people that stupid will stab themselves and each other with forks when they try to eat. it’ll be ugly. 😉

  7. Science Fiction Double Feature!

    Ever used Rocky Horror Picture Show for a cover?

    • i think i almost used it once, but i haven’t so far (that i remember).

      • Save it for a good sex scandal. It will work well for one.

        Back to the original topic of the post. It looks like Princess Sarah’s endorsement actually worked; Murkowski seems to have lost her seat in the primary to the candidate Princess knighted. I didn’t see that coming!

        • i didn’t see it coming either. if it turns out that the teabagger wins, it’s because lisa murkowski didn’t take him seriously and didn’t hit him hard enough. i wonder how much of a difference ted steven’s death made. if he was still around and doing commercials for murkowski, would that have swayed more people to her side? it will be interesting to see if the absentee ballots make a difference in the outcome.