Puttin’ On The Shitz!


In congressional campaigns across the country, GOP candidates are running ads tying the Democratic incumbent to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. One such candidate is Jim Renacci, who made headlines most recently when he told an African-American constituent that he wants to “get our federal government out of the way” on civil rights.

ThinkProgress caught up with Renacci, who is running against Rep. John Boccieri (D-OH) in Ohio’s 16th congressional district, at a town hall in North Canton this week. Renacci repeatedly levied the charge that Boccieri has voted with Pelosi 94 percent of the time. Therefore, since Renacci made a point that independence from one’s party leader was prized in the district, we asked him to give us one or two issues where he would break with a Speaker John Boehner.

Renacci could not name even a single issue where he would show independence from the Republican Party.

Original image

Right after chastising Boccieri for voting “lock-step” with Speaker Pelosi, Renacci dismissed how his voting record would compare to a Speaker Boehner, declaring “it isn’t voting with John Boehner, it’s voting ‘no’ for the constituents of the 16th district.”

See the transcript of the interview and the video at the THINK PROGRESS link.


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27 responses to “Puttin’ On The Shitz!

  1. Great depiction. Like everything else about these guys, they keep doing stuff that is out of style. Top hats and spats? Really. 🙂

    • thanks apples. this place was absolute bedlam today, so i had to rush through the poster.

      the rethugs bitch and moan about how the dems vote with nancy pelosi so much of the time, but they never mention that the rethugs vote together 100% almost 100% of the time.

  2. I hardly recognized Boehner without his orange! Villifying the Speaker is so 2009. Yawn. How would it be to be so full of shit?

  3. Top hats and spats do become them but a cane for use on the proles (NOT Poles!) might suit them better. We could bring back the old English practice of gentlemen wailing on anyone they felt like hitting with a stick who, incidentaly, had to stand there and take it. And look for no dissent from the party line. Day after day, the goofs all say the same thing and in the same order of words like a morning fax comes through with “this is what we all say today” and don’t you dare deviate from the party line. PS…any chance of an Amarillo/451 poster in the future?

  4. I just want to know how WriteChic got to “like” this post!

  5. Joanaroo

    Damn Rethugs can’t even wipe their own butts without one to watch and make sure they wouldn’t do it like Boehner. If they did they would all have traces of orange on their butts!

  6. Bringing on the ol’ razzle dazzle they are.
    Voting the party line is only bad if you are a Democrat…. pay no attention to those lockstep GOP’pers behind the curtain!!!

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