Listing to the Right


During a Sunday appearance on Fox News, Republican strategist Karl Rove fired back at recent accusations that he has “funded” conservative groups responsible for pouring money into nationwide conservative causes, and disputed the validity of statements made by President Obama and the Democratic National Committee.

“The president is completely inaccurate,” Rove said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” of Mr. Obama’s recent statements that Rove had “funded and advised” conservative groups American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS.


Rove went on to slam a recent Democratic ad criticizing his past political contributions, and accused Mr. Obama for having an “enemies list.”

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“This is a desperate political ploy by the White House,” Rove said. “The president of the United States accused the Chamber of Commerce, and the Democratic National Committee in its new ad accuses Ed Gillespie and I of a criminal violation of our law by getting foreign money and spending it on American political campaigns, and they have not one shred of evidence to back up that baseless lie. This is a desperate and I think disturbing trend by the president of the United States to tar his political adversaries with some kind of enemies list, with being unrestrained by any facts or evidence whatsoever.”

Over the weekend, the Democratic National Committee released a new ad attacking Rove and former RNC head Ed Gillespie for “spending millions from secret donors to elect Republicans to do their bidding in Congress,” and otherwise “stealing our democracy.”

Mr. Obama has recently condemned the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for alleged ties to foreign donors, and the White House refuses to back down despite the Chamber’s adamant denial of the validity of those claims.


“Have these people no shame?” Rove asked during his interview. “Does the president of the United States have such little regard for the office he holds that he goes out there and makes these kind of baseless charges against his political enemies? This is just beyond the pale. How dare the president do this?”

This is not the first time Rove has accused the White House of having a so-called “enemies list”: Just a year ago, during an October 18, 2009 appearance on Fox News Sunday, the GOP strategist accused the Obama administration of “engaging in its own version of [Nixon’s] media enemies list.”


From the New York DAILY NEWS:

George W. Bush‘s architect is vehemently denying that foreign money is funding his latest election blueprints.

Karl Rove refuted the claim that his party receives foreign campaign donations after Vice President Joe Biden hinted that a large amount of cash was being funneled to the GOP from sources abroad.

In the mounting weeks before November’s midterm elections, the Republican strategist also said President Barack Obama was being “hypocritical” in suggesting that such a tie exists.


Biden slammed Rove on Monday, declaring he was using a “stable of billionaires” to pour cash into close races. He challenged Rove to prove that the money wasn’t coming from millionaires, insurance companies, oil companies and major executives.

Rove ignored Biden’s challenge on the morning show. Instead, he accused President Obama of demanding that Republicans release donor information, although Obama refrained from releasing the same information in 2008.

From The Plum Line at The Washington Post:

Virtually every news org under the sun has now weighed in with an aggressive fact check of White House/Dem foreign money allegations against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. And that’s as it should be.

But when are folks going to start getting equally aggressive about fact-checking the false and misleading claims in this dispute that are coming from the right?

Karl Rove, who co-founded two big spending groups, and others behind the huge conservative ad buys, have repeatedly claimed in recent days that their spending is comparable to anonymous spending from the left. These clams are serious distortions at best and demonstrable falsehoods at worst.


Yesterday Rove falsely claimed that MoveOn doesn’t disclose its donors, even though it complies with the same disclosure requirements that candiate and party committees do. And today, Rove amplified this line on Good Morning America, responding to the President’s broadsides as follows:

President Obama based his attack on a blog posting by Think Progress, which is associated with the Center for American Progress, a group headed by John Podesta, who was the chairman of the president’s transition. It is a political group and does not reveal its donors. The president didn’t say anything about the League of Conservation Voters, which does not reveal its donors, and makes political ads.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, which runs ads through its action fund, does not reveal its donors. The president’s own campaign refused to reveal the names of donors who contributed literally tens of millions of dollars to his efforts.

Rove’s claims passed largely unchallenged, but let’s take them one by one. The comparison to the Center for American Progress is absurd, because it does not and has never run campaign ads. The League of Conservation Voters has only spent a paltry $1.3 million this cycle — an infinitesimal fraction of the right’s spending. It pays for ads out of several committees. Nearly half of LCV’s spending came from a committee that does, in fact, disclose its donors, according to a group spokesman.

LCV does also spend for ads out of a 501 c4, which doesn’t disclose donors, but there’s substantial donor overlap between the two committee, so we already have a very good idea of who they are. The Natural Resources Defense Council is also a 501 c4, and doesn’t disclose.

But even so, Rove’s assertions about these groups are still absurd, because we already know what their issue positions and agendas are. What’s more, Obama and Dems tried to pass the DISCLOSE Act this summer — which would have forced such organizations to disclose their donors.

As for Rove’s claim that literally tens of millions of Obama’s contributions remained secret, the reality is that 90.2 percent of the hundreds of millions Obama raised were disclosed.


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38 responses to “Listing to the Right

  1. jeb

    β€œHave these people no shame?” Rove asked during his interview.

    He did this with a straight face? No one within earshot broke into laughter and said “No, bro, really. Seriously dude.”?

    • thanks for helping me visualize a turd blossom..i always thought it was a psychedelic mushroom used by the Bush administration during policy meetings

    • can you believe the camera lens didn’t crack when he said that? he’s like the guy who kills his parents and asks for mercy, because he’s an orphan.

    • Has anyone noticed how sexist the GOP females are toward their male opponents?
      They are questioning these men’s lack of cojones, their flacidity, telling them to put on their man pants, man up, be a man, that’s not very manly, questioning one’s sexual preference, ad nauseam.
      If a male candidate pulled that kind of shit on a female candidate, the media would go berserk.
      This new breed of GOP female candidates are outrageously rude and aggressive. They make Camille Paglia and Ann Coulter seem like moderates.
      It’s really unbelievable.

      • it’s a tactic that worked with princess sarah. men dare not say anything bad about her, lest they be branded as sexist. however, it’s fine for the female teabaggers to make remarks about their male opponents’ masculinity. the men are afraid to answer back. i wish they would.

  2. Brown suits the turdblossom.

    It’s SOP for Rove to accuse people of his crimes, underhandedness, and sleaze.

  3. kaylaspop

    β€œHave these people no shame?” Rove asked during his interview.


    I’m really ashamed that this scumbag is not doing life in a state pen.

    • in a way, i’m glad that the prince of pudge is back in the spotlight. this way, everyone is reminded of the disaster that was the chimpy administration without anyone having to invoke chimpy’s or deadeye dick’s name.

  4. anyone watching the miners? i’ve been crying like a baby for about an hour. πŸ˜₯

    i’m hoping the rescue will remind people what optimism feels like, and maybe they won’t allow the teabaggers to harsh their mellow.

    • πŸ˜₯ Watching! Chile did so well! This could have been a horrible tragedy, and here I am in Alabama two months later watching a live rescue.

      • this is what happens when everyone comes together to figure out a solution to a problem. it’s inspiring. when that little boy hugged his daddy, i used up a half a box of tissues.

  5. β€œThe president is completely inaccurate,” Rove said during an appearance on β€œFox News Sunday,”

    Rove on Fox dissing the president…. how predictable.

  6. Did someone say Miner? Missed the coverage in my black out period but felt optomistic since they could move around, had supplies and good air and could even smoke. A dramatic example of the worst case is found in the song Spring Hill Tradgedy by PP&M. Sure no mystery why Mrs. Rove hit the door last year. And to refer to the enemies list? Just today, Trickster tapes were released from ’73 doing his favorite pastime: Jew baiting. Highlight is getting Hank the court jew to agree that if the soviets shove people into ovens, who cares? Yes, mein furheur. Asshole factor 5!

    • i heard that. i was shocked that kissinger would actually say that. politics really does warp people. either that, or it attracts people who are already warped.

  7. And now, the exciting conclusion of Tex West and the Kitten Smuggling Caper….Our hero has been going uphill for mile after mile of pleasant countryside, little traffic, passing a bicyclest, and stoping a bit further up the road to let the loyal E150 rest. He grabs the BBQ sandwich and sees the bike coming up in the rear view mirror. “I’m riding a bike next time” he quips as the lady cyclist disappears around the curve. Finishing the food, he’s off again and sees the dreaded needle climbing into the red once more. “Well, here’s a nice spot, I’ll explore a while” which he does, finding an old campsite and in the distance a tree that a thousand beer drinkers before him have found too. Relaxed and refreshed from walkies, he presses on. Now old 88 starts getting really steep and windy. Suddenly the radiator is in full chorus, instructing Tex to stop right past this blind curve and hang out in the road as much as possible since there is zero shoulder! Gonna be a long wait this time but our hero gets a brainstorm of an idea. Kicking in the pioneer genes that all true Texans are born with, he goes across the road and up a hill on an Indian scout mission to see with his own eyes how much more is ahead. Cresting the hill, he looks about and can’t believe his eyes! Following the road cut from his right, he sees it go up and up, up some more and then looking straight ahead a last super steep section that he swears he saw in a cartoon once, and then disappear around a curve. He is speechless though the muttering of “you gotta be shitting me” was surely uttered. He returns to the workhorse, now cooled, and gets another mile to a shoulder for a short breather, seeing an observation pull off and figuring this will be a good base camp for the final assault. He pulls in and pops the hood. This is the Big One. He will take no chances. Total cool down (there goes the next hour) and toping off the Prestone. 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    • even though i already knew you made it, i was still relieved reading about how you did. i’m so used to flat, flat, flat floriduhhh that i worry i wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere else again. i have nightmares about driving up really steep hills. i guess i’ll have to win lotto before moving again so i can afford a chauffeur.

      i’m not very knowledgeable about cats. i’m a dog person. cats are a mystery to me.

      thanks for the exciting story, jerry! i still think it would make a really good road movie.

  8. You’re welcome my dear. You spend so many hours working hard to entertain us that you deserve a little payback. I did forget one amusing bit while stoped at flameout #3 playing the wild Indian guide. While staring acoss the valley at the far away summit, Tex glances at a very tall mountain to the left, seeing it’s the tallest spire of the batch and remarks “It can’t go any higher than that!”

    • i grew up in the catskills, and i thought i knew what mountains looked like. a few years ago, i went to las vegas, and i was stunned when i flew over the rockies and just looking at the mountains when i was in vegas. the catskills look like anthills next to those babies! it was absolutely spectacular.

  9. If you drive through Oklahoma on I35, you pass the Arbuckle Mountains, the ultimate in weenie mountains towering 20, sometimes 30 FEET! Mount Clark wouldn’t be big enough for a name around here. On Monday I drove sis into Stockton on some nursey business, going into the low rolling hills and the valley. Coming back it’s like “Wow, look at that mountain range coming up” to which she replies “No, those are only the foothills”…and the surperstitious types believe that if you go out into the night and watch the base of the mountains and you see a little bit of light peeking out, well, that would be the subterainean Lamurians (I ain’t making that up).

    • when you drive through floriduhhh, the only “hill” you’ll see is a landfill. seriously. i’ll have to google lamurians. are they the offsprings of space aliens and dorothy lamour? see what happens when you allow gay marriage? the next thing you know, actresses are mating with space creatures. 😯