I Have a Scream

I’m only writing a few bullet points. And I am doing that so I don’t get in the way of the spirit, in case he wants to talk…if you would just pray that I would be able to hear because sometimes–sometimes he’s screaming at me and I still can’t hear it.-Glenn Beck

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Even as he prepares for a Saturday rally that could cement his status as an unparalleled force in conservative politics, Glenn Beck is facing quiet but persistent questions from some on the right about whether he can be a reliable partner for advancing conservative causes — or whether his main cause is advancing Glenn Beck.


Liberals, meanwhile, have blasted the event, as a partisan political rally intended to boost Republicans headed into the critical 2010 midterm elections.


The rally will be keynoted by prospective 2012 GOP presidential candidate Sarah Palin and is being supported by a host of influential conservative groups and politicians, some of whom are planning political events before and after the rally.


Beck has received financial and promotional assistance for the rally from the National Rifle Association, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) and leading tea party groups such as FreedomWorks, Tea Party Patriots and Americans for Prosperity.


But some conservatives — and even some Beck fans — say they’re concerned with what they view as a series of unfulfilled promises by Beck to engage more directly in the populist conservative politics he espouses on his syndicated radio show and Fox News television program. They point to his decisions to step away from a political group he founded, The 9.12 Project, and also to abandon plans for voter registration efforts and a political manifesto that was to have been launched at Saturday’s rally.


Influential conservative blogger Erick Erickson said Beck won’t be able to answer what Erickson has called lingering questions about “whether he’s doing it for himself or doing it for the movement,” even with a successful event this weekend.


Meanwhile, at least one tea party group rejected Beck’s entreaties to assist with the march, concluding he was offering little in return for its organizational know-how and credibility, while giving preferential treatment to FreedomWorks, which is paying to sponsor Beck’s radio show. The group’s leader, who requested anonymity to avoid antagonizing Beck, said, “All he’s doing is trying to use us to promote himself.”


Still other tea partiers have grumbled that Beck’s rally is a spotlight-grabbing provocation that’s detracting from a previously planned tea party rally on Sept. 12 and threatening to set back a movement that has struggled to maintain a leaderless structure and a fiscal focus, while fending off liberal charges of racism. The Rev. Al Sharpton and other civil rights leaders have planned a “Reclaim the Dream” rally in Washington to coincide with Beck’s event.


At the request of Beck’s team, which lacked the organizational infrastructure or logistical know-how to pull off Saturday’s march, Tea Party Patriots agreed to help promote the march among its 500,000 e-mail subscribers and to provide 400 volunteers to staff it, a requirement before the National Park Service would issue a permit.

But when the Patriots were deciding whether to help with Saturday’s rally, Dodge said there was internal queasiness over the M.L.K. link and Beck’s inflammatory rhetoric, including his blasting of Obama as a racist.


Fox News has kept its distance from the rally, announcing it will not air the event, but instead will cover it as “a news event.”

Fox executive Bill Shine told POLITICO that the network doesn’t even plan to carry Palin’s speech live. And he said that though Beck has talked about the event on his Fox show, “there is no organized promotion planned for the rally on Fox News, and the network has nothing to do with it.”

Conservative groups, though, are taking advantage of potentially massive turnout — Beck recently suggested that the rally’s turnout might be rivaled only by the estimated 1.8 million who attended Obama’s inauguration — to host a number of political events around the rally.

On Sunday, the Tea Party Patriots are planning a rally urging the repeal of the Democratic health care overhaul, while on Friday night, FreedomWorks’s political action committee is holding a fundraiser and get-out-the-vote training session. And Americans for Prosperity moved its annual Washington training session to correspond with Beck’s rally and are offering to bus attendees to it.


At long last, Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” self-aggrandizement festival is almost upon us. In Beck’s words, the rally will mark a “turning point” in American history, where “miracles” will happen.

In a new promo posted on a “Producers’ Blog” at his website, Beck humbly places the rally in the context of the moon landing, the Montgomery bus boycott, Iwo Jima, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and other landmark historical events. It also not-so-subtly suggests that Beck is following in the tradition of Martin Luther King (which is a farce), Abraham Lincoln, most of the Founding Fathers, Martha Washington, the Wright Brothers, and other notable historical figures.


Bonus amusement: this unfathomably egomaniacal video is preceded by Glenn Beck shilling for Goldline — and a Goldline banner ad pops up during the video as well. That’s just the sort of hucksterism the Founding Fathers were known for.

(Video at MEDIA MATTERS link)


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46 responses to “I Have a Scream

  1. K

    Gotta hand it to the Grand Wizard, this spectacular farce will pump millions of dollars into republican campaign coffers, and solidify their get out the vote people.
    It sucks royally, but what the hell can we do about it…

    • it might very well backfire. if even sleazy erick erickson can admit that glenn blechhh is only in this for himself, then what’s the average person out there thinking?

      • K

        Well, maybe enough independents will see this, and see through Beck and Palin, that they come back to our side of the fence.

        • as much as i despise erick erickson, he and those like him could be the chink in the armor of people like blechhh. he gives his followers permission to kick the pedestal out from under the cream of the crap like blechhh. it’s telling that none of the rnc hierarchy will even admit to knowing about the rally, as if it wasn’t all over the news for weeks. 🙄

          • writechic

            🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

            Synchronized eye rolling. 😀

            Great poster, too! Vampy is a good look for Sarah. Suits her.

        • writechic

          The independents I know are really turned off by Palin, Beck, and the racism associated with the tea party. I know I don’t constitute a scientific sampling. I’m just paying attention to independents because they partly swung from Bush fatigue and partly because Sarah Palin was unqualified to the point of being embarrassing. And opposing the racism is why they felt really good about their votes.

          Now Democratic politicians could quite freely toss off or somehow completely spoil their advantages before election day. They do that sort of thing. 🙄

          • i think anyone who is not under the spell of glenn blechhh and/or princess sarah (which is the vast, vast, vast majority of america) clearly sees them as the opportunists that they are.

  2. Heh, love the Needless Markup tag on Princess Sarah’s dress. I bet she wishes she still looked so good.

  3. jeb

    “not a pretty picture” indeed.

    Beck and Palin. Quitting on committments, shameless self-promotion, visions of grandeur. They’re part of the party of values and character, you betcha.

    They’re also made for each other.

    • it’s too bad you don’t have to pass an iq test in order to get a permit in d.c. people like blechhh and princess usually self-destruct. it’s just a shame that they’ll do so much damage before they finally go away.

      p.s. speaking of losers, did you hear that bristol will be going to the new last-ditch destination for rethugs–dancing with the stars? they really need to change the name to ‘dancing with people who have had 15 minutes of undeserved fame.’

  4. writechic

    Did you just barf after reading that opening spiel by Blecccchchhhhh? He globs on an imperious brand of religiosity like a whore puts on perfume. Then gold, gold, buy gold. Jesus Christ! Why does anybody buy into this bullshit?

    • it’s like a satirical movie, and princess and glenn blechhh are like cartoons.

      i read an article earlier today. here’s the scary part:

      The revisionist message behind “Restoring Honor” is nothing new for the conservative shock jock. In the year and half since President Obama took office, Beck has led his loyal followers on a journey not just to “reclaim” civil rights but much more audaciously to rewrite the sweeping narrative arc of American history from the time of the Founding Fathers forward.

      The backbone of the Tea Party is over-55s and especially retirees — some planned, some forced — with the most valuable asset of all, time.

      They see studying U.S. history as a powerful reconnection with their youth. Waiting for Beck’s “American Revival” show in Orlando, Florida, in March, 70-year-old fan Joseph Cerniglia told me he was way too busy for civics lessons when he was raising kids and working as a stockbroker and then cider-maker. “I have learned more from Glenn Beck — learned more about American history and government, from Glenn Beck — than in the previous 40 years of my life,” the retiree told me.

      For thousands of followers such as Cerniglia, there is a genuine desire to relearn American history. The only problem is that what they’re learning is bunk.

      • writechic

        Yeah! Who was the creepy chick in Rocky and Bullwinkle? Natasha? That’s who Palin reminds me of.

      • jeb

        Mr. Cerniglia – and anyone else who thinks that they’re learning civics/history from Bunk – should do some research. There’s this thing called a library. A purely socialist/liberal idea where local government funds are used to provide books and other resources to the public. Oh wait, he probably wouldn’t like that idea.

        • people like mr. cerniglia are too lazy to actually do any research to see if the crap they’re being fed every day is true. no matter how stupid a conspiracy theory is, this is how it takes hold.

  5. And to think, I’ve just been ignoring the asshole.

    Assholes I meant.

    Too much else to worry about rather than does Glennie collect his next corrupt million in payoffs.

    Thanks for informing us.


    • hey suzan! 😀 long time, no see.

      i only read news accounts about the asshole. i can’t stand to watch him or listen to him. he’s so obnoxious and stupid, i can’t believe anyone thinks he’s entertaining or even educated.

  6. Joanaroo

    Know-how? Credibility? A movement? History? News event? Jesus! Pinch me and please tell me I’m caught in satire! Please! I hope this backfires so badly and the Tea Partiers with a Soc. Sec. check and traveler’s checks wake up and smell the piss the GOP and their rich backers have so graciously drowned them in! What a load of horseshit! Populist, and grassroots, my ass!

  7. Tuxi

    Hi! I’m Joanaroo’s Tuxedo cat Tuxi! I like to leave my opinion on blogs and I’m a proud Democat! I’m like the Prez-part black, part white and totally beautiful! If Mom lived closer to DC, we cats were going to ask that she pack up some gifts for Beck and Friends! We believe besides the salmonella eggs, that cat owners have found a good use for Moggie Missiles at the MeBeckistan rally! Just bring them, gloves and a slingshot! I mean, what I did in my litter box this morning sums up my feelings toward Beck, GOPers and the Tea Party! And with Bristol, isn’t that show on the Network owned by Disney? If so, now being a star consists of not only being Rethuglican and an unwed mother? How shitty. Yet a young lady who is a Disney Customer Service Rep can’t wear her hijab because *it would interfere with her costume*. She’s in administration, not portraying Minnie Mouse! WTF? I think Disney better review their priorities!

  8. Joanaroo

    Boy, oh boy? WTF? Gotta hand it to Beck and his bunch of mind control experts! I turned on C-SPAN and thought at first they were showing the Al Sharpton rally. They had on 2 black ministers in a row talking about Dr. King and white people were cheering and black people were cheering. Then Tony LaRussa, the St. Louis Cardinals mgr. gave Albert Puljols an award for off-field work and Puljols said he got it because he found Jesus. I thought I was going to puke and turned it off!

  9. Joanaroo

    Because at the bottom of the screen it said Sponsored by Glenn Beck and I said, that bastard! These baiters take the spot where Dr. King spoke, tell people to keep their baiting signs at home, use all kinds of non-political media to come across as clean and lily-white and Beck read Dr. King’s speech. Totally disgusting! Hey Sarah, where is Dr. Laura and her *N____r speech?

  10. Joanaroo

    And the mixed marriages are against God? And the Obama jungle poster? And this bull that he is Kenyan and not American? And illegal immigrants are raising crime levels? And the Zetas are driving stolen tractors? And there are beheaded white bodies in the desert? Where is all the baby-killer, no abortion for rape victims crap? All damage control Beck, you bastard!

  11. Joanaroo

    Oh, yeah! And Barack is a Muslim. Where is that, you coward? And the people who want to build the mosque and cultural center are terrorists. Where did that go? All he wanted was to make his ilk look good to the media and the goddamn voting public that will say what were the liberals talking about? He’s religious and so positive. Motherfucking liar!

  12. Joanaroo

    All I can say is I hope he explains all this to his God where he can be a screaming idiot and come off at a historical site like a damn Hitler being nice to white Gentile kids and Saddam tousling that little boy’s hair, because he’s joined the Historical Liar’s Club!

    • you have a stronger stomach than i do, joanaroo (and tuxi). i couldn’t bring myself to even check c-span to see if they were covering the hatefest.

  13. Today, Glenn Beck is establishing as being as close to mainstream as he can the cult he’s founded.

    I’m not talking about Mormonism, here … the Mormons that I know think Beck is insane. I’m talking about the Beckism cult. Whereas Mormonism makes American exceptionalism into theology, Beckism takes it even further. Beck is crazier than Joe Smith ever was.

    The main purpose of this is to, what? Honor the troops? Then what’s with saying it’s all about God?

    Honoring God? Then why hide behind the troops?

    Push gold? Alright … I believe that.

    Promote Beck? Oh, yeah … and hide behind rotating good-looking goals so that no one can attack him.

    I find this stuff silly, scary, and stupid.

    • if a logic bomb was dropped on the idiots at the rally, their heads would explode. of course, i’ll bet that no mainstream reporters will confront them with their own contradictory teabaggy thoughts.

  14. Joanaroo

    Hi wken! I have on the REAL rally now-Reclaim The Dream. The speakers on here lived thru this and they are living history. They are the ones who should’ve been carried live here on C-SPAN, not Ado-uh, Beck. That rally of Beck’s has me so fed up. I just couldn’t stop writing what I saw and heard and about what we know that bastard has said, but not on today’s Glenn Beck Propaganda Show. He’s full of shit! He knew damn well what day it would be and where he would be when the permit was gotten. And that bullshit American Prosperity crap that was on C-SPAN after Beck was just bitching about Barack Obama. Do the damn poor as pauper Tea Partiers think that group is going to help them? Yeah, right!

    • know what got me, joanaroo? glenn blechhh said he wasn’t disrespecting mlk, because he moved down a couple of steps from where he stood. a couple of steps are supposed to appease people who believed in mlk’s message, but 2 blocks is not enough of a buffer for those who are opposed to the non-mosque in manhattan. 🙄

  15. Joanaroo

    That’s exactly right, Nonnie! I love the little eye rollers and the synchronized ones above! They got a workout today! It was like a Klan meeting with the Grand Wizard having laryngitis and the newbie forgetting the cross to burn!

  16. What can one say of a Beckoning? Could be filming a pilot for The Whitest Old People You Know. My favorite part is Queen Esther calling upon all the fertile women to supply the sausage machine of war with children (from the poor families, of course). But the spazBeck was a bit disappointing. Maybe a main character of the new film “Meet John Schmo” or a brain damaged rehash of William Jennings Bryant. He can even revive the old Cross of Gold routine and, best of all, sell the idiots gold crosses from Goldline. The guy is a true profit! Let us prey.

    • my favorite part was when he declared the geese flying overhead in a perfect v-formation was a sign from above, even though the geese fly there all the time in perfect v-formation. the other tidbit i enjoyed was that blechhh was wearing a bulletproof vest. if the big guy upstairs was speaking to him, wouldn’t he tell him to duck in time if there was a bullet heading his way? besides, the teabaggers aren’t violent, right?

      • You know, the standard for miraculous signs has really gone downhill.

        Surviving three days in the belly of a whale? Raising the dead? Feeding the 5,000 (counting only men)? Walking on water? Water to wine? Okay, I see this stuff as big signs.

        Geese. Flying in formation.

        Ummmmm … not so much.

        • in all fairness, it’s a miracle that anybody thinks that glenn blechhh is anything but a snake oil salesman.

          • Nah, that’s just what happens when you convince enough people that Faux is the only legitimate news source and convince people that the best way to study history is not to read books written by historians, because historians are intellectuals and intellectuals are evil.

            • i’d say that it’s not really that miraculous if we lived in north korea, and there was only one tv channel and continuous propaganda about their great leader. however, in a country where there are so many sources of information, those who follow glenn blechhh (and princess sarah and televangelists, etc.) are being willfully ignorant. they are choosing stupidity over reality.

  17. “Honk-honk..go the geese of Canada…Quack-quack…go the ducks of derision” from Sanders Truckstop

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