Hanni-tea Insani-tea

From Howard Fineman at THE HUFFINGTON POST:

WASHINGTON — Christine O’Donnell may not be a witch, but she knows how to use scare tactics to raise money, top Republican strategists and officials here tell me.

They say the Delaware Republican is loudly complaining about how they won’t support her — and they are not — as a way to generate angry, send-them-a-message donations from her Tea Party base.

Specifically, according to two top GOP insiders, she said at a strategy meeting with DC types last week: “I’ve got Sean Hannity in my back pocket, and I can go on his show and raise money by attacking you guys.”

Original DVD cover

And that was precisely what she was doing on the radio today. On Hannity’s popular afternoon drive-time show, the Tea Party-inspired Senate contender acidly criticized the party, specifically the National Republican Senatorial Committee, for not funneling any serious cash (beyond a pro forma $43,000) into her race against Democrat Chris Coons.


Hannity, who earlier in the show warned GOP officials not to criticize Tea Party leader Sen. Jim DeMint, expressed sympathy with O’Donnell’s fiscal plight and gave a glowing review of her performance in last night’s televised debate with Coons.


It’s not just the official party that is staying away. O’Donnell — who trails by 19 points in the latest polls — isn’t getting support from independent-spending groups such as Karl Rove’s American Crossroads.


The national party hasn’t ignored her altogether. Officials sent advisers to Delaware, and her media consultants are well regarded — at least they were before they launched her ad campaign with the now-infamous and much-lampooned “I am not a witch” spot.

Party insiders shake their heads at the O’Donnell woe-is-me campaign strategy. “Why would you tell the world that no one in the party likes you?” asked one.

But the answer is: the strategy is a way of making the best out of a bad situation — and it seems to be working, to some extent, on the financial end. “Within a week of winning the primary, she raised 10 times the amount of cash that Coons had on hand,” one party official marveled.

If she can raise enough money by attacking the Bigs with Hannity’s help, perhaps she can close the gap in the polls — and then the DC folks will fork over. Nobody here thinks that this scenario is realistic, but nobody here thought she’d get this far. We’ll know — appropriately enough — by Halloween.


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39 responses to “Hanni-tea Insani-tea

  1. That’s a funny cover. Poor little Christine. Look how far she’s come with big ol’ Hannity in her back pocket.

    But it’s so disgusting how Fox is nothing remotely close to a press organization on the national level yet allowed to pose as news.

    It’s so vile how mindless drivel owns the media narrative.

    (Now, I’m gonna go work on my failed burglar story.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • i remember when my son was little, and i had to do his laundry. i cringed every time i had to stick my hands in the pockets of his clothes, because i never knew what i’d find in there. i did find some really gross stuff, but never anything as heinous as sean insanity. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      p.s. did you find my little joke?

      • Nonnie, I spotted so many little jokes in that pic it would take an hour to mention them all.
        I just love this Christine O’Donnel character. She’s so insane, the more she talks the deeper the hole she’s digging gets.
        I’ll bet Sarah Palin loves her–she makes her look like an intellectual diplomat.
        And don’t get me started on Sharon Angle. She’s just about as venomous as a Texas rattlesnake.

        • oh, zippy, you have no idea how much i missed you while you were gallivanting around gay paree! this new batch of bimbos is just hilarious, in a very disturbing sort of way. some of the men are just as bad. i kept wishing you were here to comment on the craziness. you have such a way with words, especially when it comes to the batshit crazies. the only thing missing so far is that none of them have admitted yet to getting their dinkies stinky with tiger woods.

          • Aww, thanks, Nonnie.
            If I didn’t have to type in all my information every time I commented, I promise I’d comment a lot more.
            This Christine O’Donnell wacko is a treasure trove of nuttiness. She proves that the media is NOT left-wing, because if they were they’d be on her like ugly on ape.
            She, Palin and Angle make it so embarrassing to be a woman. And I hate that they are all so fucking stupid that they keep watering down the focus on any of them as individuals.

            • i thought you could just click on the empty spaces, and your info comes up, and you just click on that.

              little chrissie is a comedy gold mine. she and the other wicked witches of gooperism make women look ridiculous, and the ones like linda mcmahon, fiorina, and whitman make women look mean and nasty. not a good day for feminism.

  2. Dammit. A quiz. ๐Ÿ˜€

    “in crap, frankly,” tickled me the most. But it was chuckle after chuckle going down. Hannity’s ringmaster clothes, Christine’s Shirley Temple baby fat on her chin. The lemon, the witch, and the wardrobe. ๐Ÿ˜€

    P.S. the elephant is too cute to be Republican. you know they’d shoot that little mother fucker out in the wild.

    P.S.S. I’m not finishing my burglar story tonight. On the one night I can stay up late, I’m freaking tired. Booooo.

    • yayy! i knew you would find it. i love frank capra’s movies, and it hurt me to stick those ugly mugs on one of them. i thought pointing out that it was crap, frankly instead of frank capra would make things right with the universe.

      ooh! i should have titled the post the lyin’ witch and the wardrobe. i’ll have to keep that in mind in case the rnc buys her new clothes just like they did for princess.

      • Yay! I’m not a dolt. I saw. ๐Ÿ™‚

        And you got an “Ooooo” out of me with the lyin’ witch and the wardrobe. ๐Ÿ˜† That is good!

        • see what a great team we make? i never would have come up with that title if ou hadn’t mentioned the lemon, the witch, and the wardrobe. it didn’t take a lot of steps to get where i got.

          you, a dolt? i’ll slap the shit outta anyone who dares to say that! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  3. We do make a great team because you saying “you, a dolt” reminded me of Andy Samburg’s saying “I’m an adult!” in the “Threw it On the Ground” video. Andy’s character is very teabaggery to poster boy proportions:

  4. If Sean Hannity ever actually has a thought of his own, it will be a noteworthy event. The man is nothing but a mindless reciter of talking points.

    When I first heard his show, I thought he sounded more intelligent than the other big two blabberers. Then I realized he couldn’t handle even rudimentary questions, and contradicted himself more than a few times when the political winds blew.

    But “mindless” pretty well sums up the O’Donnell phenomenon, so it fits.

    I love the lemon and the “Crap, frankly” joke, by the way …

    • i don’t think hannity is human. i think he’s just a robot fax machine for frank luntz’s talking points. he even looks like an imbecile. perfect for faux news.

      thank you for liking my little jokes, but it’s never good to encourage me.

  5. Gawd! I can’t wait for this election to be over with.
    I’m Ramblings & I approve this message.

  6. Nonnie, thanks for coming over to the Big Orange* and reccing my diary!

    As for Prissy Chrissie, she’s learning all the wrong things from Sharron Angle. Oh, and she had Princess Sarah’s debate consultants, too. From what I’ve read, it showed.

    So, who else’s bad ideas is she going to use next?

    *I typed “Big Organ” at first. My Freudian Slip is showing.

    • how many times must i tell you that you needn’t thank me for rec’ing your diaries? i do it because they deserve to be rec’ed (as opposed to a lot of dreck that winds up on the rec list).

      little chrissie used randy scheunemann, the guy who made such a genius out of princess. ๐Ÿ˜† he needs to take a cosmetology course if he’s going to continue to attempt to put lipstick on pigs.

      big organ? were you reading about brett favre?

  7. jean-philippe

    Would it be too mean to do a Chistine O’Donnell “I am you” poster with this ?

  8. jeb

    Hannity and O’Donnell! If they don’t cut it out, Irish Americans will have to start an anti-defamation group like the Italian Americans did to show they weren’t all mafioso’s.

    • An Irish American anti-defamation group will not fly. We would never risk a situation where bottles of fine whiskey are broken because a fight broke out after Mary went into labor with the twins during the meeting. I mean it’s whiskey.

      • jeb

        It reminds me of the story of two old fellers names Seamus and Liam who’d been friends since they were little fellers.

        One day Seamus says “Liam, you know I’m not long for dis world. I’m wondering if when I go you’d be doing me a favor.”

        Liam replies, “Sure, you know I will Seamus, what is it?”

        “Dere’s 10 bottles of fine old Irish whiskey in me chimney. When I pass, would you mind putting dem in da ground with me?” Seamus asks.

        “You know I will Seamus,” Liam states, “But would you be minding terribly if I pass ’em trough me kidneys first?”

        (Disclaimer: I’m not Irish but was told this joke by Irish friends when I lived in Dublin. It’s much better when told aloud with the North Doblin accent.)

        • ๐Ÿ˜† I should disclaim, too. I have never knowingly tasted whiskey. I think my aversion comes from smelling it too many times emanating from the pores of old relatives.

        • and that reminds me of the irishman who has a bottle of whiskey in his back pocket (unlike little chrissie, who only puts faux anchors in her back pockets). he’s a bit under the influence when he stumbles into the street and gets hit by a car. when he lands, he feels something wet on his pants. he reaches back and says, oh please, lord, let it be blood.

          • A strolling Irishman spies a Leprechan and quickly seizes the little thing, taking care not to blink staring into its eyes. “Alright, I will grant you three wishes and then you must let me go” and the deal is struck. Paddy makes his first wish, a big mug of beer which suddenly apears from thin air. He quaffs it , sitting the mug down, which magicly refills, making a real impression on the new owner. The leprechan asks what he desires of his other wishes and get the reply: “Two more of those”.

            • and then there was the irishman who always went into the pub and ordered and drank 3 beers, one for himself and one for each of his 2 brothers who lived in another town. this went on for years. then, one night, he went into the pub and ordered and drank only 2 beers. people started to walk up to him to offer him their condolences on the passing of one of his brothers. he smiled and announced thank you for your concern, but my brothers are fine. i stopped drinking.

    • o’donnell has repeatedly said that she’s italian. remember that she couldn’t become a hare krishna, because she loves meatballs too much? i wonder why she never seems to tap into her irish side.

  9. O’Donnell is said to live off of campaign contributions. Failed runs for office are her way of keeping her personal bills paid. She can’t win this Senate race, and she probably knows it. She might as well milk it for all the bucks it’s worth.

    Oh, and the chastity belt from the earlier “No Adventures” poster seems to have slipped a bit.

    I wonder if there’ll be a fad this Halloween for witch and Waffen-SS costumes — people can simply say they’re dressed as Republicans.

  10. Kip

    Obtuse Angle… perfect.
    Wasn’t there a Steven King movie about Christine?

  11. Christine the Pristine, how we will miss you! Could have sworn that was her on the TV while flipping through the channels last night past 1AM, on the dildo channel pushing something called the Pudmaster 3000 (with detachable pleasure pods).