Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber

From the Stir:

Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell has had enough Sarah Palin moments in the past few weeks to make the comparison inevitable.

Then in [Wednesday’s] debate with Democratic opponent Chris Coons, the Tea Party candidate for senator in Delaware proved the comparison may be exactly right.

O’Donnell — the “I’m not a witch”; anti-masturbation candidate — flubbed and gaffed, but also appeared sure of herself and her positions even as she seemed uninformed and green. Both women are attractive and have little of substance to say, which serves to make them only more popular with the masses.

Maybe she is the new Palin, after all.

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5 Signs She’s the New Sarah Palin:

1. Couldn’t name a single recent Supreme Court decision


2. Was called “feisty”


3. Mocked on Saturday Night Live


4. Believes herself to be renegade


5. Loves religion

This is from the comments: 😆

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I would submit that Christine O’Donnell IS Sarah Palin, just without glasses. You know, kind of like Clark Kent. Think about it.

Nonmember comment from Dudley,
Oct 14, 2010 at 12:52 PM

To the tune of Singin’ in the Rain, lyrics by Arthur Freed and music by Nacio Herb Brown, as performed by the wonderful Gene Kelly:

♫ Dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb ♪

They’re bringin’ in the pain,
Just bringin’ in the pain,
My poor head is reelin’
They’re yappin’ again,
They’re shriekin’ at crowds,
As dumb as they are,
Who knew bein’ stupid,
Could get you that far?
Let the talking heads state,
Little Chrissie did great!
Like Sarah before her,
She lost the debate,
I hate to complain,
But it’s hurtin’ my brain,
They’re bringin’
♪ Bringin’ in the pain. ♫


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23 responses to “Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber

  1. These parodies are probably the most intelligent thing O’Donnell has ever been associated with.

    There is an audience out there for the screechy and excruciating. I’ve long suspected the teabaggers of being the kind of people who leave the sound on during TV commercials.

    • i wonder if faux news will branch out and have an all-screech channel. princess sarah can be the anchor, because she’s the screechiest of all. princess, batshit bachmann, and sharron the obtuse angle make my ears bleed when they speak.

      • JeffW

        If they do, I hope my Comcrap box can accomodate all the blocked channels!

        • omg!!! jeff! you actually came over here and commented!! 😯

          welcome to the raisin, jeff! 😀 it’s about time you got yer ass over here. 😉

      • Remember the olden days when male politicians were the norm and they used to say women don’t make good politicians because they might start their periods and go berserk?
        It makes me cringe to think they may have had a point.
        The Palin, Angle & O’Donnell unholy trinity certainly remind me of PMS sufferers in urgent need of medical and psychiatric intervention.
        Regardless of the reason, all three of them make guys like Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay seem almost reasonable.

        • i don’t think it’s a matter of gender. it’s a lack of intelligence and intellectual curiosity. it’s actually the stupidity of the men that brought us princess sarah, and she was the gateway to all the incredibly stupid and bigoted women who figured they now had permission to run for office. it’s the fault of testosterone and the powers that be thinking with their dicks that’s to blame.

  2. Love the song! It’s great having Sarah in the background, too…as opposed to the forefront.

    Sharron Angle is vying for Tweedledumbest after telling Latino kids some of them look a little Asian and she’s been called the first Asian in the Nevada State Assembly! 😯

    • sarah’s singin’ in the background while little chrissie just moves her lips. little chrissie hasn’t said an original thing yet, other than i am not a witch. everything else out of her mouth is princess sarah recycled bullshit.

      i’ve been laughing all day at the obtuse angle. she’s such an incredibly stupid woman.

  3. It’s in the constitution!

  4. Hurting my brain
    Swirling around the drain
    What a glorious feeling
    Leaving a stain…

    Bravo, Nonnie: you hit the high notes!



  5. Joanaroo

    Wee-e-e-ell, I feel disdain, when I know in my brain, the jerks that go against the grain, may November Second attain. The offices they will maintain. Then I will scream, put on a straight jacket and put myself in the nearest sanitarium where all the saner people will be!

  6. Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) had the worst voice on earth and had to have Cathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds) sing for her

    Christine O’Donnell (the self pleasuring witch) has the worst brain on earth and has to have Sarah Palin (a real amurican) think for her.

    i think you get the picture. talking picture

  7. Good news everyone! None of the unholy trinity hold office, DeLay is ending his long DeLayed destiny of living at the Texas Department of Corrections, and alas, the Grinch is still a……………(fill in blank)