Sleazy Returns to the Big Easy

(CNN) — Michael Brown, the Federal Emergency Management Agency leader who quit following widespread criticism of the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, is taking his radio show to New Orleans, Louisiana, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Brown, who is on KOA-850 AM in Denver, Colorado, confirmed his plans to CNN.

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Brown headed FEMA under the Bush administration and became the target of critics who claimed the administration bungled its initial response. He resigned in September 2005, two weeks after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast.

His resignation came 10 days after President Bush famously told him, “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

He later accused then-Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff and others of dragging their feet and ignoring his warnings about massive flooding.


Hurricane Katrina’s fifth anniversary is Sunday.

In May, Brown said that the Obama administration wanted to use the Gulf oil disaster as a way to put an end to offshore drilling.

Great idea, Brownie! I’ll bet the people of New Orleans are just dying to see you on the 5th anniversary of a disaster so you can talk about their latest disaster.  Maybe you can sell them some of your books!  From abc NEWS:

Five years after Hurricane Katrina slammed the Gulf Coast, the man who has been vilified for the federal government’s bungling of the response effort wants to try to set the record straight.

As Hurricane Katrina approached, Michael Brown said Friday in a rare interview, “I remember telling the White House, ‘I don’t think you guys get it.’


Brown, who was criticized for being out of touch and unaware of the devastation and suffering in New Orleans, is defensive about the blame he still gets for his actions in the hurricane’s aftermath.

But a skeptical Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., who now chairs the House Committee on Homeland Security, said there’s plenty of blame to go around.

“Clearly, Mr. Brown was head of FEMA,” said Thompson, the committee’s ranking Democrat in 2005. “Clearly, protocols were in place that indicated things that should have been done.”

Brown, 55, now living in Colorado and hosting a radio talk show in Denver, said he is writing a book to tell his side of the story.

He said he was singled out by the Bush administration because he was the low man on the totem pole in Washington, as head of FEMA. “Bush wasn’t going to fire [former homeland security chief Michael] Chertoff for the screw-ups. He’s going to fire me.”

Forget those people who died or who lost everything! Poor Little Brownie was the real victim!

But in the days before Brown publicly resigned, he had become the national face of the bungled response. He appeared on national television and radio explaining that the response was going well and that the government was doing all it could to help the people of New Orleans.

On the ground in Louisiana, however, the military had not arrived, bodies were lying in the streets and survivors were struggling to stay alive.


For days after Aug. 29, thousands of suffering men, women and children sat without food or water at the New Orleans Convention Center, told by authorities that buses would arrive to pick them up and take them to safety. None ever arrived. Children begged for food but there was nothing to eat. At least three dead bodies laid under sheets outside the Convention Center.

Brown said his office didn’t know about the plight at the Convention Center because New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s office told him all of the evacuees were huddled at the Super Dome nearby.

Because back then, televisions, cellphones, and radios had not yet been invented. Besides, he had to pick out something nice to wear!

With the response lacking, Bush staged the now infamous photo opportunity next to Brown, telling him, “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”

But moments before the comment, Brown said, he had told Bush that chaos was unfolding in the streets of New Orleans and he knew the false praise would come back to haunt him.

“You could see me sort of cringe on camera when the president said that,” Brown said, adding that he knew that the administration hadn’t grasped the severity of the devastation.

Brown announced his resignation Sept. 12, 2005, saying the negative publicity surrounding his leadership was a distraction from the job at hand.


Brown now admits that he was forced out by the Bush administration.


Congressman Thompson said he knew nothing of Brown’s contention that he had been fired.

Either way, Thompson said, the “question is, are we a better FEMA or a better Department of Homeland Security. … The true test will come with the next Katrina-like event.”

In the meantime, on this 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Brown will return to New Orleans for a brief visit to the place where many people still blame him for city’s chaos and suffering.


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20 responses to “Sleazy Returns to the Big Easy

  1. GreenApples

    Has he no shame? A rhetorical question, I know. He should hide his head. How can he face these people is beyond me.

    • dont’cha just love how rethugs are all about other people’s “sensibilities?” that is, unless the people in question are less than lily white. that asswipe showing his face in new orleans is scandalous, and the fact that he’s going back on the 5th anniversary is the height of chutzpah.

  2. writechic

    He treated Katrina like it was his own personal beauty pageant. He’s hideous. Repubicans got what they wanted. Government so small you could drown it in New Orleans, government so small it’s anarchy. We’re still hobbling along, trying to cover from all of that unmaking of America.

    DOJ is not what it used to be, the FDA, the EPA, OSHA, even NOAA is up BP’s ass.

    • all those people dead and all those who lost everything, yet he still manages to portray himself as the victim. i was going to cover a completely different story, but when i read that he has the nerve to go back there, my eyes almost popped out their sockets. unbelievable.

  3. The guy was/is a damned dog. He gave up scheduling quarter horse races or was shitcanned from it then fell back on a college roomie connection (another dog) and ended up in the damned flea pit with all of the other Bush appointee dogs. Now we’re supposed to be horrified that his stupid ass got covered in fleabites when Kennebunkport’s global idiot and company threw him under the outboard motorboat ? Maybe that fakeass heroic lying piecea shit Bobby Jindal can co-host the show and they can swap lies about their Herculean antics during Katrina. No shame is right. I bet there’s a nice formaldehyde soaked trailer down in one of the choicer wards he can bunk in too.

    • i don’t think he’s ever had a real job. it amazes me that anyone would want to hear that whiny voice on the radio. i wonder how it will cost for security for that asswipe to visit new orleans.

  4. “I remember telling the White House, ‘I don’t think you guys get it.’

    Heck of a 20/20 hindsight, Brownie.

    Loved your remark: Because back then, televisions, cellphones, and radios had not yet been invented.

    Nothing was coordinated for that monster hurricane- plus they took their sweet time.

    He wrote a book? Is it titled:
    How to make a natural disaster 100 times worse?

    • thousands of lives were at stake, and he knew it, at least according to his own words. he kept trying to tell chimpy about it, to no avail. now, if you knew thousands of lives were on the line, and you also knew that you could have a tv camera or a radio microphone in front of you in the blink of an eye, wouldn’t you take to the airwaves and warn everyone that there was a disaster of untold proportions going on and nobody in the white house seems to be listening? instead, this little piece of shit decided that it was more important that he saved his own ass and that of his bosses instead of those in danger. that tells you what kind of little shit weasel this asshole is.

  5. I was wondering what happened to “Heckovajob Brownie.” I can’t believe he has the chutzpah to return to the scene of the crime.

    • his disrespect is legendary. even if he really thinks he did nothing wrong, he could still be considerate enough not to show up. nobody is saying that he can’t go to new orleans. he can go quietly as a private citizen. showing up there and doing a radio show, especially on the anniversary, is pissing on the same people he and his buddies pissed on 5 years ago.

  6. writechic

    I loved this guy:

    • he lived the dream. even if it had to be under nightmarish circumstances, he got to tell deadeye dick what so many of us would have loved to have told him up front and personal.

  7. writechic

    And this…which includes a shot of Brownie’s “heckuva job” moment:

  8. Joanaroo

    The Repubs want less government so their states can lower tax rates and look like heroes. That is until the next disaster, when the governors of red states scream and cry for federal money to fix up their states. Of course they couldn’t be bothered to fix up things in their states before this! Assholes!

    • the idiots who buy the rethug line don’t understand that, if they pay less in taxes (which the vast majority won’t anyway), they’ll wind up paying more for everything else. the less government services there are, the more they’ll be paying for things they never thought twice about.

  9. This will stand as a national disgrace for a long, long time. I recall the Prez was busy delivering cake to Arizona at the time. In this day and age to wait FIVE DAYS for relief is just inexcusable. One of our local residents, an Arlington man whose mother lived in N.O., was watching the TV coverage closely and noticed no one was doing anything. And he knew his mama wouldn’t leave without her cat. He was so fed up he told his wife Tuesday afternoon “come on, we’re going” and got in his car and drove to Baton Rouge. There he purchased a motor boat, loaded in some provisions and a couple of pistols and headed downstream. The next day he rescues his mother, the cat, and seven others. So much for waiting for the government.

    • chimpy was delivering cake, and condi was buying shoes.

      guess what, jerry. sharron the obtuse angle said that she wouldn’t have voted for the relief bill for katrina victims. she wanted the money to be offset. i guess it would have been okay if more of them had died as long as the books looked good. it would be one thing if she said that now, 5 years afterward, when some of the memories have faded. she said that 5 years ago, before anyone had had a chance to dry off.

      • That Angle whinning reminded me of a story my good buddy Kirk told me. His wife was in the oil seismology business and knew a lot of the big players. One guy, a sterotype Texas oil millionaire, was showing them around his mansion. When they came to the oppulent bathroom with SOLID GOLD fixtures, he started bitching that the handles and such would “strip out” and how annoying that was. It has never been more difficult to be a rich person!

        • i’ll reply as soon as i wipe the tears from my eyes, jerry. what a sad, sad story. that poor rich guy. but what can he do? it’s not like his ass should hit a toilet that doesn’t have solid gold fixtures.