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Things keep getting interesting behind the scenes on ”Dancing With the Stars.” A show insider says, ”Move over, Michael Bolton! Bristol Palin is now out-diva-ing you!”

The source said the daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has become a constant pain in the rear for “DWTS” staffers. ”Clearly she didn’t read the fine print on her contract — and that’s just a figure of speech. There’s nothing hidden in the contracts,” said the ”Dancing” source.

”Otherwise, Bristol wouldn’t be complaining about all the things contestants are required to do.”

Bristol and Mike The Situation Sorrentino, like their predecessor on DWTS, Kate Gosselin (whose only achievement to date seems to be squeezing out 8 kids), are now considered stars. Captain Underpants is flirting with Snooki on Twitter. Combine that with the news now becoming nothing but entertainment and the race for ratings, would this be inconceivable in the near future?
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Supposedly, the daughter of John McCain’s 2008 running mate is unhappy with the number of press interviews required of the stars. She also has had some major run-ins with show wardrobe designers over the various outfits being planned for her first performances — thinking they are too revealing.

”She is so clueless,” added the source. ”I’ve learned she never had watched the show before now, so she didn’t realize the sexy dance outfits are all part of it, especially if you have a relatively decent figure and are young.”

Click over to Karen Zipdrive’s Pulp Friction to check out Bristol’s dancing duds.

On top of all that, Palin reportedly has been very upset by some questioning — from staffers and other contestants — about both her mom (and her expected run for the presidency) and ex-beau Levi Johnston and his less-than-flattering cracks about Bristol competing on the ABC series.

β€’Β It didn’t take Sarah Palin long to play ”Mama Grizzly” for her daughter, tweeting, ”Wow! media goofballs rearing heads this wk, big time! Wonder what’s up? Taking the cake: ink re:Bristol=a diva? Silly; obviously have nvr met her.”

No, but some people we trust have!


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28 responses to “Unreality TV

  1. Crybaby-diva is in the GOP blood. She’s lucky they saw potential in her postpartum heiferness. She should shut up and dance. If not, get Snooki’s big barrel body out there. She could use the weight-loss help.


  2. Saberrulzz

    Thought she broke up with baby daddy because HE was a media whore? Now SHE wants to be a star.. Ha Ha! DWTS is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here…ratings that bad, eh? Why can’t she and ” ‘Ricky Hollywood” aka Levi just go away? I’m really tired of all the media attention these 2 get and all for nothing. ABC must be really hard up! I guess this “famous teen diva star” needs all the media attention…. as soon she’ll be The new Wasilla mayoress!!…well 1/2 term mayoress!

    • she’s just like her mother. she doesn’t want to really work, and she thought that this show would be fun. now that she realized that she might have to actually exert herself, she’s complaining. i hope she follows family tradition and quits halfway through.

  3. Amazing what interests folks. Tee vee is becoming more and more for dummies only! Who would want to watch this?

  4. I really should drop in on my old buddies on the reality TV boards to see what they think. Mind you, they didn’t have anything to say about Tom Delay last season. They might have nothng to say about Bristol this time around, either. If I’m lucky, they’re already organizing a campaign to voter her off.

    As for me, I’m rooting for Florence Henderson. She actually can dance, even if I haven’t seen her do it in more than 30 years.

    • the comments i’ve seen on various entertainment sites are not kind to her. more than anything else, people are saying that she’s not a star by any stretch of the imagination and that she should be staying home and taking care of her baby. of course, idiots who like her mother will vote for her. i really hope she makes a fool of herself.

  5. Just when you think TV can’t get any crappier…I guess the guidoette skankoid wasn’t avaiable. Still waiting for DeLay to dance his ass into the TDC for money laundering….and now our Dear Nonnie has been captured by those sexually depraved Japanese artists! Beware! They have tenticles and you don’t know where they’ve been. Don’t end up like poor Sailor Moon, they make her do awful, unspeakable things!

    • there probably waiting to ask snooki next season so capt underpants can be in the audience for her debut. he’s too busy right now with his reelection pandering.

      don’t worry, jerry melton. the sexually depraved japanese artists may be powerful, but they’re just wussies compared to the raisinettes. πŸ™‚

  6. These people just can’t escape the trailer park. I am thinking less diva than princess who’s got the crown cause she had the most teeth on her block. She grew up in the meth capital of Alaska with a nasty cheerleader mom and a doofus jock/gun lover b.f. and hot damn doesn’t it show ? More than her mom did when she was 9 months “pregnant.”

    • i would feel sorry for bristol and her sisters if they didn’t seem to be so much like their mother. they act like they’re better than everyone else, while they’re really just nouveau riche trailer trash.

  7. K

    The only time that show was decent was when Kelly Monaco was on.

    • i thought kelly monaco was creepy. there were a couple of good seasons (don’t ask me which, because i don’t remember), and at least they had a cast that most people had heard of. however, they’ve fallen into the reality show trap of manufacturing drama where there is none and manipulating the audience into voting for people who will get them ratings, rather than voting for those people who deserve to be there.

  8. I love how The Situation always points to his abs as if we don’t quite understand why he’s unbuttoned or pulled up his shirt every goddam time he’s in public.
    If a genie came to me and offered me three wishes, one would be for The Situation to be caught backstage schtupping Bristol from behind as the cameras rolled.

    • he should point to his head one day and see how many people will be fooled into thinking there’s a brain in there.

      if the genie shows up here and only gives me one wish, i’d wish for that, zippy! πŸ˜† i’d shell out for pay-per-view!

  9. Mac from Oregon

    Nonnie, I love your stuff! You are a bright spot in my day of Rethug madness, and American Taliban stuff. Keep it up, you must be a fountain of snark to produce as much as you do.
    I remain,
    One of your loyal fans