That’s the Spirit!


An astute commenter noted that I passed through Nevada without a word about the Harry Reid-Sharron Angle Senate Race. There is a reason for that. This trip is about things I can actually see with my own eyes. For all intents and purposes, Sharron Angle is invisible–and Harry Reid was out of state for the days I was there. Angle is part of a growing legion of (mostly Republican) ghost politicians.

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It’s a trend that has been building for years: why risk actually meeting with the public, or dealing with the media, if there’s a chance you might say something makaka. If you’re an inexperienced extremist like Angle, Rand Paul or Christine O’Donnell, there’s a very good chance you’re going to screw up. If you ran a primary race as a right-wing scorcher, like Ken Buck in Colorado, there’s always a chance you’re going to get caught modifying a position. (I’m therefore grateful to Buck for the courage he showed in meeting a politically unreliable columnist like me–really!)

In fact, I went to a Buck event for veterans in Denver that consisted of the following: Candidate walks in, shakes every hand. Candidate announces that he’s not going to say anything of substance because of the presence of a Democratic Party tracker (with videocam). Candidate leaves.


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25 responses to “That’s the Spirit!

  1. Great Poster! (I loved Don Knotts.)

    I can’t believe cowardice is an acceptable “strategy.”

  2. I had to looks at the witch necklace to be sure that was Prissy Chrissy. Speaking of Prissy, her witchcraft story is complete hooey.

    • i said immediately that she was full of shit. she either saw something in a movie or heard someone tell a story, and she made believe it happened to her. she’s so obviously a liar.

      • So, my question is, why do her lies seem to stick to her better than they stick to Mooseburgers?

        Also too, speaking of “Ron Rotts” have you used The Amazing Mr. Limpett yet, or The Private Eyes with Tim Conway? The latter contains possibly the best line ever uttered in cinema: “Neers! Neers! You’re standing in horse neers!”

        • i think little chrissie and the others are following the path of princess sarah. unfortunately for them, some in the media saw how the media allowed princess to get away with it, and they understood that they could cause just as much of a fuss (read: increase their own ratings and/or readership) by actually uncovering the truth instead of just acting as stenographers for the teabagging batshitters.

          the movies you mentioned have been in my sites for some time. just waiting for the right story to use them (providing i remember them). if you hear of a story that might work well with them, don’t hesitate to let me know. suggestions are always welcome.

  3. The idiocy this year is so off the chart. Some bagger was claiming this week that the feds are spending more than 14 trillion on social welfare this year. They just make shit up and rarely get questioned about it. They are mad, they are angry, the are doing gods work, and they hyper-rich don’t have enough money. Do you ever wonder if billionaires reuse paper towels?

  4. “more than 14 trillion on social welfare this year.”

    I don’t even know if the entire federal budget is that big. Even if it is, then he’s including all of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and all of the benefits for all federal employees, including the military, and all their dependents in that “social welfare” category.

  5. Kip

    With so much craziness going on, I forgot all about chicken-lady.

  6. with so much hate and lunacy coming from the right – i find it hard to laugh any more – but you sure make me smile!

  7. Seriously, I think that this has to be the stupidest election cycle I’ve ever seen.

    Candidates refuse to talk to the press because they’re the press, and that’s seen as a victory. Looking into campaign finances is considered an unjustified smear.

    Issues-based things aside, the sheer stupidity brought to campaigns is staggering.

    And depressing.

  8. Joanaroo

    I better send this before I need to build an ark here in S.E.P.A.! What I don’t understand is why you see reporters for the msm taking these looney toons seriously, as in not questioning the ones they can talk to, and just coming right out and asking viewers, readers and listeners *Wouldn’t you be ridiculed if you said stuff like this? Here are the facts- * I think the msm is too afraid to question these nuts!

    • i think some of them are afraid, because they think the teabaggers will go after them (not physically, but by barraging their advertisers and making pests of themselves), but there are far more who actually would like to ask reasonable questions but aren’t given access.

    • Very well said!

      NPR isn’t afraid to report on the stupid survey that said 1 in 5 Americans think Pres. Obama is a Muslim by saying that “such-and-such percent have the mistaken impression that he’s a Muslim. He is, in fact, a Christian.” It’s a fact. Report it as such.

      If someone says something stupid like “death panels,” then point out that there’s no such thing. It’s not the press’ job to print every stupid thing that anyone says, but rather to report facts.

      If the facts are, “There are no beheadings in Arizona, but the governor claims that there are,” then that should be the headline. It’s not an opinion question.

      • but it’s not a matter of the msm fearing to ask the questions. it’s all about ratings. what fun are facts? isn’t it more exciting to have people talking about killing grandma and grand conspiracy theories about obama being a manchurian candidate, conceived in order to take over the entire country and turn it into a new soviet union? the msm is not missing guts, it’s most certainly missing integrity. “jounalists” have to ask themselves what they want to do–bring the facts to light or be entertainers. if it’s the latter, then they should be labeled as entertainers, not reporters.