Tea and Crackers

From The Plum Line at The Washington Post:

By some reckonings, Christine O’Donnell had a bit of a rocky time at her Delaware Senate debate with Dem Chris Coons [Wednesday] night. She wouldn’t say whether she believe in evolution, described Coons as a Marxist, and appeared to stumble over her answer on discretionary funding.

And yet, as Dana Milbank notes, in comparison to recent revelations about her and the national caricature that is the result, her performance was clearly an improvement.

If that’s so, there are two people she has to thank for that, and they’re both Sarah Palin advisers: Randy Scheunemann and Michael Goldfarb. They were the ones who took on the job of prepping O’Donnell for the debate, Goldfarb confirms.

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Palin, in a conversation with O’Donnell, recommended the two men to her, and the O’Donnell campaign reached out to them to enlist their help, Goldfarb says.  They spent the day with her yesterday in Wilmington getting her ready.

Goldfarb insists he was happy with her performance, claiming that Coons and the moderators had ganged up on her.

So, they’re not only recycling the same team but the same old excuses as well.  Ganged up on her? By asking questions?

Goldfarb also rejected claims that O’Donnell botched her answer on Afghanistan, when she said that “we were fighting the Soviets over there in Afghanistan in the ’80s and ’90s” and that “we did not finish the job.”

“Her point was that we left and that was a huge problem,” he said.

Um, Mr. Goldfarb, if you have to explain what she meant when she answered the question, that means she botched her answer.

Still, it’s hard to imagine a more daunting task than prepping O’Donnell for a high-profile, high-stakes debate. But Goldfarb insists that wasn’t the case at all: “She’s extremely impressive — she’s not a career politican.”

No, she’s not a career politician.  She’s a career grifter, just like someone else we know.

A tip of the hat to Raisinette, jean-philippe!


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29 responses to “Tea and Crackers

  1. OMG, someone has stolen Sarah’s boob job! 😆

    Love the website at the bottom. 😀

    • she’ll always be a boob!

      d’oh, i was just going to ask you what website at the bottom, because i broke this into 2 separate posts, and i thought i might have left in the link by mistake. then i realized you meant the one in the poster. sometimes i have to slap myself upside my head.

    • Whatever steps this ditz takes to upgrade her credibility is a waste of time.
      After she confessed to “dabbling with witchcraft,” then made that ridiculous ad saying, “I am you,” even the teabaggers will ignore it and forever remember the witchcraft dabbling bit.
      She’d have to be a world-class idiot to mention witchcraft. Even if she thought someone would spill it to the press so she’d better get the jump on it, she could have laughed it off and denied it.
      Teabaggers love them some Jesus, and Jesus never dabbled in no witchcraft. That’s devil shit to them.

      • the teabaggers will bend over backwards to make excuses for their dingbats. witchcraft may be devil shit to them, but they love a story of redemption, and that’s how they’ll frame it to save this imbecile from being ostracized. they know she won’t win, but she can still be a yapping mouth on faux news and repeat the talking points.

        • Nonnie, you make a good point.
          If the polls are any indication, her past wiccan life when she kept herself busy instead of masturbating has been either overlooked or forgiven.
          Seems to me the only requirements for a Republican candidate these days are a hatred for everything and no solutions for anything.
          For the word masturbation to appear in any political ad or statement demonstrates the insanity of politics today.
          I’ll bet she’ll say she’s also against fucking donkeys before this is all over.

          • i think that, in a way, all that wiccan and masturbation crap helped her. it diverted attention away from the other stupid and more important shit she was saying. she’s absolutely clueless as to what the constitution says and how government works. she wants a theocracy, not a democracy. i don’t think she would have lasted as long or collected as much money if not for the insane shit.

  2. At some point, I’d think that the “the media is picking on me” excuse would be incompatible with the story that these candidates are tough fighters.

    Sigh …

    • that’s the game they’re playing. if there are any tough questions (as if ‘what do you read?’ is a tough question), then everyone is picking on them. how dare they pick on a girl? however, when they get nasty with other candidates (man up, put your big boy pants on, etc.), and someone points out that sexism works both ways, then the rethugs wonder why everyone is so afraid of “strong” conservative women. it’s a game of ‘i’m rubber, you’re glue.’

  3. Oh, nonnie, the jewelry! I especially like the Bullwinkle playing hockey pin. How appropriate for Natasha from Moosylvania!

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  5. Speaking of tea and crackers, check out this story.


    Stranded Wind from The Big Orange plays a major role in this comedy of errors.

    • wow! there are trolls for everyone and everything. you can see it here whenever i post anything having to do with any of the televangelists. the trolls are googling and attacking anyone who dares says a word about their spiritual bamboozlers. same thing for princess, little chrissie, and the obtuse angle. i don’t know why they think they’re making any difference being obnoxious.

  6. Gosh, I’m missing all the fun out here in the hills away from civilization. No TV, no Raisin to keep me informed. Almost settled in, getting connections next week. Great poster Nonnie, they almost look lifelike. Got registered to vote out here (go prop 19!) and look forward to a regular schedule soon. Soon all the cardboard boxes will have been carried and rest will come. Must get back up to speed on things. Funny thing is, being away from media for 2 weeks has been refreshing. Just sitting on the deck in the evening listening to crickets, primo star gazing, and hearing some strange animal at night that makes a sound similar to someone being repeatedly stabbed with a knife. Strange indeed.

    • jerry!!!

      it sounds like you’re enjoying california. can’t wait until you’re connected, because we miss you around here.

      are you sure that’s a strange animal that’s making a sound like someone being repeatedly stabbed with a knife? maybe someone has a radio on, and they’re listening to one of princess sarah’s speeches.

  7. jean-philippe

    Even better than I thought… Hilarious… 😀

  8. Did she lose by 20 or was it 30 points? The strange sound mentioned above has been determined to be a mountain lion!

    • she lost by a landslide, but she still managed to declare that she won. are you sure that was a mountain lion? maybe someone was watching tv, and princess sarah was speaking.

      • This actually happened to me 15 years ago while laying in bed with the window open and sleeping in. I thought I heard a loud TV playing an episode of COPS but it was the local fuzz busting down a door across the street-down two house- where the neighbor had a grow room set up in his garage for the deadly marihuana!