Ethel Taitz


Orly Taitz, the self-appointed “queen of the birthers,” has endorsed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle.

Taitz today asked supporters to donate money to Angle’s campaign and to visit Las Vegas to stump for the Tea Party darling.

I bet Sharron the Obtuse Angle is sooooo excited over getting an endorsement from someone so widely well-respected. That takes the sting out of having to wear a socialist hat that had to be approved and certified healthy by the CDC. If only everyone had listened to Congressman and medical doctor, Paul Broun (R-BATSHITVILLE).

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But I digress…

“For the next 5 weeks I am less important, and my $20,000 sanctions are less important than Sharron, so please, donate,” Taitz wrote on her website. “Now is the time to take a trip to Vegas!…we can walk the precincts for Sharron, dispense fliers to the undecided independent voters or moderate, blue dog Democrats, who are fed up with this takeover of the country or we can tell some lazy Conservatives to get off their lazy b…. and vote.”

Taitz is a California dentist and lawyer who gained national attention for her “birther” theories, namely that President Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen and therefore is ineligible to serve as president.

The Supreme Court recently upheld a $20,000 fine against Taitz for a frivolous lawsuit she filed in Georgia on behalf of an Army captain who refused to deploy to Iraq.


Sharron Angle insists she is not a birther.

When asked in July whether she believes Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii, she said, “No.”

A day earlier, however, she waffled on the question. Asked on a Conservative internet radio show whether she believes Obama is eligible to be president, Angle said the Supreme Court already decided that and went on to talk about Obama’s weakness as a leader.


The Angle campaign did not respond to a request for comment today on Taitz’s support.

A spokesman for Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the endorsement highlights Angle’s “extreme” views.

“It should come as no surprise that one of Angle’s only endorsements comes from yet another out-of-state extremist who can’t be honest, despite irrefutable evidence about the president’s birth certificate,” spokesman Kelly Steele said.

But that’s not the only high-powered endorsement the Obtuse Angle got, kids! From the Atlantic Wire:

That comedian Dennis Miller would headline a fundraiser for a Republican is not news. The former Weekend Update anchor’s politics–always conservative–have moved hard to the right in recent years. That the Republican is Nevada senate candidate Sharron Angle does comes as a surprise, considering Miller’s less-than-flattering appraisal of the Tea Party (“Norman Rockwell hoi polloi”) and Glenn Beck (“[He] makes Howard Beale look like John Wayne”).


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16 responses to “Ethel Taitz

  1. Ya know, with all that fruit on her head. . . She looks deliciously more crazy than usual. . . and that’s undoubtedly where she gets all her “juice” with reptiles like DeMint, and now Oily Taitz. They’re all gonna choke on it in the end.

    • can you think of a better headdress for a fruitcake?

      i heard that the obtuse angle is backtracking on that statement about having juice. some teabaggers misunderstood, and they thought she said she had jews. that doesn’t sit well with a lot of them. or with rick sanchez. 😉

  2. funny stuff tonite! ….i’ve got a serious post on my blog concerning stopping gay teen suicide. if you do not allow links in your comments just delete this…

  3. Frankly my dear, I don’t even want to hear her ‘splainin.

    • i do! every time she opens her mouth, her poll numbers go down. i hope she keeps ‘splainin’ and ‘splainin’ and ‘splainin’. she’s her own worst enemy, because she’s so damned stupid.

  4. Orly Taitz and Dennis Miller–now that’s a pair of ringing endorsements!

  5. Orly Taitz is a Soviet. So the Tea Baggers, the lions of Saint Ronnie eagerly embrace the endorsement of a child of the Evil Empire.

    Cognitive Dissonance, thy name is non-billionaire Republican…

    • good point, gene. howevah, there are teabaggers and there are teabaggers. there are those who are firmly entrenched in the teabagging world, and they’ll look at orly as some kind of saint. that’s just a very small percentage though, imho. i think that there are a lot of people who say they sympathize with the baggers, but after seeing the lunacy of the obtuse angle, little chrissie the teenage witch, and some of the other loons, they are slowly sidling away from the crazies. people like orly endorsing the obtuse angle (and now a guy running for congress, i just read, who won’t even comment on getting her endorsement. that’s how toxic she is) only serve to remind independents out there that they’re seeing people on the very fringes, not righteously indignant people who have the country’s best interests in mind.

  6. Got to see an Angle sign in Minden, Nevada on day three. Has anyone else noticed how completely senile Miller has become? Am convinced Taitz is a space alien… blackout refreshing….highlight of day two: descending into Albuquerque on the Mother Road, almost taken over the edge by great wind gust.

    • did the obtuse angle have fruit on her head on the sign?

      • Naw, but it was printed at an angle! …Chapter Two..Our urban hero Tex West has entered into the Land of Enchantment-New Mexico-a very up and down state, mesa after mesa. On a long downhill winding segment going to the formerly cool town of Albuquerque a wind gust sends the Walmart truck ahead of him into a 70 mph bugaloo fighting to stay in the slow lane marks of the Mother Road. Our hero finds this amusing, not realizing it’s his turn! Fighting the van steering wheel, overcorrecting, back again and yet again while the towed Ranchero mocks the feeble attempt of trying to kiss the guardrail and fling everything down a canyon…(this is where it cuts to shit-in-pants look on Tex’s face)….stay tuned for Chapter 3-“Cats in the Canyon!”

        • i just had a panic attack. 😯 i have a fear of heights, and just imagining that made me nervous.

          • It’s just a mild attack of Jewish Mother Syndrome. Now have some nice chicken soup! Trying to write this in the Saturday-at-the-movie-serial style. Facing danger keeps ’em coming back for more.

            • i made chicken soup today!! it’s so damned cold here, i figured i’d warm up the house and make dinner all at the same time. i ran the dishwasher and did the laundry, too, because i had to and because of all the heat the machines would give off.