The Macaca Awards! Part III

We continue with nominations for the Mock, Paper, ScissorsHysterical Raisins 1st Semi-Regular Macaca Awards.
(Image courtesy of Tengrain)

Tonight’s category is Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Propaganda Thinly Veiled as Journalism, and the nominees are:

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Michelle Malkin–who will be dressing up as a cop for Halloween this year.

Glenn Beck–a hack bought and  paid for by the Koch Brothers and the Chamber of Commerce (and anyone else who’ll give him a dime).

Megyn Kelly–the charm of Nancy Grace and the subtlety of Father Coughlin.

Bill O-Reilly–the Falafel King says stupid shit and celebrates afterward, just because he can’t stand Glenn Blechhh getting all the attention.

Peggy Noonan–aka Peggington Noonington, even if only because she keeps fluttering her eyelids in that affected way and being a phony-ass bitch, just like my ex-sister-in-law.

Sean Hannity–for propagandizing and trying to make a profit at the same time.

Rupert Murdoch–not only is Uncle Rupie the ringmaster for his unfair and unbalanced circuses of horrors he calls Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, but he has no qualms about making huge donations to the Chamber of Commerce and the Republican Governors Association.

Let’s have a round of applause for our nominees. applause3hq9

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28 responses to “The Macaca Awards! Part III

  1. Kip

    Where would all those Fox losers be without Uncle Rupert…

  2. jean-philippe

    I think Malkin would still annoy me if she was living on one of the moons of Jupiter.

  3. jeb

    How could you leave out the biggest blowhard of them all, Uncle Rushbo? He’s the daddy of them all. Anyway from this list, it’s Rupert because his money funds the talking points crowd who ensure his agenda is put forward.

    • i was waiting for someone to bring rushbo up. he’s not there, because he doesn’t claim to be a journalist. even though glenn blechh claims to be an entertainer, he’s on faux news, and there’s an assumption (in the case of faux, a very, very wrong one) that news channels have journalists on them.

  4. Rupert Murdoch!

    Breitbart could also have been one of the nominees.

  5. Aunt Snow

    I have a problem with the title of the award. It says “thinly veiled” as journalism. There’s no mistaking what these nominees do as “journalism” – their propaganda is overt.

    That said, I have to congratulate you for choosing a competitive slate here. I can’t decide which one is outstandingly bad enough to win the crown.

    I suppose it could be Noonan, on a technicality, that she is the only one still attempting to masquerade as a journalist. Hell, she’s the only one who should blush in shame to call herself one, since she’s probably the only one who knows what it means.

    • we see it as pure propaganda and bullshit, but people who watch faux news faithfully really think they’re getting the real scoop. they don’t hear about uncle rupie giving the rethugs and the chamber millions of dollars. they don’t know that blechhh and insanity hannity are making a profit while they tell their faithful that they’re working for military families. faux news devotees are the north koreans of america. they only know what their dear leaders want them to know.

      • Aunt Snow

        “faux news devotees are the north koreans of america. ”


        • why thank you, aunt snow. the north koreans have an excuse. they don’t have access to anything but dear leader’s fantastical announcements. those in this country have access to all kinds of information, but they remain willfully ignorant.

  6. Dimitrios

    Glenn Beck and BillO are journalists only in the sense that they are paid honest money to hang around a news medium and exude their despicable thoughts, foul manners, and outright evilness over the airwaves. However, without the presence of Rupert Murdoch using his ill-gotten gains to provide a venue and pay these frights, they would have been fated to gibber their insanity in the obscurity of their parent’s attic.

    When it comes to promoting propaganda thinly veiled as journalism, or even promoting propaganda which swaggers down the center of the street kicking real journalists from their beats, the one name which springs immediately to mind is Rupert Murdoch.

    • honest money? i don’t think uncle rupie’s ever earned an honest buck. i think uncle rupie earned this award as soon as he hired roger ailes to run faux news.

      • Dimitrios

        It is “honest money” in that Rupert doesn’t pay his Faux Confuse minions with Dingbats-R-Us frequent flyer points. In a later sentence I addressed how Murdoch had come by his wherewithal, referring to it as “ill-gotten gains.”

        It was never my intention that anyone should ever, on my account, associate the names Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Rupert Murdoch or any of their works with the term “honest.”

        Sorry for the confusion.

        • i was afraid that what was supposed to come off as lighthearted would sound scolding. i did see that you said later on that uncle rupie’s fortune was from ill-gotten gains. point taken that he pays them with real cash. 😉

  7. i vote Mark Halperin – he is a journalist and a really really really partisan and bad one
    the other are clowns and barkers disguished as journalists.

    also Gretchen Carlson and Steve Douchey —– the bonnie and clyde of the broadcast world

  8. The wisdom and strenght of the raisinthought is strong. I can add nothing that hasn’t been said.