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Late last week, the Ben Quayle for Congress campaign released a new YouTube video featuring the young Republican blasting the government for supposedly “loading massive debt on the backs of Americans so the politicians can keep spending money on their agenda.”

The video begins with Quayle saying that, while “numbers can be boring, every American can and must understand the numbers I’m about to describe.” He warns that “America is today spending well over 14.5 trillion dollars a year”:

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QUAYLE: […] Today, just two years after Barack Obama was elected president, government share of GDP in America is 44 percent. Government in America is today spending well over 14.5 trillion dollars a year.


The problem with Quayle’s video is that it appears that even Quayle himself doesn’t “understand the numbers” he describes. The last budget signed into law by President Obama laid out a $3.5 trillion budget for the federal government — nowhere near the $14.5 trillion Quayle claims is being spent. Current US GDP hovers slightly above $14.6 trillion, meaning that, for the government to be spending 44 percent of GDP, it would have to spend $6.4 trillion, almost double what it is actually spending.


Whatever Quayle thinks, he likely realized that this video ominously warning about the dangers of government spending was problematic, because he pulled “the ad after about an hour” of being on YouTube.

(Video at THINK PROGRESS link)

It’s a damned good thing that facts and intelligence don’t seem to matter on the Tea Party right side of the aisle. From the PHOENIX BUSINESS JOURNAL:

U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., has endorsed Ben Quayle’s congressional run. Quayle won a crowded Republican primary to succeed retiring U.S. Rep. John Shadegg. Some Republicans were less than keen about Quayle winning the GOP primary but a number of key party leaders are betting behind his general election bid.

“Ben Quayle combines a bright mind and keen interest in policy with the strength of character and energy to succeed,” said Kyl in a statement.“I endorse his candidacy and look forward to serving with him to represent Arizona.”

Shadegg, U.S. Sen. John McCain and Gov. Jan Brewer are also backing Quayle, a Paradise Valley investment attorney and son of former vice president Dan Quayle. Quayle faces Democrat Jon Hulburd in the general election in a district that includes Anthem, Desert Ridge, north Phoenix and Paradise Valley.


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24 responses to “Tater Tot

  1. He’s a special kind of dumb with a deer in the headlights glow about him.

  2. jeb

    He’s a disappointment to his family and the rethug party yanking that video within an hour. The standard practice is to stand by your made up numbers no matter what. Evidence is usually just a liberal conspiracy anyway.

    • if this is the next step in the pathetic quayle political legacy, they should pack up and just go away quietly. unfortunately, this moronic asswipe is probably going to win, only because poppy bush made sure he has a lot of money for ads. hopefully, ‘the dirty’ will spell doom for the little asswipe. he’s entirely unqualified for congress. he’ll, he’s unqualified to be dogcatcher. it has to be difficult to embarrass the quayles after mr. potatoehead, but they should be embarrassed by this shithead.

    • Rick

      He’s a disappointment to his family ? I’m not so sure his family (of dimwits) has the capacity to understand what he might have done wrong. How could a potatoe chip possibly disappoint the potatoe-head family ?

      • hello rick,

        welcome to the raisin! 😀

        i don’t think the quayles know the meaning of the word shame. seriously, i don’t think they know the meaning! 😉

  3. i just sent this email to tater tots opponent for congress To Jon Hulburd
    http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i91/nonnie9999/movies/likefatherlikesondanandbenquayle2.jpg you got to see this latest peice of political art from hysterical raisins featuring dan and ben quayle!.. heres the blog https://mikk2.wordpress.com/2010/09/29/tater-tot/

    check my blog here http://blogdogcicle.blogspot.com/

  4. Joanaroo

    Wow! Old Ben is being backed by a whole lotta stoopid!

  5. Wow. These are not remarkable people, America. They are at best regrettable; at worst downright despicable. Make that 998 points of light. Love the DQ’s Potatoe head shirt too, what a dipshit, anyway.

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  7. Not a fan of dynastic politics. It is just annoying to think it gives someone a genetic qualification to rule. We might as well go back to the god-king thing. Just look at impending mess in N. Korea with Kim #3 being preped. I think somebody is going to shank this one.

    • i didn’t think i’d ever say this, but this legacy is even worse than chimpy! it seems that old politicians, once they realize their offspring are utter losers, push them into jobs where they won’t actually have to work–politics! yes, there are some politicians who actually do work, but there are those (lookin’ at you, batshit bachmann) who don’t actually write up any legislation, they just show up to say whatever the funders of the teabaggers and their corporate donors tell them to say.

  8. The apple didn’t fall from the tree.

  9. kyl and brewer would back hitler and pol pot if they ran as republicans…..

    i always thought marilyn quayle was a porn star in another life

    • they back russell peirce who is bestest friends with the neo-nazis, so why wouldn’t they back hitler?

      marilyn quayle always seemed like the smart, reasonable person in that marriage. it seems she wasn’t very good at raising smart kids. at least she failed with this one.