An Hour Later, She Wanted More Classified Information

From The Plum Line at The Washington Post:

There was a hilarious moment on MSNBC just now that underscores just how uncomfortable Christine O’Donnell has made life for GOP leaders: Former RNC chair Ed Gillespie refused to disavow O’Donnell’s claim that she possesses classified information on China’s secret plot to take over America.

Not only that, but Gillespie actually flirted with endorsing her assertion that she has some sort of information about some sort of scheme, though he allowed that he couldn’t be sure whether or not that info was classified.

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MSNBC’s Chris Jansing pressed Gillespie as follows:

    JANSING: She claims to have classified information about China, and says, “I wish I wasn’t privy to some of the classified information I am privy to.” Do you think Christine O’Donnell has classified information? 

    GILLESPIE: I don’t know what information Christine O’Donnell has. There’s a very legitimate concern about the extent to which China controls our debt and the impact that’s going to have on our economy —

    JANSING: That’s not the question. The question is her making a statement that she has classified information.

    GILLESPIE: Well Chris, you’re asking me a question I can’t answer. I don’t know what information Christine O’Donnell has or doesn’t have.


Keep in mind that Gillespie is a major player in GOP circles. Not only was he chair of the Republican National Committee, but he also served as counselor to former president George W. Bush. Gillespie is also an important player in this year’s elections, having helped Karl Rove set up American Crossroads, which is raising and spending millions of dollars to elect Republican candidates in November.

Yet he’s now been reduced to playing along with the crackpot theories of a hard-right Tea Partyer who claims she obtained classifed information about China’s secret plot to take over America from her work on nonprofits that sent missionaries to that country.

But Ed Where’s My Chin!? Gillespie wasn’t the only one. From POLITICAL CORRECTION:

Appearing on MSNBC last night, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele defended O’Donnell’s [China] comments.  Confronted with the lack of support for her claim, Steele burst out in a fit of uncomfortable laughter. “Christine O’Donnell is fantastic candidate for us for the United States Senate and I can’t wait to call her ‘Senator,'” he finally said.  When host Lawrence O’Donnell (no relation) directly accused her of lying, Steele became incredulous, asking, “Do you know that?” over and over again.



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33 responses to “An Hour Later, She Wanted More Classified Information

  1. “Produced by the voice in Christine’s head

    The GOP deserves her! 😆

  2. I love the poster.

    I have several friends who do missionary work in unfriendly countries. They don’t do spy work, though they’re in constant fear of being accused of doing so — missionaries have been expelled or executed in places like China on charges of spying before.

    O’Donnell’s comments are not only stupid, dishonest, and irresponsible, but they put some very good people’s lives in very real peril. It might be stupid rhetorical bull crap for her, but if it serves as the excuse for some Chinese official to accuse some missionary of spying and funneling either state secrets or disinformation to her, and that missionary is imprisoned or killed for it … it’s her fault.

    If I had nothing else against her, this would be enough for me to hope for her loss. She might think she’s just playing to the fear-mongering crowd, but this is serious business for people in China.

    Of course, the party’s leaders don’t have the guts to call her on it. Even if she did have some kind of classified information given to her by missionaries, she shouldn’t be blabbing about it.

    • i was hoping you’d stop by, wken, because i knew you would point out how dangerous that dumb selfish jackass just made it for many missionaries overseas. it doesn’t matter whether anyone actually believes that she had any inside info or not. it still gives other countries an excuse to detain (or worse) missionaries.

      • The guy I really know who works in China spends most of his time cleaning teeth in rural China. A tiny amount of it preaching, but mostly his is a dental mission.

        He has, though, been detained at the airport and told he was suspected of being a spy. Ultimately, it looked like it was just meant to intimidate him, and make sure he had no intent or temptation toward spying while he was there. He was let go after a few hours. Hardly what they’d do with a real suspected spy.

        This really, really ticked me off when I first read it.

        By the way, I’ve edited my comments between my mind and keyboard.

        Let’s just say that I didn’t originally think “bull crap” or “ticked off.”

        • i knew you were angry when i saw that you had typed ‘bull crap,’ wken.

          i’m not surprised that missionaries and other travelers through some countries are intimidated. little chrissie seems to think her political ambitions (and i don’t believe for a moment she really has any, she just wants to be famous so she can continue to not work at any real job) are more important than people’s lives. and these are the people she says she’s on the side of.

          • I wonder about whether she really wants to be in an office, too.

            I mean, Palin was in such a hurry to go on the speaking circuit that she quit her job early.

            I see O’Donnell following the same path. For my own part, I’d rather eat glass than sit through a speech by either one. Can you imagine the two of them at one convention?

            I think I feel my IQ dropping just thinking about it.

            • just like princess, little chrissie is a grifter. she doesn’t want to work for a living. she thinks she’s entitled to live in luxury without making any effort to give back to society. she’s too stupid to do anything that requires actual thinking, and she’s not talented, so there’s no demand for her in that regard. therefore, the only option left is being a pundit at faux news, and that means she has to make her name recognizable. fame trumps gravitas at faux any day.

  3. pure political genius!!

    • by now, everyone realizes that little chrissie is not going to win. however, she’s a very useful tool, because all over the country, rethuglicans can be asked about her and what she says, and they’ll have no choice but to find some way to defend her. the rethugs can no longer control the news cycle, because she, the obtuse angle, little randy paul, et al keeps saying stupid shit, and that’s all the pundits want to talk about.

  4. As stupid as this is, these folks parrot each other, regardless. It’s apt to be the next widespread meme that gets broadcast enough that people start believing it. The media is not our friend! 😉

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  6. The unfunny kicker in all this is that Prissy Chrissie originally made that claim while running against a Chinese-American opponent.

    We can now add racism and xenophobia to her list of flaws.

    • when i was doing some research the other day, i saw that guy’s pic, but i didn’t read the article to see who he was. typical rethuglican strategery.

  7. But she said she’s NOT a witch!

    • but one of the people watching the commercial where little chrissie said she wasn’t a witch, she was “you”, was a witch, which makes little chrissie a witch.

  8. My favorite part of your poster is “Chrissie has a mouse brain.” I just started snickering.



  9. jeb

    I believe she meant she has information from the classifieds in the Weekly World News or the National Enquirer.

    • or maybe from the fillings in her teeth. or maybe she read it in some fortune cookies. they’re chinese, right!? there’s chinese tea, too, so maybe she read it in some tea leaves.

  10. Joanaroo

    Chrissie O’Donnell: *I see Chinese people!*

  11. i wonder what christine orders in a chinese restaurant

    while she will lose – the repubs will elevate this complete moron to a level only sarah can dream of

    oh princess moose is already there

    • it depends on how much money her campaign has. if it has a lot, like now, she’ll order the peking duck. she’ll check the fortune cookies afterward for the secret missives from her spies.

  12. IF she was given classified information, why the hell is she blabbing about it on TV?! Besides the numerous reasons why she isn’t fit to serve in the Senate, this should be number one. Because either she can’t keep her mouth shut about security sensitive matters or she’s a liar. Either way, heaven help us.

    Oh, and BTW, I watched that video where she said “I’m you.” and I was like, hell no you ain’t. You’re too dumb to be me 😛

    • eggzellent point, mad. i don’t for a moment believe she had any inside info whatsoever. she sees stuff in movies and tv, and she says they actually happened to her. if she was delusional, i’d feel sorry for her. however, he lies are deliberate, and she tells them only to get attention.

  13. Look at all this fun stuff I was missing! No doubt she got her info from the classified secton of some newspaper. And now, as prophetised, she is evil Ruperts newest employee and is actually employed for the first time in her delusional life. ….trip over last night…blow out coolant on last Sierra pass and just for good measure, do it one more time on CA 49 between Jackson and San Andreas in a river valley that could be mistaken for the Burma Road, on a road with no shoulder to pull off on. 30 seconds later a burly tow truck guy shows up out of nowhere and offers to pull me to top of grade to safety, then gives me extra jug of water off the truck, gives bottle of cool drinking water for me, all this for no charge! There are still decent people out there.

    • i bet that would never have happened in arizona. from the way they vote, i imagine them all as really mean. they would have let you die from dehydration in the desert, and governor jan would have told everyone that the evil mexicans killed you.

  14. You make a compelling point. Couldn’t help but notice from talking to people at rest stops all along the way how friendly people are when politics doesn’t come up in the conversation. My novelette seems to be running past the timeline but since deciding it’s your birthday present, must press on to…Chapter 6…As Tex nerviously slows at the Needles Inspection Station, a unformed official comes up to the window to ask “Any fruits or vegatables? Any exotic plants? Any KITTENS?? Thinking he has conned the law, he is betrayed at the last minute by a trucker who tells of seeing black smoke being emited for the last five miles from the dead Falcon?!? Closer inspection reveals that the felines have conspired to pull the gear shift lever down into gear! If you can’t trust a pussycat, who can you trust? After disabeling the shifting dogs (not the brown hound) we head off into barren nothingness and begin to play a fun game called peg the meter. A Ford V8 will let you know when its had enough abuse. First, its the knocking sound with little crying groans that grow louder and louder. Next comes “the tone”, about a B flat, combining with the other two telling you that engine life will be measured in seconds from this point. Which brings us to Barstow and a rendevou with destiny in a town with no water in….Chapter Seven-“Tacos of Triumph”…

    • omg! how did the kitties move the gearshift if the key wasn’t in the ignition? how many cats and hounds were there? this sounds like a road movie. you need to send it to paul rudd. he needs a new movie.

  15. 1962 Falcon Ranchero: no ignition lock, no steering lock either (had to tie the wheel down with rope at TDC for the towbar). Livestock: one catmother, three kittens (includes Pearl the runt), two yearling catlets (white foot Sylvesters), one brown hound thats supposed to be a Scotish Border Terrier but can’t find the breed listed anywhere, suspect it is a bisquit dog.