Shooting the Bull


Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA; 47 years old), Paul Ryan (R-WI; 40 years old), and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA; 45 years old) have authored a self-aggrandizing new book set to be released next month titled “Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders.” The book’s marketing campaign comes with a comical ad trailer, featuring a lofty soundtrack and soaring accolades (“They are ready to make history. Together, they are ‘The YOUNG GUNS!’ Innovative, energetic, forging new solutions.”)

But it’s not supposed to be funny! 😆

Original movie poster
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All the egotistical self-praise from the “young guns” was too much for former Republican congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. This morning, he and his crew incessantly mocked the new marketing campaign, debating whether it was a “parody.” “Never make up your own nickname,” cautioned co-host Willie Geist. Scarborough joked that the three congressmen “were” the future of the Party until their latest ego trip.


Hotline reports that House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) receives only 3 mentions in 191 pages. Former President George W. Bush “earns just 4 references, the same number as TN 08 candidate Stephen Fincher (R).”

Another challenge posed by the rollout is that Cantor has thus far been unwilling to publicly embrace his co-author Ryan’s budget roadmap, which is included in the book.

Recall, Ryan’s “roadmap” includes privatizing Social Security and Medicare, while at the same time repealing the estate and corporate taxes. The Ryan roadmap would lose $2 trillion over a decade, while requiring 90 percent of taxpayers to pay more, according to an analysis by the Citizens for Tax Justice.

On repeated occasions, including in recent interviews with Laura Ingraham and the National Review, Cantor has been asked directly whether he’d be willing to endorse the Ryan roadmap, and he has pointedly refused to do so.

(Watch the Squintborough clip at the THINK PROGRESS link)

And speaking of guns, from CITY PAGES (blog):

Michele Bachmann has been carting around embedded journalists this week on a carefully scripted bus tour designed to show her constituents that the Washington spotlight really hasn’t gone to her head.

But when she stopped in at the Federal ammunition factory in Anoka to blow off a little steam with both a semi-automatic and automatic rifle, the well-known gun rights advocate disappeared from view.


The media blackout was finally pierced by a couple of Federal employees. They told reporters that the congresswoman was firing at human-shaped targets.

More on that tomorrow, kids.


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30 responses to “Shooting the Bull

  1. MNLatteLiberal

    My inner male chauvinist pig was wondering, how Ms. Bachmann qualified as “young”. And speaking of typos, isn’t the book actually called “Young Goons”?

    ~ Latte (in absentia 🙂

    • latte,

      batshit bachmann doesn’t qualify as young, but she does qualify as someone who’s always shooting off her mouth. i needed a female for the poster, and since she was in the news for her shooting spree, i thought i’d put her in there as the den mother. 😉

      • MNLatteLiberal

        you’re being way to nice to her, nonnie. lmao.

        my sources tell me that during the glen beck thing last sunday, she was running around and trying to incite the crowd to chant un-American slogans aimed against our President.

        How quickly they forget their own definitions of what’s anti-American. Hope to share more tomorrow.

        And thanks again for what you do.
        ~ L

        • yes, i’ve always been way too nice to batshit bachmann. 😉

          when did she have time to try to rile up the crowd? i thought she was too busy counting up to a million!

          • MNLatteLiberal

            i saw that on keith’s (or was it rachael?) show. up until then the highest bidder was faux news itself with 600K. maybe batshit was channeling the late great Carl Sagan? billions and billions, dontcha know.

            • i’m just surprised she can count higher than 20 (after she takes her shoes off). did you see rescue me last night? there was a running joke about the word pavilion. it reminded me of that joke about chimpy being told that there was a flood in south america, and 10 brazilians had drowned. chimpy thought about it, looked distraught and asked how many is a brazilian again?

  2. If they had shame, they’d be embarrassed. 40 whatever, I guess, is young by politician standards, but not by regular people standards and regular people are supposed to be the target audience. Goofballs!

    • MNLatteLiberal

      To be fair, Chic, there are many areas of human endeavor in which 40 is considered to be young. Fields Medal in mathematics is awarded to young “budding” scientists under the age of 40, for instance. There are many colleges whose rules for tenure define under 40 (or 45) as young. There are scientific awards where 45 is the cut off for youth.

      But for a politician…hmmm…When the Constitutional threshold is 25 for the House and 30 for Senate, being a 40 yo Republican Congressman indicates a slow learner. One who is at least 20 years behind the rest of his non-GOP peers.

      • it’s not the young part that gets me. it’s that they think that they’re anything like daring gunslingers of old. instead, they’re little wussy boys who don’t even know the meaning of the word courage. people with courage don’t vote in lockstep. they stand for what they believe in. instead of young guns, they should have called themselves the egomaniacal pantywaists.

    • maybe they’re going by maturity levels. if so, then they’re mere toddlers.

  3. Paul Ryan likes Reagan so much he even recreated his hair.

  4. What’s with the shrunken Boehner golfing?
    He’s what 61 years old, or soon to be…. he is quickly fading into the *orange sunset*….
    he better look out or Cantor the token, will squash him like a bug???
    Either that or Batshit girl will just shoot him.

    • in the original, there were cowboys duking it out. we know that these wussyboys would pee themselves if anyone ever even made a fist at them. it just wasn’t realistic to show them grappling with other men (it’s not like ken mehlman was there and dreaming). just as batshit bachmann is there to serve as den mother, boohoo boehner is there to take them out for ice cream when he’s done playing golf.

      to tell you the truth, i think widdle ewic and his widdle fwends are trying to stage a coup. if they take over the house after the next election, they don’t want boohoo as speaker. widdle ewic is too ambitious for his britches, and he’s hoping his widdle fwends can make him speaker, and they can take over the leadership. that’s my prediction.

      • Ok makes sense the old golfing orange dude is shrinking & this new & improved young blood is takin’ over. Pow Pow Pow
        Boehner freaks me out…. maybe just because he is so orange… not a spectrum of human colors, or just that he reminds of the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. If he only had a brain.

        • what scares me is that people actually voted for this lazy orange slob. he always sounds and looks drunk when he speaks. why on earth would anyone want him to be speaker of the house?

  5. Latte is right about the age/professional thing. These jokers would seem like high school punks standing next to Professor Farnsworth (Good news, everybody!). Saw the Joe segment live and was amused. The most important thing is to have GUNS in the title. It helps their repressed phalic inadaquacy. And no pizza this time? All this distracts from the new big push from the log-in-my-pants repubs to make same sex marriage the new cause. That’s going to give the thumpers a case of the vapors. Speaking of such, Cantor would get a lot more mileage by ditching the token jew and becoming a tokin’ jew.

    • i watched the video of the morning schmoe segment, and it was pretty funny. it’s very bad news for the rethugs when squintborough starts making fun of you.

      i can’t wait to see what happens when the fundies hear that more rethugs are supporting gay marriage. the poop is going to hit the fan. i don’t think they’ll get a lot of independents, and they’ll have more of their base erode.

  6. Since when are the 40s “young”?
    I imagine some old geezers like Mc Cain and Peggy Noonan put that together.
    I bet they call them ‘upstarts’ and ‘whippersnappers.’
    Stupid shits.

  7. They’re neither young nor guns.

  8. Joanaroo

    Methinks the book should be called Old Farts:Same as the Last Generation of Conservative Stinkers. And Batshit Bachmann could have her own self defense book: Keeping America The Way God Intended: Don’t Shoot When You See The Whites!