Boohoo Boehner Blinks, Yertle McConnell Stinks

From The Boston Globe:

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans, including Scott Brown of Massachusetts, said yesterday they are opposed to an extension of tax cuts for middle-income families unless cuts also are extended for the wealthiest Americans, setting up a defining showdown with President Obama in the run-up to November’s midterm elections.

The Senate signaled its determination after the Republican leader in the House, Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, stunned Washington on Sunday by saying he was ready to compromise as a last resort and back Obama’s plan to extend cuts for middle-income families while letting those for the highest wage earners expire.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell dug in with an all-or-nothing approach and his spokesman said he had enough votes to block anything that falls short of a continuation of cuts for taxpayers in every bracket.

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Although Democrats continued to accuse the GOP of holding middle-class tax cuts hostage in a bid to benefit the rich, Obama’s position was complicated by the potential defection of some centrist Senate Democrats who also want tax cuts extended for everyone.


The debate amounts to game of high-stakes chicken over an emotional pocketbook issue that touches on voters’ economic anxieties and populist resentment. If Congress cannot cut a deal by the end of the year, all the Bush-era tax cuts are set to expire. For middle-income families in Massachusetts — those whose total income is between $66,000 and $97,000 — that could mean an average increase in their tax bill of $1,831.


“We could get that done this week,’’ [President Obama] said. “But we’re still in this wrestling match with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell about the last 2 to 3 percent, where, on average, we’d be giving them $100,000 for people making a million dollars or more — which in and of itself would be OK, except to do it, we’d have to borrow $700 billion over the course of 10 years. And we just can’t afford it.’’

In addition to Boehner’s evident willingness to cut a deal, there is pressure for compromise from some Democrats, like Senators Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Evan Bayh of Indiana, and Ben Nelson of Nebraska. They are siding with Republicans against raising taxes on anyone in a fragile economic recovery.

Independent Joe Lieberman, who caucuses with Democrats, has said he wants tax cuts extended to everyone but would not vote against a bill that contained reductions only for low- and middle-income payers.


The Republican position drew a rebuke from one of the wealthier senators, Bay State Democrat John F. Kerry, who said in a statement: “It’s just plain wrong that there’s lockstep obstruction proposing to hold middle-class tax cuts hostage.’’

In an informal Globe poll yesterday of the Massachusetts contingent in Washington, Kerry and all members of the all-Democratic House delegation were behind the president’s plan to allow tax cuts on the wealthy to expire.

Representative Michael Capuano, for instance, said he will not vote to extend cuts permanently for higher wage earners and signaled that he believes Republicans are playing unfairly. “We either have to give Republicans everything they want or they’ll take their ball and go home? Well, go home then,’’ he said.

Representative Barney Frank said he, too, is not prepared to compromise, saying he doesn’t believe McConnell has the votes and will filibuster tax cuts for the middle class. (McConnell’s spokesman said the Senate minority leader was not threatening a filibuster yesterday.) “I know he’s got 41 Republican senators, but I don’t think he’s got 41 automatons,’’ Frank said.

There’s lots more in the article, with Dems who are for and against extending the tax cuts for the richest people.


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42 responses to “Boohoo Boehner Blinks, Yertle McConnell Stinks

  1. I saw them crying class warfare yesterday! Which class? Geez. Are they really going to step on the necks of the already burdened (and what’s left of the) middle class to keep the lips fastened securely on the asses of wealthy people? Really?

    • they would let poor people die in hospitals if rich people who are there for facelifts weren’t getting gourmet meals. just shut the damned place down!

      wtf is with the font in the comments all of a sudden? it’s huge!

      • Try “control” and the number zero. Yertle must have infested your computer with old folks font. 😀

        • i knew it wasn’t my computer, because the comments in the other posts were fine. it had to be something in the post itself. when i copied and posted from the newspaper’s site, it had some funky code in it, but i thought i had found it all and deleted it. howevah, i missed a ‘div’ or two, and when i got rid of those rascals, things were once again copasetic. 🙂

  2. I sure hope the dems don’t cave on this. It is totally in their favor to let the cuts for the very wealthy expire and hold them for the little guys. (They should call it “The Obama Tax Cut”.)

  3. aha!! finally got that giant comment problem fixed!

  4. The Destructionist

    Warren Buffet Declares, “U.S. Safe from Recession”

    “I am a huge bull on this country,” exclaimed Mr. Buffet, Chairman of Omaha, Berkshire Hathaway. “We are not going to have a double-dip recession at all…” (ROFL!)

    What planet is he living on? (Certainly not ours.) Doesn’t he see what’s going on in America? With a staggering unemployment rate continually on the rise due to the relocation of American jobs overseas by corporations – determined to squeeze every last drop of profit out of the almighty dollar – there can be little doubt about the financial condition of our country. Yet, Mr. Buffet has decided, by way of his self-appointed importance, along with his umpteenth years of financial experience in cajoling investors to participate in the most insidious shell game of all – Wall Street – that he somehow has the authority to declare an end to America’s financial woes with a simple proclamation.

    (What a joke.)

    Mr. Buffet is under the delusion that since he’s been successful at making billions of dollars in the past that he somehow has the “inside-track” on the economy based on historical economic data.

    (He is so wrong.)

    After the Great Depression, one could rely on businesses, like the small Mom & Pop’s, to pick us up out of the gutter, dust us all off, and return us back to the economic state from whence we came. Unfortunately, the old ways of doing things are long gone. Today, when one of our jobs has been shipped to another country, it’s gone…and for good. Therefore, it’s no longer possible to “restart” America like they did back in the good old days. Today, with regards to our financial crisis, we’re pretty much on our own.

    In short, people, like Warren Buffet, will say anything in an attempt to instill confidence in the markets and to get people to invest. But if there aren’t enough jobs in America to create a solid economic foundation, the structure upon which our country rests will remain in jeopardy.

    • so what’s your point, other than warren buffet is wrong? what does that have to do with tax cuts for the richest 2%?

      • The lad needs to read the classic work on depression-The Great Crash-by John Kenneth Galbraith and pay particular attention to the section discussing wealth as religion and the lack of control of inventories in the crisis. It’s a worthwhile read.

        • but he’s the great-great-great grandson of roger williams. it says so at his blog! while being a billionaire doesn’t make you an expert on the economy, apparently being the great-great-great grandson of roger williams does!

          • Well you know from my many references to RW that he’s a inspiration to my Baptist upbringing and free thinking ways. Looks like mere gentics fade with time. My little sister is married to the great, great grandson of John Phillip Sousa, the greatest composer of band music that has ever been. He is a worthless, abusive, fucking drunk.

    • The Destructionist

      That’s my point…Buffet thinks that because he’s a billionaire, he knows everything there is to know about the economy and thus has the power to proclaim, as if he were some kind of king, an “end to the recession”; never mind the fact that there are millions of Americans currently unemployed or homeless, and that a great many more have lost all their savings and investments during this tragedy.

      • he stated his opinion, but you characterize his statements as acting as though he were ‘some kind of king’? he’s got degrees in economics, he’s amassed a fortune, and he has run several businesses. he doesn’t hold elected office, and he doesn’t make policy. he’s allowed to have an opinion, and i don’t understand getting your undies in a wad, because you disagree with him.

  5. O’Donnell won! Yay for comedy! Yay for a democrat in November. 😀

    • Wouldn’t it be great if the teeparty folks actually give us some wins? Woo hoo!!!

      • if nothing else, the teaparty has made a shambles of the rethug party. the establishment rethugs should be shaking in their boots. i hope someone asks little chrissie what she thinks about princess sarah being knocked up when she got married, bristol getting knocked up in high school, little davy vitter and his hooker/diaper fetish, and newtie getting his dinky stinky with any woman who would have him while married.

    • i’ll celebrate when she loses in november. it’s really frightening when a fringie like her can win. the dems had better work their asses off on getting out the vote.

  6. jeb

    Wait a minute. Why wouldn’t I be for tax cuts for the wealthy? Isn’t it all going to trickle down to me and raise all boats to the same level or is that outdated?

  7. Richie Rich and the diamond-studded yertle–perfect!

  8. Seriously? McConnell is having a tantrum to protect the top 1%?
    Don’t you think this tax cuts for the rich thing is a kind of political suicide?

    Will the GOP go down in history spouting the same old same old “read my lips, no new taxes” as a last gasp??? The ultra wealthy must have a break!!!

    What part of $13.5 trillion dollar DEBT is not registering???

    Notice they never play the “generational theft” card when it is pork that puts $ in their pockets?

    9 long years of tax cuts for the rich are about to expire…. In my book, thats 9 years too many.

    But what is up with this??

    For middle-income families in Massachusetts — those whose total income is between $66,000 and $97,000 —

    MIDDLE income $66K & up?
    Well hell, I’ve never been middle income then.

    Ticks me off that some (alleged) dems are on this tax cuts for the rich bandwagon. When will they ever learn the ability to band together & get things done?
    The GOP votes in lockstep & the Dems divide up & bicker.

    To make matters worse, they are declaring tea party wins as a victory march for *palin*.

    Damn, this country is falling apart, Eh?

  9. Just read the tax thing went through 61-39 with the help of two retiring gopers. And I got to see the spectacle of Christine glowing at the prospect of starting her own personal ubercatholic purity patrol soon. Have a fantasy of puting her in a chair, Clockwork Orange style, and making her watch the dildo show that comes on cable every night abou 1AM. By the time they get to the Pudmaster 3000 with thrusting action, contrarotating ball bearings and multiple detachable pleasure pods, she’d hit that high note opera singers can’t reach! Or you could just feature her on a poster of 40 year old virgin.

  10. K

    I wish they’d stop playing around and have a tax-cut vote, already. Voters don’t care about rhetoric – they care about actions. That’s the only way they’ll see the rethugs for who they really are.

    • too much theater and not enough results. paint the rethugs into a corner and make them vote against the middle class. there are some who are willingly blind to the truth, and they will never be won over. however, there are plenty of independents in the middle who will not like the rethugs’ games.

  11. Joanaroo

    To say I’m pissed and disappointed in the wussy Dems would be putting it mildly! Just read more House Dems want full tax cuts for all, including those rich Repub billionaires. Fucking bastards! Couldn’t have a public option or universal health care (*like Canada* Fuck you, Gibbs!) but can play nicey with the GOP! You know, I’m almost 50 but had never heard of till I read about *Rainbow parties* where girls wear different colors of lipstick and perform oral sex on guys and the guys celebrate the rainbow of lipstick on their penises. I bring this up only because the Dems who want the rich to have their Bush tax cuts can have a reverse of that, an *Orange Glow party* Line up, let Bo(eh)ner whip it out, and check out the Dems who are blowing the possible new Majority, but hopefully new Minority Leader, and have tan in a can on their lips and faces. *If vour candidate has orange lips and face, vote him out, the Dem Disgrace! Let’s get Progressives in who won’t kiss ass! And get real, needed legislation to pass!

    • there are places in the country that are a lot more conservative than others. there are some votes i can forgive the blue dogs for, but there are some that are just stupid. right now, they’re all trying to save their own asses. i hope they figure out that kowtowing to the rethugs will not do them any good. the teabaggers are loud and get lots of attention, but they don’t represent where the vast majority of the people are.

  12. The Destructionist

    Oh…I see… (yawn)

  13. but there are a ton of non-rich who STILL think tax cuts for the rich will trickle down and create jobs

    amazing huh? stupid stupid country

    the only think trickling down is the pee from mcconnell’s useless ——. and his chins of course

  14. The Destructionist

    You’re right distributorcap,

    There are people who still believe that “trickle-down” economics works because they’ve drunk the political “Kool-aid” and are willing to believe whatever they are told. (Unfortunately, I’ve seen this kind of behavior in both Republicans and in fellow Democrats.)

    People need to start thinking objectively and on their own for a change. They shouldn’t believe everything they see or hear just because someone happens to be rich, powerful, or famous. Fox News states that it is “fair and balanced,” yet we really don’t believe that, now do we?

    [To Nonnie9999: this is why my “undies,” as you so politely put it, are “in a wad…” over this issue:
    Warren Buffet may not hold political office, but he is a billionaire after all; which means that people look up to him for financial advice. My contention with his statement, “We are not going to have a double-dip recession at all” (considering that all future economic statistics look bleak, and our economy is still mired in the same recession that began with President Bush) – only shows his ignorance and disconnect with reality regarding the plight of the average American. His comment was a severe slap in the face to everyone currently struggling to pay their mortgages and put food on their tables.

    In closing, I agree with you: those of us living on the lower to middle-class socio-economic ladder deserve a tax cut. But more importantly, what we need right now are jobs, and fast, before things get really, really bad…]

    • destructionist,

      i was not saying that warren buffet was right or wrong. he knows more about economics than i do, but i know more about living hand-to-mouth than he does, and i see that people are hurting. i agree with you that the middle class and poor need a tax cut. after all, they’re paying a higher rate than rich people pay on money that they haven’t earned by actually working.

  15. The Destructionist

    Thank you, for your understanding.