Storming the Castle


Delaware is not normally where you go for exciting politics. It’s a small state, totally dominated for most of the last three or four decades by three or four guys who keep getting reelected, except when they trade one of the state’s four major offices and get elected again. Mike Castle’s been getting elected for about thirty years. He was Governor. Then the state’s sole Representative since 1993. And now he’s trading up to be Senator. That’s just how things work in Delaware.

Until about a month ago.

Now it looks like he’s about to get rocked by totally wild-eyed Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell. She’s the one who says it’s not enough to be abstinent. You have to eliminate sexual desire entirely. Which suggests she’s what you’d call an aspirational politician rather than a realist.

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First The Tea Party Express started pouring in money for her. Then Palin endorsed her. Then this morning the Weekly Standard unloaded this hatchet-job on her. And now PPP has just released a poll showing her 3 points ahead of Mike Castle.

In any other year, you’d probably be safe seeing that as basically a tie race and figuring Castle’s machine strength could pull it out for him. But after Murkowski, maybe not.

And all that wasn’t enough, tonight the Tea Party Express (one of the more cash-n-carry of the national Tea Party groups) released a statement calling for the firing of the head of the state Republican party [Tom Ross].

Read the little love note that the Teabaggers released over at the TALKING POINTS MEMO link.


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28 responses to “Storming the Castle

  1. Wow. She’s a really special brand of nuttery. 😯

  2. Dusty

    These ‘paid for’ by the Koch brothers morons think they have the power to shit-can someone in the Repube leadership? WTF?

    And Christine really speaks to the nutters with that “whole abstinence ain’t enough” bs…christ what a bag of batshit. They never cease to amaze me and the election is still a loong ways off. Stay tuned eh? ;p

  3. Oh, look, it’s the Batshit Signal!

  4. Oh jeez– I want the tea party wackos to upset the GOP, but not actually get elected.

    • on one hand, this is hilarious, because the teabaggin’ tail is definitely wagging the rethuglican elephant. on the other hand, it’s scary that there are so many people dumb enough or uninformed enough to vote for these wackos.

  5. The leading guano candidate being sponsered by the phonetic “Cock brothers”. She would make noted antinookiest Paul seem like a free love hippie. Just because she ain’t getting any should not stop normal people from getting their share. Using her logic, I should go get a rusty straight razor and get rid of that pesky thing once and for all! Hollow ground, of course.

    • don’t get the razor, jerry!! you’d have to touch yourself in order to rid yourself of that pesky thing, and that would upset little chrissie.

      • Wow, never thought that it might fight back and try to make a break for it. And the weenie holder in the kitchen would be no good because I would still have to MANipulate the handles.

        • i think it’s best just to pray. and maybe think about baseball. i’ve heard that some men find that helpful.

          • But helpful the other way as revealed in the movie Getting Straight when Candice Bergen ask Eliot Gould why he lasts so long in the sack and he replies that he thinks about baseball, then she says “so that’s why you keep hollering slide! slide!”

  6. K

    How is it possible that Tea Party psychos even have a CHANCE of getting elected?
    Love that clip, Neon!

  7. I’m thinking the pen shoulda been droopy, in re: her besmirching Castle’s “manliness”.

  8. Joanaroo

    Geezus, wouldn’tcha think the First State would be so stuck in tradition that they’d know to stick with what has been down the same path so many times? Already, last night in her celebratory speech, O’Donnell asked for everyone of her sacrificial drones to *send in $100 because it will be like getting $1,000 each*. Whatever the hell that means! Did you notice too the token black man on her stage last night?