The Macaca Awards! Part IV

We continue with nominations for the Mock, Paper, ScissorsHysterical Raisins 1st Semi-Regular Macaca Awards.
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Tonight’s category is Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Fundamentalist Christian Theocracy and Pooping on the First Amendment, and the nominees are:

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Michele Bachmann–Minnesota’s Bathsit Bachmann wants to repeal a federal law that prevents  houses of worship, from endorsing or opposing candidates.  “We need to repeal that and give Christians back their First Amendment rights to free speech in the church.”

Carrie Prejean–I would explain Sister Carrie’s inclusion as a nominee, but I’m afraid it might be  inappropriate.

Sarah PalinPrincess Sarah’s mind is boggled (that explains a lot) that everyone doesn’t realize that this is a Christian nation.  How can she be a Christian when it appears that all she worships is herself and money?  Just sayin’.

Glenn Beck–Blechhh is all about religion.  Well, except for all that taking care of the poor stuff.

Sharron AngleFirst Amendment? Nevada’s Obtuse Angle wants to make sure we’re not all violating the 1st Commandment.

Mike Huckabee–Chuckleberry is just so Jesusy!

Christine O’Donnell–Little Chrissie I Put the Christ in Christine O’Donnell is so Christian that even her body is a temple.  So what if it’s open to the public?

Tony Perkins–The big daddy of the Family Research Council is a lot scarier than the other Tony Perkins ever was in Psycho!

Sam Brownback–1 Corinthians 15:33-34- “Don’t fool yourselves. Bad friends will destroy you.”  (Yeah, I can get all Bible-y when I need to!)

Steve King–Iowa’s Lenny to Batshit Bachmann’s Shirley,  in his own words.

Glen Urquhart–The Delaware Congressional wannabe in his own words:  The exact phrase ’separation of Church and State’ came out of Adolph Hitler’s mouth, that’s where it comes from. So the next time your liberal friends talk about the separation of Church and State, ask them why they’re Nazis. (Rich Iott is a liberal?)

Dan Severson–Candidate for the  Secretary of State of Minnesota says that the concept of church and state separation “does not exist in America…because we are a Christian nation.”

Jim DeMint–The South Carolina mentor of the Junior DeMints loves all people, like Christians are supposed to…except for gays and women and anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

Todd Akin–The Missouri Congresscritter, in his own words:  We could learn from the Pilgrims by understanding that the Bible is not just a book of how to be nice to people, it is an entire blueprint for the way civilization can be structured.

Ken Buck–The candidate for Senate in Colorado is another separation-of-church-and-state-denier.  Hey, I wonder if he went to Constitution school with  Little Chrissie Can’t Touch This O’Donnell.

Let’s have a round of applause for our nominees. applause

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30 responses to “The Macaca Awards! Part IV

  1. Aunt Snow

    Hey you forgot the nut-case Catholic guy, William Donahue!

  2. Nonnie –

    I await to hear of your salvation.

    Me, I’m dodging lightening bolts.



  3. jean-philippe

    I think I’ll go for some Sharon’s lemonade.

  4. There are very few people in the world I despise as much as Tony Perkins. Glenn Beck is up there, but it takes a lot to unseat Perkins for this one.

  5. jeb

    They’re all slimy and repugnant but I have to go with Tony P who puts the FUN in fundamentalism.

  6. This is a tough one, but I’m going to have to go with Brownback. His efforts to criminalize stem-cell research a few years ago would, if successful, have led to many times more death and suffering than terrorism or the Iraq war. Stem-cell research is popular with the public, so his actions were clearly motivated by theocratic fanaticism and not mere pandering for votes. And it’s actual evil already committed, not just hypothetical evil someone might commit in the future.

    At least Brownback’s proposal failed to pass the Senate. Ken Buck might surpass him in evil, if elected.

    I had no idea Prejean had done a video of that nature. Someone should corner O’Donnell and ask her to comment on it.

    • an excellent choice, infidel. i’ve always thought brownback to be a particularly mean and nasty self-righteous person. it’s too bad he’ll most likely be governor of kansas.

      you mention one of the things that drive me crazy. i wish democrats would pound the rethugs with questions about whether they agree with all the smack other rethuglicans talk. force them to endorse the crazy shit. they should have a constantly updating list of everything sharron the obtuse angle and little chrissie ‘can’t touch this’ o’donnell say.

  7. PS: The dinosaurs at the bottom are a nice touch, whether they’re there because theocrats don’t believe in dinosaurs or because they culturally are dinosaurs.

  8. Aunt Snow

    I went with DeMint. The others are all powerhouses, but I think DeMint has come into his own this year.

    And really, Carrie Prejean? She is so ten months ago!

    • i think demint has already dubbed himself the king of the teabaggers, and it will be interesting to watch the war between him and yertle mcconnell in the senate after the election.

  9. OMG! This is awesome! (You know I’m a bad Catholic, right?) This is like Highlights for grown folks! 😀

  10. You definitely improved Baby Jesus. The baby who posed for Ghirlandaio’s painting looks like he grew up to be a pederast…Or Uncle Fester from the Addams Family.

  11. while not in power – Tom Delay is about as corrupt and evil as it gets…..

    and while we are at it – John Roberts and the Supremes for Citizens United

  12. Next time I won’t miss the fun. DeLay update-guilty-pull the lever, down you go!