Stinky & the Brain

From New York Magazine:

“American scientific companies are crossbreeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains,” warned Delaware senate candidate Christine O’Donnell on the O’Reilly Factor in 2007.

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As you might expect, that’s not exactly true:

Human-mouse chimera studies were reported in 2004 that involved the injection of human neural stem cells into developing mouse brains β€” something different from crossbreeding β€” resulting in brains that were one percent human, and a Stanford researcher did ask his ethics board for an opinion on the ethics of creating chimeric mice with 100 percent human brain cells, according to The Washington Post. But that experiment was never conducted.

Still, shouldn’t we hedge our bets and elect at least one senator to stand as a bulwark between us and these mouse-people mutants?


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29 responses to “Stinky & the Brain

  1. Hey, Jack-off-kateers! I wonder if this means Paladino will add sentient mouse porn to his extensive collection of bestiality.

  2. I present two choices for Christine O’Donnell’s theme song in addition to “She Bop” and “Turning Japanese.” Take it away, Pinky and the Brain!

  3. Joanaroo

    Oh, JFC! This is along the lines of the same shit that Christer QB Kurt Warner said in his pack of lies against stem cell research in an ad for the Arizona GOFuckingP. He said stem cells were going to be used for cloning. I guess the future idiot on *Dancing With The Republican Looneys*, (and why the fuck Margaret Cho will be on there?! Oh, yeah- Token lesbian/gay person!), doesn’t want to ever see or hope for the day a paraplegic or quadraplegic would be able to walk again with legs no longer paralyzed! Damn people who claim they’re so damn religious then lie like hell piss me off!

  4. Joanaroo

    I love Ozzy and normally wouldn’t recommend his songs be a theme for anyone a hundred times nuttier than him, but O’Donnell belongs on the Crazy Train!

  5. If those mice have fully functioning human brains, then could we get one of them to run for the Senate rather than O’Donnell?

  6. jeb

    She needs to team up with Rick “man on dog” Santorum and they can sit and ponder the question of why a dog licks himself.

    I don’t know about mice/human brain hybrids but she sure is a shit-for-brains.

  7. Ooh! — I was just *waiting* for you to skewer the latest Stepford-Sarah clone! nonnie, you are brilliant …

    • aww, shucks, jaliya! you make me blush. 😳 little chrissie is comedy gold, just like princess sarah, batshit bachmann, et al. if i could make you giggle, then my having to look at little chrissie pix was worth it. πŸ™‚

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  9. URGENT: Contact the Mighty MikkoMouse—The jig is up!!…Pristine has out you!!…burn all incriminating documents….

    • shhhhhh!!! mighty mikk0mouse is working undercover. pristine (i like that!) doesn’t have a clue, because he’s spelled his name differently. she’s not too bright, dont’cha know. πŸ˜‰

  10. Joanaroo

    Oh my, Lord! Lock all your doors, batten down the hatches and guard your intelligence! Ya know, that thought about cloning may be true! As the Stepford Wives were mentioned, maybe Princess Palin has a workshop in Wasilla where she’s rolling cloned idiots off the Tea Party assembly line! They may not look alike but all think alike! LOL! What a horrible thought that would be, but it makes you wonder how there could be so many stupid people!

    • the problem is not that these people are so stupid. there will always be stupid people. the problem is that they’re given a megaphone so that they’re loud enough for everyone to hear. that only emboldens more stupid people, and the cycle keeps repeating itself. you can thank the lazy non-journalists for that.

  11. who’s the leader of the GOP that has an empty head

    hard to believe there is someone more insaner and a bigger moron than Palin….

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