Chamber of Horrors


Glenn Beck, responding to the White House’s request that anonymous donors to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s campaign efforts be disclosed, has gone all in in his defense of the group. On his radio show and online, Beck solicited contributions for the Chamber, declaring them “our parents, our grandparents — they are us.”

On his radio show, Beck said “I would like to make this the biggest fundraising day in the Chamber’s history” and told his employees to promote the Chamber on and his news site,, and “get somebody on the phone” from the group. Beck asked his callers to donate “if you are as sick as I am of this lot” (referring to President Obama), and said that the Obama administration “hates” the Chamber as much “as I hate Woodrow Wilson.”

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Beck led his listeners step by step as to how they could donate to the group, and also added that he was personally donating $10,000 to the Chamber.


Later in the program, the Chamber’s Bruce Josten called in to Beck’s show, thanking him for his donation and telling him that Beck’s fundraising efforts had led to “the single highest contribution we’ve ever received” through their website.


Rupert Murdoch has declared his dissatisfaction with Barack Obama and the Democratic party, saying that two $1m donations by News Corp were intended to encourage change in Washington.

Pressed by a shareholder advocate about donations to the Republican Governors Association and the US Chamber of Commerce, Mr Murdoch told News Corp’s annual meeting in New York it was “in the interests of the country and all the shareholders and [. . .] prosperity that there be a fair amount of change in Washington”.

The donations before next month’s US midterm elections had “nothing to do with the editorial policies” of News Corp’s media properties, which include Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, he added.


Mr Murdoch said that his comment last week that the RGA donation had been driven by his friendship with John Kasich, a former Fox News host and Republican gubernatorial candidate in Ohio, had been only “a throwaway line”.

At a meeting where different shareholders voiced praise and criticism of Fox News and Glenn Beck, its most divisive host, Mr Murdoch said he did not agree with everything that was said on the “simply unstoppable” cable channel.

However, he strongly defended the news channel and Roger Ailes, its president. He said Matthew Freud, his son-in-law, “couldn’t be more wrong” when he said this year he was “ashamed and sickened by Mr Ailes’s horrendous and sustained disregard” of journalistic standards.


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16 responses to “Chamber of Horrors

  1. When Glenn Beck dies and goes to Mormon heaven, he will be asking condemned men to donate the wives they can’t have in hell to his polygamous harem that Mormon Jesus gave permission for him to have.

    • if the mormon deity has a sense of humor, glenn blechhh will get all the ugly left-over virgins that the fundamentalist muslims rejected.

    • Ugly virgin footage, take one:

    • I like Beck because he’s a perfect guide for doing the opposite of whatever he says.
      Until he piped up, I’d been indifferent toward chambers of commerce in general.
      Now I am suspicious of all of them and hereby deny them all credibility.

      • if glenn blechhh is for something, then i’m against it. if he says he likes pudding, i’ll never eat pudding again.

        wtf is going on in this country? how did the rethugs hijack everything that used to be good and decent? i remember when the red cross was respected and did good things. however, now it’s another arm of the rethuglican party. whatever the rethugs touch turns to shit.

        • I have a theory about how political things have gotten so insane.
          If we had Lyndon B. Johnson in office instead of Mister Nicey Nice, he would have stomped the shit out of these teabagging nitwits.
          LBJ would have created thousands of new jobs…hiring new IRS agents to audit the hell out of anyone who annoyed him. The teabaggers would be so occupied with audits and attorneys, they wouldn’t have time to ride the crazy train.
          And the tax penalties would eliminate the deficit!

          • i think the fact that there’s a black guy in the white house that’s made the wingnuts and teabaggers go nuts. there’s always a shitstorm whenever a dem gets elected. it’s time the dems learned how to fight back. lbj was a tough old bastard, but i wonder if even he could have survived the internets and 24-hour news cycle. not making excuses for obama, because i think he should have taken the gloves off a year and a half ago, but i don’t think it’s all his fault.

  2. The crazy never stops coming, does it?