Nightmare Girls

From Andy Ostroy at OpEd News:

It’s the hottest band in politics: Sarah & the GOPettes. Ya got Palin, Michelle Bachman [sic], Nikki Haley and Christine O’Donnell. They’re young, personable and attractive, and are out there on the 2010 Tea Party Tour whipping the radical right-wing fringe base into a veritable frenzy. O’Donnell’s the latest addition, with her stunning defeat of 42-year Delaware Republican career-politician Mike Castle in Tuesday’s Senate primary. Heck, I’ll even throw the 61-year-old Sharon Angle [sic] into this group.

(From far right to even more far right: Little Chrissie O’Donnell, Princess Sarah Palin, Batshit Michele Bachmann)
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Palin, her GOPettes and all the other Tea Baggers like Newt Gingrich, Rand Paul and Joe Miller speak in racist code language (“restoring America,” “taking the country back”), portray themselves as grass-roots revolutionaries, but lack any real qualifications commensurate with one of the most important jobs in the world. What they’re expert at is throwing around irresponsible, incendiary rhetoric at every turn while claiming to be part of America’s diverse fabric.

Yet during O’Donnell’s victory speech there appeared to be just one black person in the entire room. In a pathetic attempt to prove the Tea Party’s ‘big tent’ claim, he was quickly ushered to the stage and very noticeably and awkwardly pushed right beside her as she began to speak. But then O’Donnell introduced him as the campaign’s lawyer.


To be sure, O’Donnell knows how to fire up voters. But in a virtually all-Democratic state like Delaware, she’s gonna fire up more Democrats and Independents against her, which is why she’s unelectable in the general election, and which is why iconic Republican operative Karl Rove gave a delicious smackdown to Fox‘s Sean Hannity Tuesday night in telling him how utterly wrong he was about her chances of winning in November against Democrat Chris Coons.


Rove also spoke of O’Donnell’s questionable character, and that she owes $12,000 in taxes; foreclosed on her home; lied about her education; and has made very bizarre claims that her opponents “Follow me home at night. I make sure that I come back to the townhouse and then we have our team come out and check all the bushes and check all the cars to make sure that — they follow me….They’re hiding in the bushes.”


The emergence and success of the Tea Party is a direct result of the Bush/Cheney/Rove dumbing-down of the Republican electorate. For eight years they lied to them about the Iraq war, fear-mongered over terrorism, distracted them with gay marriage and veered them so far away from their own economic self-interests to the point where they were well-primed for Sarah & the GOPettes’ ignorant, empty-suited populist rhetoric. They literally dumbed ’em down so far that it didn’t take much for Mama Grizzly’s even dumber Tea Bag minions to steal them away from Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and the mainstream GOP leadership. I guess you reap what you sow. The Tea Party fanatics are Rove’s chickens coming home to roost.


With O’Donnell’s victory, Tea Baggers are sending the same kind of naive, misguided, anger-fueled message to the Republican Party that the Naderites sent to Democrats in the 2000 presidential election. Syphoning precious votes away from then-vice president Al Gore, these foolish voters’ real message soon became quite clear: “Welcome to the White House, Mr Bush.” And for eight miserable years they got in return the exact opposite of everything they stood for. Now with nominees O’Donnell and Angle, for example, this same sort of Tea-Party-poured message will not only cost Republicans key seats, but could very well be the thing that keeps Democrats at the controls.


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22 responses to “Nightmare Girls

  1. Yep, Haley and Angle could easily have been included as well. A quintet if not a whole choir of banshees — and don’t forget Rand Paul, the most dangerous of the lot even if he’s more skilled at sounding normal. Most of the time.

    they follow me….They’re hiding in the bushes.

    Plotting to adulterate our precious bodily fluids, no doubt. I’m surprised her campaign even has a black lawyer, but she probably figures, well, them smarty-pants innaleckshul types are all lizard space aliens anyway, so what difference does it make?

    The Tea Party fanatics are Rove’s chickens coming home to roost.

    Rove now finally seems to realize that those chickens need to be choked, but O’Donnell won’t let him. In the words of a comment I ran across more than a year ago:

    Basically as part the polarization strategy Rove and all these other geniuses some of whom are now whining about the outcome let the Morlocks out of the basement and they’ve taken over the house. This is going to take a generation to work itself out.

    Ostroy is surely right that the used-teabags-for-brains gang will cost the Republicans some seats. I just hope it’s enough to send them the message that they need to clean house and tell O’Donnell to go fuck herself — oh, wait.

    The bat on Bachmann is a nice touch.

    • i might have to include the whole chorus next time. i found this pic, and i immediately could picture the 3 bimbos in it.

      that’s batshit bachmann’s signature batshit accessory. same with princess sarah’s price tag.

      • Also, “you can look but you can’t touch” for Prissy Chrissie, although I have my doubts about any pretty conservative woman who went on “Politically Incorrect” not being touched by Bill Maher. That guy has a thing for conservative women–and Prissy Chrissie went on almost 20 times!

        • can we all bow our heads and pray that the next video bill shows is one of him and little chrissie doing the nasty? 😆

          • He has clips for every week until the election. If he has anything that explosive, he’ll wait until the end. Also, since it’s HBO, he might actually be able to show it.

            Of course, Prissy Chrissie can appear on Real Time before then and he’ll stop.

            • that was pretty hilarious when he said it was going to be like a hostage crisis. though i don’t remember anything specific that she said, i sort of remember her on politically incorrect. i didn’t remember her until i saw the clips.

          • Dare we hope for one of Christine and Sarah P “doing the nasty”? That would blow their image once and for all…..and it would be just such a perfect comeuppance…..

            • well, if we’re going to dream big, let’s keep our fingers crossed for the ménage à trois with princess sarah, little chrissie, and levi johnston. no, hold that, instead of levi, jim demint! 😆

              • Levi Johnston? No, I’d substitute (tremble) Rush Limbaugh. I’m sorry, but they’re evil enough to deserve that.

                • if it’s rushbo, then everyone will have to listen to the disgusting details. i think jim demented demint should be the one to do the dirty deed. he’s so high and mighty, so it would be nice to knock him down.

  2. Great poster. It’s funny how the dresses look beautiful on the Dream Girls and ghastly on the batshit crazies. 😆

  3. How about Pristine and the No-Gos. Of course no one in the band will be allowed to play a Fender Bass, what with the extra length and the shape of the head. And when elected, the first priority has got to be getting the army to ditch those German style helments because, well, you know…

    • i don’t think any of them will be allowed to play any instruments. first, pristine won’t be willing to blow anything. beside that, instruments vibrate, and that has to be sinful.

  4. jeb

    Dante can now add another circle of hell which would be an eternity spent listening to the GOPettes singing harmony. The thought of that might force me back to church.

  5. The Three Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. And Bachmann’s head is ready to explode ala Scanners…

  6. Good one : The Three Horsewomen of the Apocalips. A hate story…