The Raisin Remembers


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11 responses to “The Raisin Remembers

  1. i was out all day again today, and i didn’t have anything prepared. i thought better of doing anything snarky tonight anyway.

  2. Better this than something snarky. Save it for whatever idiocy the 9/12 people have in mind.

  3. Was watching the MSNBC replay of the Today Show in “real time” to the mornings time. I remember the roomate banging on the front door, waking me and going into a frantic recap of what he had seen at work and then abruptly left. All I could say in my not awake yet mind was “are you bullshiting me, man!” Then the five days of non stop news coverage ending on that Saturday night with complete exhaustion of all covering it. Never imagined a Pearl Harbor in my lifetime. And it’s even harder to accept idiotic rhetoric that in this day and age, certain meanspirited elements are actually talking about starting a holy war, a crusade, to wipe out one and a half billion people because they don’t pray to the God of Abraham in the proper manor.

    • i was out all day today. i didn’t want to watch tv, especially the news and stories about 9/11. i don’t need to watch, because i remember that days and those following like they’re running in slow motion in my head.

  4. I was living in NJ at the time and had planned a trip to the big city that would have taken me right there, taking a train to the WTC . I changed my mind at the last moment and was listening to the radio when the news hit. I switched on the TV and saw the second plane hit and watched both buildings go down, live. I remember well. We should all hope that the mosque gets built, and we can show the world that we are a great nation with fairness to all. Unfortunately, I think the bigots are winning; to our disgrace.

    • apples, i, for one, am very, very glad you changed your mind. there was a mulsim prayer room in the world trade center. allowing the center would do so much to show the rest of the world that we’re about actions, not just words, when it comes to equality. faux news and the rethugs have gotten the teabaggers all stirred up. as soon as the election is over, you won’t hear another word about the non-mosque from any of them.

  5. Joanaroo

    Read about that Mosque Prayer Room while I was watching the realtime MSNBC broadcast, and I wrote an e-mail of thanks to the author after I read it and said hopefully this will open some closed minds after it’s read. If anything, watching the coverage of 9/11 should make people realize that religious zealotry is what made 9/11 happen in the first place. Had those planes been full of regular Muslim passengers, extremist Muslims like Atta still would’ve flown them into the towers, Pentagon and whatever location United 93 would’ve landed, and likely with a fight to the end. So whether it’s Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists or atheists being hurt and killed, terrorists don’t care.

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