The Kansas Democratic Party injected the Kansas gubernatorial campaign Monday with questions about the relationship between Republican nominee Sam Brownback and a provocative evangelist who dreamed the Kansas senator would be elected president.

Kenny Johnston, executive director of the state Democratic Party, said conduct of preacher Lou Engle and the degree of the U.S. senator’s acceptance of the Christian activist’s theological ideas about homosexuality and abortion were legitimate issues to consider as Kansas voters approach the Nov. 2 election. Brownback is on the ballot with Democratic state Sen. Tom Holland and the Reform and Libertarian party nominees.

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Engle is founder and president of The Call to Conscience, a group now based in Kansas City, Mo., that campaigns internationally on social issues. His movement calls for acts of “martyrdom” by believers and possible inception of a national civil war to end abortion in the United States.

In May, he hosted one of his TheCall prayer vigils in Uganda while that nation debated an anti-homosexuality bill that some thought should include life imprisonment and the death penalty for gays and lesbians. Engle rejected the capital punishment provision but praised “righteousness” of politicians who denounced homosexuality.

“Kansas already has one self-proclaimed pastor who’s embarrassed this state by targeting homosexuals,” said Johnston, referring to the Rev. Fred Phelps Sr., of Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka. “We don’t need another one.”


Johnston said lack of an explanation from Brownback perpetuated concern the senator’s policy ambiguity on this and other issues reflected a divisive agenda he wanted to keep from voters.

“Why does Sam Brownback continue to support Lou Engle’s hateful agenda? What else isn’t he telling us?” Johnston said.

Brownback’s answer on the campaign trail earlier this year to a woman’s comment about Engle suggests doubt may have entered the Republican nominee’s thinking about the evangelist.

“Some of his positions really concern me,” the woman says on a Huffington Post video.

“Yeah, I know,” Brownback said. “They do me, too.”


Brownback and Engle have known each other since about 2001. Engle said he was introduced to Brownback when the senator called him to encourage the minister to “close the door of false ideologies” prominent at Harvard University in Boston. At some point between 2001 and 2003, it isn’t clear exactly when, the men shared a rented condominium in Washington, D.C. Brownback and Engle said they lived together after Brownback’s apartment burned. They were roommates for seven months, Engle said.

Engle said he had dreams Brownback would eventually be president of the United States. The senator unsuccessfully sought the GOP nomination three years ago.

Engle donated $1,000 to Brownback’s campaign war chest in 2005. Brownback participated in several TheCall events, including a 2007 forum in Nashville, where the senator was introduced to the audience as Engle’s friend.


In December 2009, Brownback joined three members of Congress for an Internet “prayercast” hosted by Engle and organized by the Family Research Council, a nonprofit organization advocating on issues of faith, family and freedom in Washington, D.C. The intent of the prayer and discussion was to seek God’s intervention to block federal health reform promoted by Democratic President Barack Obama.

Here’s a little more about Lou Engle. From Bruce Wilson at TALK TO ACTION:

As noted in the Wall Street Journal, Kansas gubernatorial candidate Sam Brownback is again coming under fire for his association with evangelist Lou Engle, who has been widely criticized for helping further incite the growing, nearly genocidal level of antigay hatred in the African country of Uganda. Engle describes the Biblical God as an “avenger of blood,” calls the Abrahamic deity a “terrorist,”, predicts that legalized abortion will lead to a second American civil war, and still has a post attacking assassinated abortion doctor George Tiller up on Engle’s personal website. Sam Brownback is trying to distance himself from Engle even though the two appeared together as recently as December 2009, in a nationally telecast event. […I]n footage from Brownback’s 2007 appearance at Lou Engle’s Nashville TheCall rally, evangelist Dutch Sheets stated that Brownback, whom Sheets called a personal friend to both Sheets, Lou Engle, and other mutual associates, had already attended four of Lou Engle’s TheCall events.


Lou Engle claims that homosexuals are possessed by demons and has been widely criticized for staging, in the Spring of 2010, one of Engle’s signature TheCall events, which often feature antigay themes, in Uganda where an internationally denounced bill before the Ugandan parliament threatens to imprison or execute Uganda’s gay population.


As video documentarist Michael W. Wilson captured at Lou Engle’s November 2008 San Diego TheCall event, the capstone event of the 2008 election push for California’s now-overturned anti-gay marriage Proposition Eight, Engle’s events have included calls for Christian martyrdom.


On an equally telling note, as Current TV’s correspondent for the Ā Vanguard documentary series, Mariana van Zeller, describes, during Lou Engle’s May 2010 TheCall rally in Kampala, Uganda,

“Engle surrounded himself with some of the key backers of Uganda’s anti-gay legislation, including Pastor Julius Oyet, Minister of Ethics and Integrity Nsaba Buturo and the bill’s author, MP David Bahati.”

There’s lots of video goodness (or badness, in this case) at the TALK TO ACTION link, including one in which “Lou Engle calls for Christian martyrs to stop gay marriage and legalized abortion.” I bet you didn’t hear about that on Faux News. Just imagine what their coverage would have ben if it had been an imam calling for martyrs.

Say Hallelujah!


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39 responses to “Kans-asses

  1. jeb

    So if they held a prayer session calling for God’s intervention against Obama’s health legislation and it passed, does that mean God voted for health care? Just curious.

    • i’m not sure, but i think it might mean that g-d is gay! šŸ˜Æ

      • jeb

        It could, I’m pretty sure that the abomination snowman is gay.

        • we’ll have to wait for our resident religion expert, wken, to get here. this is way too deep for me to understand.

          • Well, if we assume that God answered the prayer, then, yes, He voted for health care reform.

            But I’m pretty sure that He supported the public option.

            Actually, I’m pretty sure He’s a fan of single-payer, but that’s a different story.

            As for being gay, I’d have to go with asexual. Although some people are obsessed with Him having to have male genitals, I have at times wondered exactly why that’s so important to them … but perhaps that’s another story.

            • oh! i get it. it’s that sort of thing where s/he hears your prayers, but you don’t always get the answer you want.

              • I was taught in Sunday School that just because I pray for a jar of jelly beans doesn’t mean that God will give it to me.

                Sometimes He gives you what you need instead of what you think you want. What we’re supposed to learn is to be content with what God gives us.

                I think that most of the Tea Party crowd skipped that week.

                • i think the tea party crowd needs to switch to decaffeinated tea. it’s a little more expensive, but it’ll be worth it.

                  • My favorite was the “literal tea party” that showed up in Boston over the summer. I really wanted to be part of that one.

                    They weren’t there to do politics at all … just to have a tea party on the Common.

                    I think you’re right, decaf would be a good start. Maybe even green, chamomile, or something of the sort.

                • jeb

                  The tea partiers and the fundies skipped the whole new testament part other than just latching on to some guy named Jesus. For the most part Jesus seems to be a soft-hearted liberal hippie talking about forgive this and love that. Where’s the fun in that? The old testament with it’s stoning’s and eye-for-an-eye are much more in line with the punitive and vindictive nature of the baggers.

                  • This is true.

                    Let’s be honest about it, Jesus was a hippie who said to love your enemies and pay your taxes.

                    The Religious Right would have hated Him. They would have called him a blasphemer and nailed Him to a cross or something … wait … that sounds familiar.

                    • they probably would say that he was from kenya. after all, mary was teenaged and unmarried when she got pregnant. have we ever seen jesus’s birth certificate? yep, jesus is lucky that the teabaggers are on his good side. for now.

                  • they like the ass-kickin’ dinosaur-rustlin’ jesus better. he was more like john wayne.

                    • My take on this crowd isn’t that they want to make America Christian. They want to make Christianity American–and a particular kind of American, at that.

  2. I love this cover! 4 teabags!

  3. Thanks for putting the Kansas governor’s race on my radar! I give the article 5 teabags

  4. Kip

    That whole Ugandan thing was seriously f-ed up. Engle may actually be worse than Phelps, if that’s even possible.
    On a more upbeat note, I like the tea-bag rating system!

    • i think engle is worse than phelps, because i think phelps is certifiably insane. engle, on the other hand, seems to be quite sane, but he wants to tap into the hate that’s out there in order to enrich himself.

      p.s. it’s hard to tell, but the teabags are soggy and gross. they’ve been used too many times. šŸ˜‰

  5. Oh, no … Not Lou Engle. Almost anyone but Lou Engle.

    That man makes Pat Robertson look sane … which is no small feat!

    I mean, Christian martyrdom? I keep trying to think of the difference between this guy and Osama bin Laden. I’ll get back to you when I find one.

    Heck, they both worship the same god … neither Jesus nor Allah, they’re big fans of Bigotry.

    As for dreaming that Brownback would be President … in the Old Testament days, they used to stone people who claimed to be prophets and were found to have lied. That’s one of those things that they don’t tend to bring up while eating lobster and quoting OT passages against homosexuality …

  6. “inception of a national civil war to end abortion in the United States.”

    There you go! A war to put an end to killing?

    A fight to the death to preserve the sanctity of life???

    Almost sounds like a Monty Python film.

  7. down here, neon vincent! the thread got too long up there. i agree with you. they want to make christianity the national religion. of course, if that ever came to pass, they’d all fight over who is religious enough and whose interpretation of the bible is correct.

    • You’re right. If they succeed, then they’ll turn on various religious groups until it’s just the Baptists and the Pentecostals left, who will then turn on each other.

      • it’s all about exclusion. they don’t know how to become better people, so they villify everyone else. they think that will make them feel better about themselves, but deep down, they know that they could never live up to their own standards. it’s a self-hatefest that they take out on everyone else.

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  9. I didn’t miss the news at all during my blackout period of about a month. Sure didn’t miss the campaign ads. but I needed to come back to the intelligent comments of the Raisin which at least make it all bearable.C of E-no- C of A- YES??

    • it’s sometimes good to take a breather from the drama of politics–and it is drama. politics has become a running soap opera, because most of the talking heads think the news should be a conversation between gossips after a cocktail party.

  10. And like Stewart pointed out tonight, none of the big new sourses (exception MSNBC-Keith) have reported about the 911 rescuers getting boned by the Party of God who claim ownership of the trademarked numbers. I have to pay Rudy a nickle for even bring this up.

    • i have to wait until tomorrow to watch tds. i got home too late to see it, and since comcast farted around with the signal, my dvr can no longer record anything other than a handful of channels. i refuse to pay them even more for their dvr.