James Inhofe Has Crystal Balls!


Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), right-wing conspiracy theorist and oil-industry apologist, has promised that Republicans are “certainties” to win at least the ten seats necessary to regain control of the U.S. Senate on November 2. In an interview while stumping for Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck on Thursday, Inhofe told the National Review Online that extremist candidates such as Buck, John Raese (WV), Dino Rossi (WA), Pat Toomey (PA), and Carly Fiorina (CA) are guaranteed to win. Inhofe even said that Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell (DE) has a shot:

Little Chrissie may be a witch, but I bet she can’t see the future!

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We’ll take over the following seats where there are Democratic incumbents: Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington state, West Virginia — where I’ll be Monday — North Dakota, and I think California. Now that’s Barbara Boxer. She’s the one that’s been sitting next to me on the armed services, uh, the environment and public works committee . We can win in Connecticut, Delaware, certainly in Nevada. But the ones I named first, in my opinion, are certainties that Republicans will win, and that’s what it will take for us to take control.

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“I came out here because I’m lonely,” Inhofe said while stumping for fellow global warming denier Buck. “Ranked the most conservative senator? That’s right. But we’ve got a lot more coming in, more than any other election in the history of this country.”

So who wants to break it to The Magnificent Carnhofe that the senator from Floriduhhh is a Rethuglican, and a Marco Rubio win wouldn’t change the numbers?

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Video at THINK PROGRESS link


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23 responses to “James Inhofe Has Crystal Balls!

  1. Nice wattle. Hot. Crystal balls. Sizzling.

    (Okay, I’ve made myself puke. :mrgreen: )

  2. jeb

    If his prediction does come true, they’ll have to go to the Teabaggers to check their balls in and out when they want to use them.

    • he can get tom coburn to do it. he’s a doctor.

      you know, as ridiculous as this story is, it makes me a bit nervous. i don’t for a moment think that little chrissie or a couple of the others can or will win, but i wonder why he sounds so confident. that makes me think he’s already aware of something the rethugs have in place in order to screw with the election results in some close races. there was already a report over at the big orange from someone who witnessed suspicious stuff going on during early voting in…where else?…floriduhhh.

      • I think he’s setting up a “We was robbed” narrative along with all the tinfoil-hat talk about “Democratic voter fraud.” That way, when the election doesn’t turn out they way he says, he can call for investigations (if we’re lucky) or stir up the cracked teapots into more demostrations and/or riots (if we’re not).

        The alternative is that he’s using Carl Rove’s “The Math.”

        • maybe a combination of both. or the third possibility–inhofe is a batshit crazy imbecile. well, that’s always true, so it’s that and a combination of the other two.

          • More GOP, less everyone else, cuz “we’re going through these cycles.”

            I agree with Neon; apart from just being the usual rah-rah plus stupids, it’s all laying the groundwork for delegitimizing the vote. I don’t think they’re *actively* working toward armed insurrection — at least outside the bounds of plausible deniability — a long drawn out vote recount in close-run races works to deny the majority votes.

            See ref how the Franken/Coleman recount denied America a Senate that could have accomplished some stuff for, what, 6 months?

            • i’m beginning to think that the rethugs don’t really want control of congress. i think yertle mcconnell is afraid of jim demint and the teabaggers, and boohoo boehner is afraid of the young guns and the teabagger caucus. if the rethugs take over, they’ll have to take responsibility for the economy, and we know that they’ll only make it worse, especially if they take their marching orders from the teabaggers. there are certain rethugs who want to take control, including asswipes like darrell issa, because he thinks he’ll be able to make his bones by holding impeachment hearings and further his own career (which i think is a gross miscalculation, because most people will be pissed off).

              so this might be a calculated strategery to lose but to keep the outrage going so that the rethugs don’t lose the support of the angry teabaggers.

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  4. If he really thinks O’Donnell has a chance, he’s using a polished elephant turd in place of a crystal ball.

  5. sometimes i cant even laugh at these complete asswipes

    people like inhofe go home and try on their Waffen SS suit every night. like their pal in Ohio

  6. Nicely done, Nonnie.

    Inhofe is a despicable worm nestled snugly within the bowels of robber-baron capitalism’s warm carcass, with all the deep self-awareness of such a state.


    • awww, thanks darkblack! 😀

      i think inhofe ranks as one of the worst of the worst in washington. he just seems like a mean bastard who wouldn’t pee on you if you were on fire, unless there was something in it for him.

  7. Did any of these fools , besides Rubio, win an election>