Yuck, Nyuk, Yuck


The subject line of a DNC email to supporters today: “Leader DeMint.”

Communications director Brad Woodhouse emails the list with tales of the South Carolina senator and a request for money:

    There might be some Republicans who are concerned about the radical ideologues pushing their party toward extremism, but Sen. Jim DeMint isn’t one of them.

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    1. In race after race, he’s gone out of his way to endorse and offer support to a group of extreme candidates who believe that we should eliminate the minimum wage, end Social Security, and do away with civil rights protections.

And Jim DeMint is just like them — he might even be worse.

Just look at what he said this weekend: Speaking at a rally in South Carolina he told a group of conservatives that gays, lesbians, and some unmarried women shouldn’t be allowed to teach in public schools.

One Jim DeMint in the Senate is more than enough. So we’re focused on defeating the Junior DeMints — the candidates he supports.


If it looks like Jim DeMint is building an army of extreme lawmakers, that’s because he is. Through his political organization, he’s spent more than $2.8 million backing those he endorses — people like Rand Paul in Kentucky, Sharron Angle in Nevada, Joe Miller in Alaska, and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.

He’s consolidating a power base for the future.

Jim DeMint has flirted with running for President in 2012, but in the short term he wants to become the leader of an extreme faction of far-right Senators who will use their collective clout to thwart President Obama’s agenda and roll back the gains Democrats have made for Americans going back decades.

That’s why he supported Rand Paul in the Kentucky primary — over the choice of the current GOP leader, Mitch McConnell.

That’s why he endorsed Utah candidate Mike Lee and Alaska candidate Joe Miller immediately after they defeated the sitting Republican senators in their states.

And if he’s joined in Washington by Paul, Lee, Miller, and all the other Junior DeMints, he just might pull off a coup.

The consequences would be immediate. They would push forward the most radical agenda this country has seen in years.


A tip of the hat agent9999hattip to JeffW over at the Big Orange. It might not be exactly what he wanted, but I hope he’ll forgive me.


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22 responses to “Yuck, Nyuk, Yuck

  1. That’s a good look for Shmoe! 😆

    The Squirrely Joe hem and haw re whether Sarah Palin is qualified to be prez…too funny! She’s 35 or over.

    • i think shmoe should pay me for the plastic surgery. you can barely tell how evil he is.

      i think the most hilarious thing about squirrelly joe wiggling around the question of princess being qualified is that toddy had to fight her battle for her. it’s like junior high school. if (g-d forbid) she was president and ahmadinejad said he was going to do something heinous, would she have toddy write him a nasty email and threaten to tell all the other world leaders that he had cooties?

      • I think if that scenario happened, Princess Sarah would read Revelations to see if she should push the button on Iran. That would be tragic.

        I’d prefer she had Todd write a nasty email. That might actually be funny.

        • if princess was really a mama grizzly, she would have field-dressed miller in the woods. this is proof that she’s nothing but a fraud.

          • Princess Sarah was more interested in bagging Murkowski and used Miller to do her dirty work for her. Miller shot and hit, but Murkowski still lives, so Miller has to finish the job. Therefore, Princess will do nothing to useful idiot Miller–for now. Should Miller fail to complete his mission in November, then watch for his field dressing.

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  3. Demented DeMints?

    You have such fun amidst the chaos!

  4. Joanaroo

    Geebus! When you think things can’t get any crazier! What a load these idiots are! Count Newtie in. Just read he says the Dems are the party of food stamps, while the GOP is the party of paychecks. Well sure the GOP is! The party of Kickback paychecks. Little Newtie, the Fellatio Pro! What a bunch of bullshit! He says since St. Ronnie, the GOP is the party of job creation. I think he’s been practicing what techniques he wants on St. Ronnie’s fossilized kickstand.

    • i think most people realize that newtie is just trying to position himself for a run in 2012. that is, the people who are paying attention. i would bet that most people don’t even know who he is, and the people who do think he’s unelectable. they know his history.

  5. while angle and odonnell are fun to laugh at – demint is actually in power and a very very scary piece of shit – he is joe mccarthy resurrected

    • agree totally. angle and o’donnell are useful idiots, but demint is the guy who will have way too much power if the useful idiots win. he’s not just joe mccarthy, he’s got a healthy dose of aimee semple mcpherson in him, too, which makes him even more dangerous.

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  7. Photoshop tip: original boxes of said candy had the name Welches at the top before Robert went off to form the John Birch Society to expose what a commie Ike was. My older sister used to gobble those things down at the movies. ….trip highlights…blow out coolant in Mojave desert….spend night in overlook on mountain pass….only SIX more to go and #4 is going to be a motherfucker (Carson Pass 8650 feet) pegging the temp five times before reaching the summit!

    • whenever i see junior mints, i think of the seinfeld episode when some fell into a patient during surgery. i’ve never had one since.

      what an eventful trip you had! did anything go right?

  8. Correction, should read Welch’s. Never touched them myself. Always got Dots but in a dark movie theater, you can’t tell when the dreaded black one comes out of the box. Did anything go right you ask…well….Chapter 5 begins with our hero exiting the van, realizing he is so tired that he can’t even remember his name! It’s 1:30AM and Tex is going to play fifty questions with a quite aggresive rookie state trooper. After satisfiying basic queries the questioning jumps to feline felonies, not surprising Tex who has had pussy problems since the onset of puberty. After a long oratory and case pleading worthy of a law review journal, the heat retreats in a huff and our hero, now fully awake, puts 300 miles behind him to Yucca to await the high desert dawn and if the hound will return from the truck line it ran down at 4AM (it did). As the bright sun rises, we head for Needle and our date with destinly….stay tuned….Chapter 6…”Breakdown in Barstow”….

    • i always liked sno-caps. dots were good, but, like you said, there were the dreaded black ones.

      both my sisters lived in arizona years ago. it was way different back then (according to them, i was never there). people weren’t so mean there back then.

  9. Very different now. Even the famous Jack Rabbit Trading Post is barely hanging on at Joseph City (HERE IT IS!) Mass urbanization is making it a mean place.

    • a lot of people think it’s all the retirees, but floriduhhh has lots of retirees, and most of them are nice, and most of them are democrats. maybe all the nasty ones go to arizona.