Send In the Clones


Following her tea party-fueled victory in Delaware’s GOP senate primary this past week, Christine O’Donnell has soared to national prominence faster than you can say “Sarah Palin.” In fact, many are likening O’Donnell to the mama grizzly herself.

Original DVD cover

Let us count the ways:

• A folksy style that laughs off her party’s hierarchy. (We’re talking about you, Karl Rove).
• A working class background to be proud of.


• A certain kind of femininity attractive to both men and women. (In a Daily Beast column headlined “Watch Your Back, Sarah,” Bloomberg’s Margaret Carlson warns Palin “not to be upstaged by the new It Girl on the block.”)
• A stick-to-her-guns attitude. (Addressing the conservative Values Voter Summit in Washington Friday, O’Donnell resuscitated the “death panel” charge against health care reform.)
• A meteoric rise in media attention.


• And a tendency to colorful rhetorical flourishes like, “I can see Pennsylvania from Delaware.” (OK, we made that up.)

Liberals and Democrats are dredging up O’Donnell’s checkered past – not hard to do, since establishment Republicans already had done that in promoting US Rep. Mike Castle for the senate post. One who is not doing that is Chris Coons, O’Donnell’s Democratic opponent in the race.


“I thank you for that gentlemanly approach,” O’Donnell replied.

Republicans love to tar Democrats with waging “class warfare” on things like the federal minimum wage and whose taxes to cut.

But some observers are beginning to see class as an issue within the GOP itself as it struggles to balance its traditional view of who should be in the club with the tea party insurgency that has notched significant wins over establishment Republican candidates in this year’s primary elections.


Americans like to think of themselves as living in a classless society. That’s one reason we revolted in the first place. But that’s never been true, whether one is a Democrat or a Republican.

A tip of the hat to the lovely and talented Purple Priestess for the movie suggestion.


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35 responses to “Send In the Clones

  1. So it’s cloning that’s behind all this?! I suspect a mad scientist lurking in the background somewhere. O’Donnell had it backwards. These are humans with the brains of mice.

    Watch Your Back, Sarah,” Bloomberg’s Margaret Carlson warns Palin “not to be upstaged by the new It Girl on the block.”

    Catfight! Catfight!

    • i’d love to see a catfight between these two. i read that there was plenty of tension in the air when princess sarah and batshit bachmann appeared together. none of them want to be pushed out of the spotlight by any of the others. we’ll probably have to depend on eyewitness testimony when the shit hits the fan, because they’ll do their best to hide the shitstorm from the public and the press.

  2. She’s borrowed her bangs and glasses, too. Did you see the “dabbled in witchcraft” sound bite. I think it was Bill Maher who released it. The flakes are rising to the top in the GOP. 🙄

  3. jeb

    Is this a case of human-animal hybrids?

  4. This is no ordinary stupid. This is extraordinary stupid. They both have no problem speaking their mind when they have no idea what they are talking about. It takes a special kind of stupid to say the things they say. I’m happy some of it has been recorded. ;D

    Great image, nonnie!

  5. Writechic: Did you see the “dabbled in witchcraft” sound bite.

    Hail Satan! But if O’Donnell was ever really involved in that, she came away a bit doctrinally confused. I have it on good authority that the Dark Lord is firmly in the pro-wanking camp.

    Nonnie: i think she either saw that in a movie or heard somebody talking about it, and when she needed something to say on tv, she made the story her own.

    Very possible. It used to be common practice for fundies to claim they had been involved in Satanism and “escaped” from it, when all their claims on the subject made it painfully obvious that they knew absolutely nothing about it. Nowadays that fib has been mostly replaced by the similar pretensions of the “ex-gay” ministries, but O’Donnell wouldn’t have the guts to claim she used to be a lesbian.

    • someone at the big orange astutely pointed out that the fundies will forgive her for dabbling in witchcraft, because they’ll be shouting hallelujah that she found jesus. however, they won’t forgive her for hanging out with a liberal atheist like bill maher. 😆

  6. Nonnie, you must take more care with the artwork. It appears the Florida humidity has wrinkled up those women, especially the one on the far right. But you did catch the frumpy quality just right. Every day brings more chatterbox excitement and now she’s dodging the national TV shows, even Fox. Probably afraid they will ask things like “Would you eat meat sacrificed to idols?” (note: not a sin if you do not believe in said diety) But her impending dilema is making the Princess look SO old! And things will really get testy when it’s revealed that Bristol is going to use her potential campaign song on DWTS this week: Momma told me (not to come)!!

    • jerry,

      for a change, i didn’t alter princess’s face, and that pic was from back at the beginning of the capt underpants campaign! she must be filled with botox now, but it won’t help, because the meanness is aging her.

      is that going to be bristol’s song on dwts? if it’s going to be princess sarah’s theme song, shouldn’t it be ‘take this job and shove it’?

  7. O’Donnell likes to call Palin “Governor”, not “Ex-quitter half-term governor”

    I hate that she carries the title, even though she quit the job. O’Donnell probably figures she should lick Palin’s boots, in hopes she might be the VP pick for Palin’s presidential campaign. You just know god is going to tell Sarah P to run for prez. …. because Sarah has been answering the “will you run for president in 2012?” question with a “If god wants me to”.

    We need separation of church & fate!

    O’Donnell canceled her weekend talk show schedule…. like as if she woke up in the morning & suddenly realized she is not ready for prime time.

    Meanwhile the press is all abuzz.. Sarah in Iowa…. this must mean presidential posturing.
    Must we endure her screachy, blinky campaigning style again?

  8. ““I dabbled into witchcraft. I never joined a coven….”

    And Bill Clinton never inhaled.

    But at least he knew how to keep his grammar straight.

    • props!! 😀 you haven’t graced us with your presence in way too long!

      we think alike. the first thing i thought after i heard little chrissie say that is how the hell do you dabble into something? another uneducated moran. 🙄

  9. Yup. I ‘spect that along with her other loonytoon sisters– Palin, Bachmann, Engle, Fox — none of them has an IQ higher than my present room temp…

  10. Joanaroo

    America is classless? Nah, just the GOP/Tea Party numbskulls are classless!

  11. Wow, nonnie … I’m amazed you found a photo of Christine O’Donnell with her mouth shut … or did you get up to some wizardry?