Murfreesboro Becomes Mursboro


For months, conservatives have led a hateful campaign against the expansion of a local Islamic center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This campaign has been endorsed by high-ranking Republicans such as the state’s Lt. Governor, Ron Ramsey, who last month, speaking to a group of Republicans in opposition to the mosque, wondered aloud whether Islam was a religion or a “cult” and fearmongered about the mosque trying to bring “Sharia law” to America. Earlier this year, Lou Ann Zelenik, a GOP congressional candidate in Tennessee, campaigned against the Murfreesboro mosque, arguing that it posed a threat to that state’s “moral and political foundation.”

Now, the local press reports that the police are investigating a case of arson that occurred at the construction site of the mosque Friday night:

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Nashville CBS affiliate WTVF reports that police are investigating the arson as a hate crime. Members of the Muslim community are so paralyzed by fear, said spokeswoman Camie Ayash, that they are not joining the congregation at the local mosque during the current month of Ramadan.


A local religious freedom group, Middle Tennesseans for Religious Freedom, plans to hold a “candlelight vigil in front of the Rutherford County Courthouse on Monday in response to the fire. “We simply cannot allow the actions of a few destructive individuals to go overlooked by Rutherford County residents,” said Claire Rogers, a spokesman for the group.


The incident at Murfreesboro should not be viewed in isolation. Among other recent Islamophobic hate incidents: a pipe bomb was set off at a Jacksonville mosque; a playground at an Arlington, Texas mosque was torched; a brick was thrown through a mosque window in Madera, California; a Nashville mosque was vandalized, among many others.

(Video at THINK PROGRESS link)

Does hate pay? From THE HILL (August 5th):

Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam (R) defeated Rep. Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.) and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (R) to claim the GOP gubernatorial nod Thursday.

Boosted by his support during early voting, Haslam was declared the winner by the Associated Press close to an hour after the polls closed in Tennessee. He’d received more than 131,000 votes, while Wamp, his closest rival, had just less than 70,000.


Ramsey […] questioned whether Islam was a religion. He also had the support of some 20 Tea Party groups in the state.


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28 responses to “Murfreesboro Becomes Mursboro

  1. Mobocracy. Inspiring. 😦

  2. You know, I’ve often wondered what it must have felt like to be a sane person during the segregation era.

    I mean, the idea that people really thought that it was okay to forbid someone from eating at a diner because his skin was black? Really?

    And yet, here we are.

    A group of people is really okay with deriding an entire religion as enemies of the real America.

    This is beyond disgusting.

    • all that’s missing are the white sheets. shameful.

      • Actually, that’s part of what’s so scary about it.

        They don’t need the white sheets anymore. They can appear on national TV. Last week, I think, there was a woman shrieking on the radio that she didn’t want the Murfreesboro mosque, saying, “I don’t care for their religion, I don’t care for their culture,” and whatever else she said.

        Not even hiding behind sheets and running around at night, they’re happy to appear on TV. And too few people are willing to call it what it is … hatred. Evil, bigoted hatred.

        But there are people who will keep on pushing those buttons, because it wins them votes and ratings.

        I know a person who has actually said that we should lock up all the Muslims, “just like we did with the Japanese in World War II.”

        I thought that most of us looked back on that as a stain on our history.

        • you’re right, wken. maybe it’s a good thing that they’re not hiding in the shadows. maybe that will wake up some reasonable people, and hate talk will no longer be rewarded with a national radio show.

          • I see it going the other way.

            For now, at least, hatred is becoming more and more popular. The poor, persecuted white Christians, especially the males, have had enough and are fighting back and fighting dirty.

            They dismiss their critics as PC, “useful idiots,” or through any number of other terms they’ve been brainwashed to use.

            I see it getting worse for a while before it starts to get better. I can’t tell you how angry I am at my fellow Christians who are content to see Jesus used this way.

  3. the rest of the world has to be looking at us in horror and saying “these people have their hands on nuclear weapons.”

    we are fast becoming the most hated nation on earth

  4. Nice accessory for Ramsey, Nonnie– fanning the fuel of hate.
    It is amazing how crazy people get over this hatred frenzy. One local Sikh person was driving their car ( Indian based religion, wear turbans).. have nothing to do with the Muslim religion…. some guy started pounding his fist at the driver’s door window- calling him a “raghead”.
    The man was likely an American born citizen who converted to the Sikh religion.

    These people whipped up into the frenzy are assuming if you are not a christian, you are “them” the enemy.

    Used to be Communists were the ones under the Witch hunt. If you wanted to mess with someone, just suggest they might be a communist.

    If they just embraced some common sense.
    It’s a good thing the majority of Muslims are a peace loving people, because Islam is the 2nd largest religion in the world.

    • it used to be blacks and jews. then it was commies. then it was gays. now it’s muslims. the politics of hate. it’s ugly, and i can’t believe that we’re still dealing with it.

      • From 2000-2008, I was involved in a site that discussed politics, history, economics, and culture from the perspective of a theory that history “rhymed”* in ~80 year cycles. Based on that timing, the participants on that site expected a crisis on the order of the Great Depression to show up about 2008. They weren’t disappointed.

        So what does this have to do with the subject of this post? After each major crisis, there is a period of witchhunting and conformity. I made a joke that authorities would be asking people who grew up during the crisis, “Are you now, or ever have been, a Wiccan?” Well, I got the right idea, but the wrong religion.

        *Mark Twain: History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.

  5. And Murfreesboro is home to a university (Middle Tennessee State U.). Some liberal college town! 😦

    • murfreesboro’s wiki page doesn’t mention the mosque or islam at all. i wonder if someone has been assigned to scrub anything about it if it shows up.

  6. …testing…testing…1..2..3..testing..(a little more treble)…Good news, everybody! The sunspots have lessened and the magnetic field from the Beckoning have abated and now this thing magically works again. That and realizing the card expired and I needed to contact my ISP, something anyone could have done in minutes, but I do live in the south.

    • jerry!!!!!!!!

      you have no idea how worried i’ve been about you!! i thought that gov. little ricky goodhair’s goons got you! 😯

      kick the ass of you isp, and tell them they are on the official raisinette shitlist.

  7. Didn’t hear anything about the Arlington playgound getting torched, but that type story common around here. The 10 to 15 year old pricks that do that sort of thing will do it anywhere, to anyone. A dozen years ago in the big A they managed to completely torch a Methodist Food Bank on N. Davis for a total loss of around a million in donated food and destroyed building. I would like to challenge Lou Ann to a moral dignity test. Lets go for a stroll through any graveyard and see how many headstones will qualify for an “old #9” sticker as the main reason they are six feet under.

    • it doesn’t sound like the work of kids. this is from the link:

      On Friday, members of the Dar El-Eman Islamic Education Center, in South Arlington, found “graffiti depicting Uncle Sam and Allah in a sexual position spray-painted in the parking lot.” Then, early Sunday morning, in a case of suspected arson, a fire destroyed playground equipment at the mosque, causing $20,000 worth of damage. The vandals also cut a pipe, allegedly thinking that it was a natural gas line.

      it sounds like there’s a coordinated effort.

      what’s a #9 sticker?

  8. mary b

    I live in Nashville, about 20 or so miles from where this Mosque stands. (and has been standing there for 30 freaking years!!)
    This is a state that has an all Bagger State Legislature. Even the Democrats, except for our present out going Gov., are bagger-lite.
    This really did surprise me. Murfreesboro is a college town and never seemed so bad until the baggers started this bullshit.
    They held a Candle Light Vigil last night, inviting people on both side to gather and denounce violence. I’m afraid these bagger nut jobs are going to get much, much worse. After all, the state legislature passed a law allowing loaded, concealed weapons into bars and restaurants against their own constituents wishes. The Gov vetoed it, the legislature over rode the veto.
    TN is getting uglier and uglier by the day.

    • hi mary. thanks for the local perspective. how are the kids at the college reacting to all of this? is most of the trouble being caused by outsiders or is it the locals who are really fueling this?

      • Eleanor

        By ‘bagger’, do you mean tea-baggers, or, carpet baggers?

        (I’m a carpet bagger myself, hah)

        Figured you meant tea-baggers, but wasn’t sure.

        I went to the peace vigil. The majority of Boro residents, especially college aged ones, are outraged by the mosque opponenets. It’s terrible publicity for our town.
        At work, we talk in hushed tones about it, it’s the hot topic. There’s definitely some crazies out there, and I don’t want to downplay that. But they’re in the minority, not everyone here is a bigot. I wish CNN et al. would have covered our peace vigil, just to show the world that not all Americans are afraid of Islam. Again, don’t want to downplay that there is some real hatred going on. But most of us do have our heads screwed on correctly.

        • hello eleanor,

          welcome to the raisin! 😀

          thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. i’ve been wondering how the average boro citizen felt. i had a feeling this was encouraged by outside agitators, and i am very happy you came by to confirm that. of course, you won’t hear about the peaceful thoughtful citizens on the news. we only see and hear the loudmouthed bigots. thanks again, eleanor.