Drowning in Stupidity


Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), the chairman of the Atlantic Council, recently sat down for an interview with the Washington Diplomat. […] Towards the end of the interview, Hagel says that while he has “no plans to renounce his membership in the party,” he finds that the Republican Party of which he is a part is not “presenting any new alternatives, any new options, or any new thinking“:

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“I don’t see them presenting any alternatives, any new options or any new thinking,” Hagel said. “If the Republicans get back in power, what are they going to do? There is no articulation. It’s just a ‘no no no, I’m against Obama because he’s a socialist and he’s taking America in the wrong direction.’ That’s certainly an opinion, but what about you, Mr. Republican? What would you do?”

In fact, leading Republicans like Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and Peter King have proudly embraced the “no, no, no” agenda. Hagel told the interviewer that he remains confident that his party will once again rebuild itself. “The Republican Party will find a new center of gravity,” he said. “I think they’ll let this nonsense play out. It’s like a bad storm — it just has to go through.”

Want some new ideas? Check in with the Rethuglican leadership (no, I don’t mean Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh!). From THINK PROGRESS:

For months, congressional Republicans have refused to put forward a detailed policy agenda for this fall’s midterm elections, preferring instead to focus on their opposition to the Obama administration. Some in the House have dusted off former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s tarnished legacy and are advocating the creation of a new “Contract with America.”


Both Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) have thus far been reluctant to lay out an alternative GOP agenda.

[T]wo leading Republican senators […] urged their leadership to come out with an agenda. John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC), appearing on Fox News Sunday and Meet the Press respectively, each floated the idea of a new Contract with America, in a seemingly coordinated message:

McCAIN: I think the Senate and House Republicans should come forward with an agenda before the election. Yes. You know, as much as, as happy as we are about the outcome of the elections, when you look at the approval ratings of Republicans they’re just as bad as Democrats. We have to give them a reason to vote for us.


GRAHAM: Well, I think what we have to do is to come up with a uniting agenda, sort of a Contract with America, what would we do different on spending? … Going forward, [we need to] show the American people that the Republican party can govern.

When presented with one proposed positive agenda — Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) harsh Roadmap for America’s future — McCain declined to endorse it, saying he hadn’t studied it in “detail.”

Both Graham and McCain also praised tea party activists as a vital component of the GOP’s new base.

(Video at second THINK PROGRESS link)


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46 responses to “Drowning in Stupidity

  1. Pfft. Like tea party people are “the new base.” It’s the same old Republicans only stupider and louder.

    Great poster title! 🙂

  2. So, for new ideas they’re going to use their 1994 agenda?

    Ummmmmmmmmmmm ……..

  3. This is what happens when unfunny people think comedy is for everyone, it’s painfully unfunny.

  4. ***When presented with one proposed positive agenda — Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) harsh Roadmap for America’s future — McCain declined to endorse it, saying he hadn’t studied it in “detail.”***

    It’s called serfdom. Plain and simple. That’s their plan, the Republican plan. Hell, it’s the Democrat plan too. I’m beginning to think they’re all in on it. The Corporatocracy wants cheap labor so they can make large profits and rule their own little fiefdoms.

    Why do you think they extend easy credit to so many people? It’s created a dependency on buying shit and never having any money. That started in the 80’s you know, with Reagan. Before that, you had to have a lot of money to get credit, and you only got a little. Now someone working at Wal-Mart as a sales clerk can wind up in debt to the tune of five or six times their annual income.

    To add to that, business doesn’t want to pay their workers living wages. You can’t live on minimum wage and it seems like a lot of places pay only minimum wage and no more. In fact, it’s difficult to find a job making twice the minimum wage even if you have a college degree. To put that in perspective, my grandmother made almost five times the minimum wage in the mid-1970s when she worked in a factory. I know this for a fact as I saw pay stubs she had kept. She made nearly $10 an hour in 1975. Try to get that working at Wal-Mart now. Hell, try to find a white collar job even that pays five times minimum wage. Good luck!

    PS, I think we’re in some deep shit here economy-wise, and I’m not sure there’s any way out of it.

    • hey mad! even paul ryan’s buddy and co-author, widdle ewic cantor, won’t endorse his plan.

      as to the economy, i think there’s a way out, but it takes getting rid of all those ‘too big to fail’ banks and corporations. we need to get back to local economies, where farmers who live there sell you eggs, instead of some corporate whore who could care less if you get salmonella or not. banks should make loans to people only when they can check out where the money is going. opening a new business? the bank officer should get off his ass and make sure there’s really a storefront.

  5. “It’s like a bad storm…it just has to go through” Well, having just survived a land hurricane and tornado warnings, I must agree. But they can’t do enough window dressing to obscure the basic goper priciple to let the moneychangers back into the temple again…and again…and again……Dude! Serfs up!

    • i went through hurricane wilma. that was 5 years ago, and you can still spot some of the damage in places. when another hurricane comes through, the same thing will happen if structures have not been changed. that’s the problem with the rethugs. they can apply as much paint to make things look better, but when you don’t improve the structure, the cracks will begin to show, and when another storm comes along, it will crumble.

      • It was much better today, just a major outbreak of tornados after our 10 inch rain stopped. The news copters were following wall clouds all over the place and getting results live on the air. Houses 5 blocks from me got five feet of water in them in the flash flood. Like they say, if you don’t like Texas weather, just wait five minutes.

        • we don’t get a lot of tornadoes, but we’ve been drenched in rain for weeks now. the lake in back of my house is filled to the brim. all the storms in the atlantic have me quite nervous.

  6. jeb

    I thought they had a plan that involved sneaking out to the graveyard and exhuming St. Ronnie’s dead corpse and running him again. Since all they can do is live in the glory days of his marvelous presiduncy, that seems to be the only plan they’ve got. Oh, and helping the really rich steal as much as they can although that’s not so much a plan as a foundational principle.

    Well, there you go again…

    • GreenApples

      I like your ‘presiduncy’. I think I may use that! 🙂

    • He’s tan, he’s rested. he’s ready!…oh wait, that’s Nixon.

    • Actually, they wouldn’t even like him.

      Reagan raised taxes when deficits got wildly out of control. He had civil relationships with many Democrats. The real Ronald Reagan would be hated as weak these days. They rely on the ignorance of tea partiers who either were too young or are too forgetful to remember what really happened in the 80’s.

      • don’t confuse them with facts. the same people are convinced that john wayne was some kind of hero, only because he played one in movies.

        • And they simultaneously hate actors who take up liberal causes while adoring Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck, Kelsey Grammer, and … well, … Ronald Reagan.

          • and geniuses (in acting as well as in life in general) like stephen baldwin!

            • I almost mentioned him, but I couldn’t bring myself even to type the name.

              Yes, he’s a real winner, too.

              I haven’t checked on that “restore Stephen Baldwin” drive in a while. I wonder how well it’s going …

              • i had forgotten all about that! i just checked the site, and it says that they’re doing work at the site, and if you want to donate, you should contact them by email. you know what that means–they were getting so little money, it was too embarrassing to leave it up where everyone could see.

                • You’d think it would be embarrassing to ask for the money in the first place …

                  • if his rich brother doesn’t want to bail him out, then why should total strangers? he’s a loser.

                    • You know, when Gary Coleman found that the acting jobs had dried up … he got a job. Not saying that everything about his life is the way it should have been, but there is a certain wisdom in that.

                      Maybe Baldwin should give that some thought. I’m sure that there’s a McDonald’s somewhere in California that would hire him to flip burgers.

  7. Joanaroo

    I for one am sick of people saying *liberal media* because every damn thing I read in print, see on TV and read on the online versions has the Dems losing the House, losing the Senate, losing their shirt and damn near losing their ass. I’m just tired of it! What are these goddamn idiots who supposedly voting Rethug think those fuckheads are going to do for them? The male Rethugs are going to be sitting around playing with their tricky dicks and saying *no! no! No! NO!* all damn day!

  8. As explained to former conserv roomate: Liberal media means that your information is not controlled by the state or the church or even worse, the church/state theocracy. It would always piss him off because he knew I was right.

  9. jeb

    I certainly want freedom of the press to mean spoon-feeding me from the trough of corporate stew.

  10. wken (the thread ran out of room up there), you hit the nail on the head. the rethugs are always talking about how people have to be self-sufficient, but as soon as they hit the skids, they’ll beg, borrow, and steal before they’ll ever actually work for a living.