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Schundler’s Pissed

Okay, I’ll admit that I only covered this story, because I thought of that title for the post, and I really wanted to use it!

From NorthJersey.com:

Bret Schundler didn’t call Governor Christie a liar.

Nor did Schundler say his ex-boss simply ignored the truth when Christie publicly lacerated the Obama administration for rejecting New Jersey’s bid for $400 million in Race to the Top education aid over a petty “clerical error.”

Schundler, fired by Christie on Friday morning, offered a more charitable explanation hours after his dismissal. Christie had simple hit one of his famous “grooves” — a full-scale rant, where anger and bombast bubble to a boil, Schundler explained. It’s in those not-so-uncommon moments when Christie is capable of saying just about anything.

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